Friday, March 20, 2009

That's the way it goes

I got up this morning to swollen ears and hives all over me-self. Oddly enough, this is not that unusual for me. The ear thing... I do not know what that is about but it comes with the hives. The hives come from being sick. My body's rage against illness.

Despite the mess in the mirror, I drug myself to work, only to retreat after first period to my home. I get up, dabble at the computer and go back to my chair for a nap. Twice I have drained all the hot water from the tank by standing under the shower. I know it is not good for hives but the heat feels so good. It's a weird illness. Achy and tired mostly. Not too bad. There is much worse out there.

I have begun my Spring Break by coming home. Squeaky is still ill but on the far side now, almost well. He will want me to take a map quest trip... which never goes well for me, as you may recall... and drive him to his best friend's new home. These two are geeks to the nth. They are connected at the headset just about every moment he is off from school that he is not doing homework. Squeaky will take his computer, game machines, etc. with him.

Next Tuesday I am supposed to go to the beach. I am looking forward to that. But will have to be well by then. I won't make baby Mikey sick. Go Tuesday and come home Thursday. I will be sure to take my camera. The coast up here is more wild than the beaches I am used to. I love how the wind whips the waves around. No one will be swimming. Shell collecting and surf watching. Do the tourist thing... but I will throw my own trash away, unlike our tourist here. I will be an annoying camera geek instead.

The rest of my time I will pretty much be alone here with Squeaky gone. Max works. Even when he doesn't, he stays busy the way that twenty-one-year-olds do. It will feel weird. Maybe peaceful?

What will any of you do for Spring Break or do you get one? I'm lucky that I work in education and have these vacations all over the place. It was the ideal job when I was single mom... if the kids were off, mom was there. Bummer for them. ha. If not Spring Break, do you have any plans for the weekend? Or something special coming up?


  1. My wife is a teacher as well (private school) and she and I will be taking our vacations together for the first time this year. Probably hit Disneyland (close by) as adults without any of our teenagers under foot...

  2. Enjoy your Spring Break. Those days are long over for me since I graduated from college but I will enjoy watching college hoops this weekend and seeing if a baby comes my way. Enjoy your time off and hope you are feeling better.

  3. Mike--Welcome to Ooodles of Funch! I love Disneyland. Lucky you. What fun to be able to go as just a couple. Enjoy!

    Mr. Shife-- I am getting pretty excited about waiting for baby Shife... the count down, so to speak. I wonder every day if this will be the day we get to hear about baby's arrival. I'm keeping you, the Mrs., baby and of course... lovable Quincy in my thoughts and sending good ones your way. It doesn't get more exciting than this!

    Can't help but wonder what team you root for.