Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I photographed these outside my library's back door in the science folk's domain. They are the first spring flowers that showed up in this nice protected corner. They were supposed to be for citizen when she was so low... flowers to cheer her up, but it took me too long to get it together. Oops.

This is my river... chock full of salmon, sturgeon, sculpin, which are a nasty little catfish wannabe thing with spikes that cut you and make a strangling quacking sound when you pull them out of the water... eeeech. Steelhead, trout, wide mouth bass, regular bass, squaw fish... that squawk when you catch them. I truly prefer my fish to remain mute as they suffocate! Actually, we catch and release, but several friends gift us with things they don't release. The only fish we don't release are the squaw fish because they are killing all the baby salmon and have a bounty on their slimy heads.

When you are not facing north at the river and Washington state beyond the other side of the river, and you turn around to face south... this is what you see. These are my gorge cliffs. Hard to tell with the clouds hanging there, but they are very steep. Click on it and it gets bigger. My town is no more than four blocks wide north to south and has only one main street. We are three and a half miles long.

Now this next one is for Citizen in particular and the rest of you too.
It reminds me of her aliens, though I am sure this was perpetrated by the science folk.
They are everywhere.

I've no clue what the experiment is, but there
is one for sure. What do you think they're doing?

I'll ask some questions and see what I can find out.

Favorite quotes overheard today...

"I'll tell..." #1

"Who you gonna tell?" #2

"God." #1

"Yeah... and he'll get all smitey and shit!" #3


  1. Kryptonite-green leaves. Are those violets?

    The third one.... Twin Peaks.

  2. Too funny! I'm a Twin Peaks fan too! Yes, they are sweet violets. It only took me about six tries to get to the point where I understood what I was doing and how to do it. I feel like I accomplished something! (I know, easy for others. Ha.)

  3. Beautiful photos. We're seeing lots of signs of spring here, but the only hills we've got are anthills.

  4. Ants! I hate ants and they think that the underside of my moblie home (trailer trash and mighty proud of it!) is the place to winter over. We have them year round. I thought they were supposed to die in cold weather. I feel cheated. By the way, Windex kills ants on contact. When you say ants... I rant.

    So it must be plenty flat where you are. Dorothy would feel at home. :)

    Thanks for stopping by cube! Always a pleasure for me.

  5. I love your photos. I used to be part of the Salmon Restoration project in Northern CAlifornia and we raised thousands of steel head trout every year. I miss the West Coast.

  6. Oh! I was a fish tagger for both the state and for the feds. I also clipped fins. I too love the northwest, but miss the lower coast sometimes.
    Welcome! Thanks for the compliment and stopping by sister fish wrangler.

  7. That means you have ants in your rants ;-)

    Yes, it's very flat here, but nothing like Kansas. Kansas is corny.

  8. I was so caught up this weekend with fun that I didn't blog check until today! SO belatedly, thanks for the photos! The flowers are pretty and I am quite sure those flags are the work of aliens and not scientists.