Monday, June 7, 2010

Absolutely gorgeous on the river today!

In fact it was a wonderful day.
Kind of a crazy day, but I enjoy those out of the norm days.

My boss was out today, so we had next year's new principal here for the day.  My boss is moving to a different school.  His hours here were cut in half, so he moved to more hours.  Who can blame him?
Our budget was cut this year by 1.7 million dollars.  The rumor is that my job will not be filled.
Wonder who will take care of my library?
Guess it was a fortuitous time to cut and run!

A footnote to that thought... our county libraries have all closed!  The voters, sick of taxes, voted down continuing to fund it.  Personally, I blame e-books and the like.  However, I think there is nothing better than a good old fashioned book in my hands to take me to other worlds and experiences.
Anyway, our school libraries are now the only ones serving the public.  It would be a shame if my school library closed too.  Can you imagine a world without libraries?  I can't!

Oops... lost the subject thread didn't I?  My day was crazy but great.  I find it very easy to get along with next year's boss because I don't have to care if he likes me or not.  Ha.  Plus he seems like a nice man.
When my boss is out, I get to fill in for the secretary when she is gone.  They said to me... no big deal, just answer the phones.  I know how to answer a phone.  
I can do that.

Nothing is ever that simple is it? 
Today it was one strange thing after another.  An alarm system on the office wall went off.  I had no clue how to stop it or what to do.  I tried to follow the directions it gave me to press one.  That did not work.  Then the alarm company called... and told me what was wrong.  One of our freezers had shut down.
Like I know what to do when that happens.
Turns out you pass the buck to the janitor.
Easy fix!

A situation came up where I needed to use the walkie talkie to contact the janitor... do you really think I could figure out something that simple?  No way!
I kept pushing the button and talking and nothing.
Turns out you have to turn it on.  Hahahaha
Good thing I enjoy laughing at myself.

Well, I like an eventful day and it was at work.
I believe I gauged it correctly and will finish my inventory tomorrow.  Then all I will have left to do is shelve the books that piled up while I scanned all 12,000 books plus, run my last over due notices for the year and wait for books to dribble in.  There will not be many this year to wait on... only 11 are still out. 
That is an amazing number.  Usually we still have about 50 or more out.  I am doing good and will leave here with a happy conscience.
But I will still have to look busy those last three days.
What happens if I don't... then I get to help the janitor or one of the teachers.  The janitors are actually my favorite staff members and its not that I mind helping as much as I would like to be gone.

One more day has passed now and one night.  That leaves 4 days and 4 nights.
Very cool beans!

The email count from Randy 
is now up to 
And we have not finished for the night.  He's cleaning the BBQ for this weekend's celebration.

We made plans tonight to get puppy.
We need two baby gates to keep puppy in the kitchen and dining room, a doggy door to let puppy get out when she needs to and to patch a couple of places in the fence.  The fences actually belong to the neighbors, but we could wait a long time if we wait for them to patch it... so with their permission, we will do it ourselves.

We decided not to go to a private breeder, but to the animal shelter instead.  Too many pups don't have homes.  She will be neutered too, because they do that before you can take one.  That is fine... too many puppies don't have homes.
Yes, I am repeating myself.  Its important.
Randy has a plan for choosing which one...
We want the one with a healthy coat,  and bright eyes, who wiggles and wags, but does not bark.
A happy quiet baby.
I can't wait.

Got any ideas for a good name?
He has had a Tessela and a Roxie.
I tried to think of some good dog names from stories I have enjoyed... but came up blank.  
Fact is my mind is too happy to think much.
Life is good.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. REX!!!!!! Name him Rex, please, please, please!

  2. the bear-- I thought you were going to name my next grandson Rex!

    Okay... I'll see if it flies past the man. Big grins.

    To the moon and back baby!

  3. Ah... who needs libraries? What we need is a population just smart enough to do some job and just dumb enough to keep swallowing the bunting. Grrr.

    When my son asked me why our libraries were now closed on Thurs and Fri, I told him: Well, the last president gave all the money to his friends. Now the new president doesn't have enough money to give away to his friends so we have to close the libraries so the new president's friends can get money, too.

    I'm not sure he understood me.

    The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. - G.K. Chesterton

    He said this in 1924 . I don't see that things have changed any.

    I have no suggestions for dog names other than perhaps it might do to meet the dog first, then see if a suitable name suggests itself.

  4. Cricket-- I feel terrible about the libraries and not just because I have been working in one. I loved them as a kid! It was some place where I could make choices for myself. I'd hop on my bike and go.

    That seems to be the case with dogs... you think up names, then you see them and they look like what they end up with. Ha. But its fun thinking them up.

  5. it might be hard getting the perfect pup at a shelter.

    how about a battlestar name, i like boomer for a pit.

  6. I like shelter and rescue dogs - so in need of a loving home. But I do think you'l know better when you actually see it.

    In the homestrecth!

  7. billy pilgrim-- I like the name Boomer.

    We will see how the pup comes out.
    I will keep you posted on it.

  8. secret agent woman-- School politic nonsense has me down today.

    But I am getting closer. Yay!

  9. p.s. That's a beautiful photograph. I meant to mention that.

  10. Cricket-- Thanks! I took that one myself. :-)

  11. I hope your next few days are eventful a good way, so that they'll go quickly!

    I agree that seeing your pups will probably cause names to spring to your lips. But here are a few I like anyway...from mythology!

    Argos (or Argus)

  12. laura b.-- Great name ideas! I used to have a rat named Nicodemus. I like old names, strange names and characters' names.

  13. I'm so sad your town lost your libraries. WE are so luck to have an amazing one. I can't imagine a world with them.

  14. Churlita-- thank you! It makes me very sad too. I can't help but wonder what will happen to the books.

  15. I always thought Dax was a great name that works well for males or females, but it's a name with Star Trek connections and if you're not a big fan, it may not fit well.

    We went through a similar experience not too long ago naming our Doberman pup. I was against her given name - Maxine - but I was vetoed by my family who liked calling her Maxie :-P

    I'm still trying to come up with something better... the latest being Jar Jar or Binx because her ears often invert and she looks quite goofy, which is why I think they cropped Doberman ears in the first place. Anyway, I hate the character Jar Jar too much to name my dog after him, but it also occurred to me to name her after the aliens in the old Charlie Sheen movie, The Arrival, but I can't remember what they were called. So the drama continues.

  16. Oh, don't even get me started on how I feel about the library closings. My house is filled with books. I'm a bibliophile, although, I think bookaholic is more apt, so I can't even imagine how horrible it would be to see all those books go poof.

  17. i too am horrified at the end of libraries. that just can't be good. how about napoleon for a dog name? and which library did you ride to as a kid?

  18. I am also horrified C4C! I went to the Tower District library branch... right next door to the John Berch Society... yikes!

  19. ananda - ahhh - and don't think there's not a connection.........