Friday, June 11, 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

This is from the video that Randy and I enjoyed last weekend.  Thought you might enjoy it.  I can't think of anyone else who played Hendrix so well.

Well, I woke up this morning in Sanctuary... home for good.  Very cool beans.  My arrival was fairly anti-climatic.  

My boss surprized me with letting me go yesterday mid-day.  I ran home, and took Max to the market to be sure he had what he need for the weekend. Then he tore down my computer and loaded it the car, gave me good-bye hugs and I was on the road.

 The plan was to surprize Randy.  So I wanted to arrive before he got off of work.  I eventually saw that I wasn't going to make it... unless he went to the store before going home.  Oh well.  But then he wasn't home.  So I hurried in and freshened up.  I sat down to anxiously await his arrival.

As it turned out, he worked an hour and a half overtime and then went to the store. It was still a nice surprize.

We did not do much.  He made frito pie for diner.  Up in Dumb Potter's Hell,  we called them frito boats.
Taste good either way.  Then we watched the Christopher Lambert version of Beowulf.  I was tired from the week's over excitement and the drive and he was beat and had to get up and got to work, so we crashed hard.

I can't recall when I have slept so soundly.  I did not even wake up when the alarm went off... and Randy is a habitual snooze button hitter.  I missed him in the bathroom getting ready.  The bathroom is only a few feet from my pillow.  I did not wake up until I heard his pants zip.  Yep, I slept through my favorite moring reverse strip show... but not the good-bye kiss.

Once he was gone... and I was sure the house was secure, I began to look around and see what needed to be done today.  Yikes!  Where to start?  The weeds have mustered for another serious assault, the bamboo that I carefully trimmed into a cute ball grew seven giant spikes out of it...making it look like Randy had gotten pissed and stabbed the heck out of it, laundry because I brought most of what I had dirty and something terrible happened to crumple and break loose the sheets while we slept last night, so I may as well wash them too.  There were blogs to read, comments to make and that set me to wondering...

Okay, its more than fair to say that I obsess on things.  My most recent obsession has been to get home to Sanctuary and now here I am.  Most of my blogs deal with whatever obsession I have at that time.  What do I blog about now that I have ended that obsession? I am not sure where Funch will go now.  But now that I am home, I can get back to more regular posts.  

Its nice, you know... before it was rush down to see Randy, then rush back to work and always jealous of my seconds ticking away when I was here. Now no more rushing.  The Aspire said it was darned tired this morning when I drove it to the market and it kept dying when I would slow down.  I think I made it here in the nick of time on that front.

But number one on our list of things to do is get me a new car. I've been looking at convertable Mustangs... but (haning head in shame) they are not fuel or ecologically inclined.  So I don't know.  Guess I'll have to obsess on it awhile.  Big grins everyone!

So what's up for your weekend?


  1. Just buy the car. Ain't none of us gettin' any younger. If you're not going to do it now, when?

    Life is short and, where you are, sunny days are to be appreciated. Put the top down and go for a ride.

    You can always sell the car if you change your mind ;-)

  2. I'm with Cricket. If a convertible Mustang is what you want, then go for it. You don't see algore holding back on his super exorbitant carbon needs, especially now that he and tipper are splitting up and will be using twice the resources they ever did together.

  3. what am i doing??

    the world cup!!!!

  4. Cube-- Squeaky was the one who pointed out that I've always had cars that were good on gas and totally un-flashy. Ha. Randys says the same thing... get what I want for a change instead of making do or living cheap.

    I've been living cheap for so long it is hard to change. I pick something and put it in the shopping cart, Randy takes it out and says "Now choose the one you really want. You don't have to live cheap anymore." I'm learning but it is a difficult change to make.

  5. billy pilgrim-- World cup!!!!!!

    YIKES. How could I have forgotten??
    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I can't wait to follow along with your latest obsession.
    And not to be a stick in the mud or anything, but ecologically responsible cars don't have to be cheap or uncute, right? Maybe there is a compromise :-)

  7. ananda - i super duper love stevie ray vaughn. yay on being home! i know you will come up with a righteous new obsession - you always do -

  8. I understand someone's love of the World Cup because I love football and I yearn for football, but I'm just not a soccer fan. There is no love there except that, of course, I want the USA to win, but I'm not watching one minute of it.

    As far as your new car goes, get what you want, girl. Don't worry about what algore says. You don't see him giving up his limos and jets, do you? You can't possibly waste as much as he does so don't sweat it.

  9. Ya know, you don't have to be obsessed to keep blogging. Life will hand you blog fodder. For now enjoy beingin Sanctuary full-time.

  10. what secret agent woman says is true! life is full of fodder!

  11. C4C-- Thanks. I am good at obsessing.

  12. secret agent woman-- I am enj0ying the heck out of it! What a great day this was... great weekend. Life is good. I will take your advice.

  13. Cube-- You are so right about Al.

    As for the World Cup... so far I have only managed to see bits and pieces. But I do love soccer as much as baseball and football. :-)

  14. You're there. I'm so happy for you!