Friday, June 25, 2010


This is Millie.  She brought her human for a BBQ.
She is not in pain... that is the intense mien of a basset chewing a bone.
Ok.  Down to the matter of truth or lies.

As Suldog pointed out on his truth or lies post, the best lies have some truth to them.  All of the ten statements I made had some measure of truth.
1) True.  I did have Randy pee in my composter...
the manufacturer suggested human urine to get the pot perking and help the PH balance!
Being a fan of the absurd, I had to ask him.
2)True.  Yes, I found an ice cream bar much more thrilling than the Grand Canyon.

3)True.  When I was little JFK was in town and had a diner at an upscale restaurant.  We did not attend the diner.  My parents believed that you had to teach children proper public behavior and introduce them to a variety of foods so that we would grow up to feel confident in social situations.  JFK walked through the restaurant on his way out and stopped to shake hands at the tables he passed.
Years later, Bobby Kennedy came to town and gave a speech at the college by my home.   I skipped school to go and watch his convertable... yes, even after the death of his brother; a convertable... slowly drive past the crowds.  As he did, he leaned out to shake hands.

4) True.  I have a thing about germs.  I did not have a dishwasher at the time and it felt like it was required to boil the silverware.  No, not the dishes or pans.

5) False!  While I do love Sean Connery, I did see one James Bond movie; "Goldfinger" and decided Bond was not my cup of tea.  I am sure that I have seen all his other movies.

6)True.  I did paint Christopher, our beloved basset pink twice.  We were painting our house... there was a bucket of pink paint, a dog and a brush.
Again, it felt required.
My parents did not like to spank, but they  considered it a cruelty to animals issue.

7) False!   I did love to taste dirt and sand... they all have unique flavors.  However, my brother never blindfolded me to show off my talent.
Incidentally, I was cured of my hobby when I found cat poop in my sand pile... after I took in a big mouthful.  ICK!

8)  False.  I cannot juggle to save my soul!

9)False.  What?  I know, it sounds so much like me!
I do love Irish coffee and a scoop of ice cream has been used in lieu of cream but not before devotions...
I save that for the blood of Christ. 

10) True.  I have never broken a bone in my body.
Like the Bumbles... I bounce!
If you missed the story of the severed toe...



There you have it.  Life is good.  I spoke about my little habits or rituals a few posts back.  One that has evolved with my relationship is that I get up while Randy gets ready for work and do some nice things to send him on his way.  Small stuff... I make him an apple english muffin with honey and cinnamon on it, folded like a sandwich and then fill his cookie baggie.


This morning I slept through my niceties and was awakened by the good bye kiss.  This was the second time this week that I did not pop awake on my own and messed it up.  I felt bad the first time.  The whole day was a bit off because of it.


Crap!  Something had to be done to correct it... quick!

I could hear the truck starting up, so I did the only thing that came to mind and finished my nice ritual... which includes standing in the door way and waving good-bye until he drives off, waving back.

This time, instead of a steady backing out that glides into the move forward... he slammed on his breaks and put on his glasses.  He gave me a long stare, a big grin and waved good-bye.

Yep.  I stood there in the doorway naked as a jay.

I don't doubt that he will be thinking about me all day long.  Hee hee.  

Problem solved.  Its going to be a great day.

What nice thing have you done for someone lately?


  1. Well, I did awful on the true or false! Darn.

    hahaha! You have got to be, hands down, the best girlfriend in the world :-D Kudos.

  2. laura b.-- Ha! That's ok. I did terrible on the guesses I did on everyone but Cricket's post like this.

    Don't worry... I checked out the street to be sure it was empty first.Ha! If nothing else he was laughing as he drove off.

    I love doing unexpected or nice things for people and making them smile.

  3. I read this post before the one before, so no point in guessing.

    Some of the nicest things I've done for people don't bear taking about in public. :)

  4. secret agent woman-- That sounds like fun to me!

  5. that was funny - i laughed out loud! keep on truckin', jay bird!

  6. C4C-- Well, I was already dressed that way. ;-)

  7. i was guessing you pulled a cricket and they were all true. funny to find out how wrong i was!