Thursday, March 26, 2009

BAck from the Beach

Not real sure how this is going to look on the blog. These are my three favorite photos. One is the outside wall of a building In Lincoln City.

These jellies are cute little dickens. They, and a ton of other photos were taken... mostly badly... at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. The baby loved these. He kept singing the Sponge Bob theme song. So he made some connections here that were important to him.

Now this is my beach. The one I chose to walk on every morning and evening. There was not a lot of interesting rock formations or things. Just ocean rolling in and out again. The weather was very fickle... sprinkles and down pours or cloudy. This morning we walked in sunshine for the first time before hopping into the car to come home. We collected shells, but did not find any glass floats. This town has several glass blowers who make floats to leave on the sand... for folk to find! It used to be that you could find ones that came all the way from Japan, but now they use plastic ones and who wants a plastic float? So the local artists provide new numbered floats that are collectible. I could have bought one, but I'll just keep going back... too cheap! ha

We almost got to have breakfast at Lil' Sambos but my son-in-law decided it was too crowded. Boo hiss! I wanted to revisit my childhood. Oh well. He's not the sentimental type I guess. In fact, here we are at the place to get great food and we ate at Taco Bell, Neil's Pizza and Mc D's. All the while my mouth watered for fish and pancakes with tiger's butter! Ha. We did have one nice meal at a Mexican food restaraunt. We all love Mexican food, so it was something we could all agree on.

I love the ocean. It has a way of completely renewing you. The waves relax you and the air invigorates your system. How can anyone be bummed out at the ocean? I don't know. All I know is that I am home again now and looking around... seeing everything that is in need of my attention. Feeling up to the task of spring cleaning for the next day or two and getting my head wrapped around the coming summer months of freedom. What will I do this summer? I think I'm going to get to California for a visit home and that is exciting. Geeze I feel good! But nice to be home too.

And hey... I kind of missed you all too! Big grin!


  1. i love the ocean too. a good breeze from the ocean can blow away all the smog and bullshit.

    got any geoducks?

  2. No...billy, drat it, not a one and you know we generally have tons of them up here. They are obscene little buggers aren't they? ha.

  3. I love Aquariums, and the jelly fish are always cool.

    But I thought that restuarnt chain went out years ago because of the racism involved in their name? Wait, I'm googling...

    Okay, I looked at the website for the one in Lincoln City and they are not part of that chain. But, they say they got their name from the same children's book (Little Black Sambo). It's astounidng to me that they are sticking with that in spite of it's connotations.

  4. Yes, it's something. This is part of the chain that I recall from childhood... right down to the tiger with an umbrella over it's head. It is marvelously campy and whimsical looking. I will have to look up who wrote the story... it seems like a Just So Story (Kipling)or something similar. In it, Sambo outsmarts two tigers who are looking to eat him by running around and around a palm tree... he cleverly steps aside and the tigers keep going faster and faster until they turn into butter.

  5. I love the beach as well, especially ones that aren't crowded. There's nothing like it.

    BTW didn't the Lil' Sambos chain get bought out by Denny's?

  6. Cube--As near as I knew they did. That's why this one was such a surprise to me. I actually took a couple of bad photos of it and passed them on to dmarks, because he did a post on them awhile back on Throwawayblog.

  7. I like aquariums too.

    I left this comment about sea dragons, but the computer ate it. Not up to trying to write it out again.

  8. I can watch jellies for hours.

  9. laughingattheslut-- Funny you should mention them. There was a tank with a sea dragon in it... or so it said, but it just looked like a lot of sea weed and I could never find the darned thing. ha. I must have stood there 20 minutes with a twisting bored child searching the muck. But I did get some shots of sea horses. :)

    dmarks-- Me too and we did for at least an hour. The baby loved them and didn't want to leave them. They are so relaxing and they had to have had twenty different kinds. Tiny to big.

  10. Jellies are much like lavalamps. I could watch them for hours too.