Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday an osprey flew over our yard.  Not the best photo, but that fella could really move.  I got about five pictures of blank sky before I managed to get this one.  Ha!
I'm not sure what he/she was doing here... they generally cruise the rivers for fish.
But I can tell you this, all the frigging crows left
I like that.

We tested out the Jenn Aire in the cabinet.
Perfect fit!
Some sanding.

A bit of putty... final sanding, staining and a coat of finish is scheduled for today.

T brought the counter top I wanted last night.
We hauled it out to the patio to see how it would look.
I am very happy and excited.  We wanted solid oak, and it is but we are staining it a nice medium walnut.
The counter top is sort of a dark slate.

Ooh!  Ooh!
T just called to say that he's going to bring the rest of what we need to do the counter top and help with it today!  Have you ever seen a grown woman wiggle like a puppy?
Oh yeah... I'm wiggling!

On another front... I have finally won the war with the weeds.  All that remains are daily patrols to keep them out.  
My day lilies and gailardia are in bloom.
The vinca is crazy healthy.
The homestead is looking good.

All that remains is this patch of weeds that belong to the city along the street.  
They own them, but take no responsibility for them.
Guess I'll go fire up the weed eater.
If I don't, you can bet they will migrate into my nice clean yard.
No way Jose!

"My Choice" today was to work on the yard and outdoor kitchen.
Not exactly a relaxing day, 
but I like to get things done.
And compared to my "to do list" for this coming week,
it's a walk in the park.
I'm trying to get my new name, address, etc. all up to date with everyone... Motor Vee, S. S., I.R.S. and Postal.   You would not believe all the hoops I have to jump through!
"Postal" is about what it driving me to...
but that's another post.

I hope your weekend was grand!
What did you do?


  1. Oh my, but you make me feel like such a slacker! Your yard looks beautiful and I am so looking forward to getting to see that outdoor kitchen.

    Keep on wiggling!

  2. ananda - your yard looks great! (my yard, BTW, is FULL of weeds!)
    your outdoor kitchen is going to be great!

    i can't think of anything great that i did this weekend - spent time with the fam - got the recycling turned in ($55!) - did hubby and joe-ash's laundry - finished a little scrapbook for my sister-in-law. watched season 2 disc 1 of big love, my new t.v. obsession.

  3. laura b.-- Oh I doubt you are a slacker! Today I was pretty lazy. Randy with a bit of help from T did all the work. I did one load of laundry and made chicken enchiladas... but that was pretty much it really.

    I can't wait to show it off! (I am a shameless braggart.)

  4. C4C-- Thank you. Its taken me a few weeks to get it there. I never did get to weed-eating.(See above comment)

    Sounds like you made a killing with recycle!

    I love Big Love! Unfortunately, we don't get it here. So I must hulu as well as wiggle.

    Laura b.-- I can't stop wiggling.

  5. Great work with the yard - the weeds will creep in no matter what, but it will be so much easier to work on it now. I love vinca - a hardy plant that you can even walk on without hurting it.

  6. AAAAA! Not the Wiggles! Oops, sorry... in my world, that's a different association entirely. I'll give them credit for being more tolerable than many kid's shows, but still...

    Funny about the weed eater, mine crapped out yesterday. Well, it still runs, but the trimmer reel won't lock. I wound it up yesterday, pulled the trigger, and it chopped up 30 feet of line into 1 inch bits in seconds. It was something to see. Hope I can fix instead of replace.

    Spent the weekend relaxing, sort of, with #1 son. Nice, but hot. Hot still... 90 and muggy. T-storms tonight and tomorrow, then hopefully some relief.

  7. secret agent woman-- I love the vinca too. Unfortunately it has grass growing randomly in it... so that's another job I need to attend to soon. But it is getting there.

  8. Cricket-- Ha! The Wiggles! I know those guys. At least they aren't a giant purple dinosaur.

    I have a wonderful pic of you in my head... drinking a frosty ale in the sprinkler. ;-)

    My weed eater didn't crap out, but I did. So the street weeds got a temporary stay. It was just too darned hot.

    I hope the thunder brings relief and cool breezes follow!

  9. I wonder how the bird watcher books get all those wonderful pictures of birds, when all I get are... well, shots like your osprey photo. Don't get mad. I have tons of them myself. Those darned birds!

    That outdoor kitchen and surrounding yard are sounding better and better with each post. It is going to be a nice space. Careful, though, because you will get a lot of volunteer guests every weekend.

    Since you asked about our weekend, Mr. Cube insisted on having the family over for his increasingly famous brisket and rib BBQ on Sunday. I'm much more fiscally conservative than he is and argued that it is an expense we shouldn't incur during these economically tumultuous times, but he made a case for a combination younger daughter, Father's Day and oldest daughter birthday combo, and eventually won me over. Men!

    We each got to hold both of the new babies in the family. Sooooo cute. It's hard to believe our girls were once that small. It turned out to be a great time for all.

  10. Cube-- Mmmmm brisket BBQ! My mouth is watering. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. But I hear you on the cost issue.

    We had an interesting experience. We bought halibut at A's (famous name market chain) and spent a fortune for enough to feed two. The next day Randy showed me how to get to the fresh fish market here... a mom and pop with counter service and anything seafood you can imagine. I thought geeze this will be spendy! Nope, it was so much less expensive that we fed 6 adults for less than the cost of 2 at A's! You sure have to be careful.

    It sounds like you managed to make the celebration stretch.

    Not insulted about the bird photo. I laughed. Secret agent woman has the knack on bird shots.
    Like I said, I got far more photos of blank sky. Any good pics I get are by pure accident and taking so many that one has to be okay at some point. Hee hee.