Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is a different sort of instrument that one of my friends brought in today.  (Tues.)  All we know is that it came to him from Japan via his dad in the service.

Not a great day after all.  I had hoped they would be getting better and better with my impending departure.  Guess not.
My plan was to finish inventory today.  Done.  Over.  Yay!  Wrong.  I had to sub for the secretary again and that took an hour.  Then one of the teachers asked me to make up some awards for her students for the last day of the school year assembly.  One should note that this was the "dragon lady" who begged this favor.   The single person who  has made my life at work more difficult and exasperating that it needed to be.
Yes, I made them for the kids.

I ended my day one shelf side short of finishing my inventory.  Heavy sigh.  But I'd gone to work a bit early in hopes that I could shave some time off of my last day to beat the traffic on my trip down.
I will do that again every day this week.
"The dog has ticks and I must flea!"

I know... I will finish quickly tomorrow.
That is not the point.
I wanted to send final over dues with the kids today.
It is school policy that you cannot collect your child's report card until the books are in or paid for.
I hate that policy.  Feels a bit like ransom.
Parents hate me.  I don't blame them.

Tomorrow as I have said... is the end of the year assembly.  There will be a play and awards.
The 5th grade is planning something for me.
They gave it away by asking me personal questions all day long.
How long have you worked here?
So you are leaving for love?
(That one scared me!)
What is his name?
I cannot tell you how much I dread tomorrow!
After the assembly and good-bye cheers to our graduating 8th graders as they leave... I will be a basket case.

Then I am expected to actually work the rest of my day and go to a pot-luck where I will once more be emotionally abused.

Today the term "Hump Day" seems ironically correct if you are thinking of the "F" word.
Indeed I feel that I am.


  1. Hm... a mandolin with an incorrectly slotted bridge? Or maybe just strings in the wrong slots, hard to tell from the pic.

    Sorry to hear of your woes. You'll be out soon. I find a couple of cold frosties on the back porch improve my mood substantially at the end of a hard day. The power of positive drinking, and all that ;-)

  2. Cricket-- Ha! I do believe I will take that advice and follow "the power of positive drinking!" Great idea and I like that I can now think that line and giggle should I start to get weepy.

    By the way... I get truly UGLY when I cry. My biggest fear is that I will frighten my kiddos.

  3. You are going to something great, but you are still leaving something behind. Might as well take your medicine here and let the people love you :-) It will be a happy memory someday.

  4. laura b.--- You are right, I am going to something wonderful but I am also leaving something great behind.

    I made it thru the awards assembly where they "honored" me for the kids. Now if I can make it thru the pot luck without sobbing, I'll be ok.

  5. It's a good thing, I think, that you are being "emotionally abused" as you leave. It's wonderful to be loved.

  6. secret agent woman-- Yes it is a wonderful thing, but a bittersweet sort of wonderful to say good bye.
    Hard, very hard. But I survived.

  7. Hang in there, kiddo. You can do it for the kids. They will always remember the day their beloved 'Ananda Girl' left them for good.