Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Randy's birthday was Saturday... naturally a BBQ ensued.  I picked out the cake with the fisherman... his daughter supplied the candle.  I had a great time planning the event... secret phone calls back and forth to his friends and family... making him stay in the shop while I ran to check out his size for his daughter.  Fun stuffs!

The shirt for a "duck man".

Coming and going.

The usual stuff happened.  His best friend, T and I both bought the same card.  Ha!
He got lots of scratch-its, that great hat, the shirt, a mouse pad with an "O" on it for his laptop, and my contributions...

baby gates and because there has to be a toy... a special clamp he's been eying for his shop.
The baby gates caused a bit of a stir.  The box has a mom holding a baby next to a crib that looks similar to the baby gates, which are in the forefront of the photo... confusing folk into thinking it was a crib, not baby gates.  My response?  
The baby gates, if you do not know are because we are getting a puppy and want to restrict it to the kitchen and dining area until it can be trained.
Randy looked around then said
"So where's the puppy?"
I knew I forgot something.
Not really.  We will pick puppy out together once we patch the fence and make it puppy safe. :-)

(Yesterday we did go to pick out a doggie door.)

Sunday is "my choice" day.
However, it was also father's day, so my choice was to let the man sleep in as late as he wanted and
to do whatever he wanted.
I get up at the crack of dawn... around 5:00 A.M.
He likes to sleep in until  at least 9:30
generally speaking on his days off...
I was surprised to see him up at 7:30.
He said "Hey... you said I get to do what I want today."
I said "Okay, but I thought you said you wanted to stay in bed late."
His response?
"Did you hear me say I wanted to stay there alone?"
Funny how things work out.
We both got to do what we wanted.

Our internet service has been working on the lines so I have not been able to read blogs or email.  I have fallen into a nice easy pattern here.  Most of my time is spent in the yard or working happily around the house, though Randy is so well organized and neat that the house requires very little effort and we both hit it good before the party.

It was a wonderful surprise to have my friend Judy D from P'Land show up for a visit.
I got to show off my house and Randy.
She said "He really does exist!"
(That's kind of a private joke between us... about finding the "perfect" man for me.)
She has promised to stop and visit often.
Very cool beans.

So all is well and happy in my world here.
Unfortunately  not all is well with many that I care about and that of course concerns me and makes me sad.  I hate that feeling of not being able to help other than to be there.
Makes me feel a bit guilty for being so happy.
Irrational I know.  They would not wish that to be the case... but when your friends and love ones bleed, you do too a little.
That's what its all about.

Take some time to smell the roses today...
and appreciate the good in your life.
This trip is way to short to do otherwise.  Trouble and sorrow finds us all soon enough.


  1. haha! I love that you both got what you wanted. Belated Happy Birthday and Father's Day to Randy.

    I'm sorry that some of your loved ones are having difficult times. Sounds like, as you said, all you can do is be there and be strong for them. Sending good thoughts their way.

  2. laura b.-- I loved that part too... hee hee.

    Thank you. You are such a marvelously supportive person. They will be grateful for the good thoughts, as am I.

  3. Sorry that some of your friends and family aren't doing well, but I'm sure they're glad that you're happy. I'm so glad you found your guy.

  4. Churlita-- Me too! Especially when we began with the idea of helping each other find the right person. I love irony when it works out so well!

    You are right, they are happy for me.
    I am grateful for that as well as all the support that I have had from you and my other blogger friends.

    I love it... while I was dropping a comment on you... you were dropping in here at Funch!

  5. Happy Birthday to Randy, belated though it is.

    The presents sound great, especially the baby gates. A new pit puppy named Louie moved in next door and everytime I see him in our yard, I think of you guys.

    Life has ups and downs for all of us. Enjoy your up time :-)

  6. i'm dying to see the dog!

    get off your arse and got get it!

  7. Cube-- Randy says thank you!

    Louie is such a great name. I can't wait. We're thinking of Buster.

  8. billy pilgrim-- Me too! I''[m working on it. Honest. I can't wait to post its pic! Or see that happy puppy wiggle.

  9. Happy Birthday to Randy! And as long as his Ducks don't play my Boston College Eagles, more power to them! :-)

  10. Trouble and sorrow finds us all soon enough.

    I suppose so, but still:

    Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you?

    Happy Birthday to Randy, with best wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

  11. Cricket-- That is beautiful. Thank you.

    BTW "Lilies of the Field" was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I still walk around singing the "Amen" song. :-)

    When I asked Randy what he wanted for his birthday, he would only answer one thing; "You!" I said "Well you've already got that." He said "What do you think Eve was? She was God's birthday gift to Adam and if it's good enough for Adam..." I said "But Eve was sort of a pain in the ass." Randy laughed and gave me a look that said "so are you!"

  12. Suldog-- I'll pass that along to Randy. And same to you and your Boston College!

  13. Ananda - you? a pain in the ass? say it ain't so!

    when will the puppy arrive? (talk about pains in the ass!!!)

    peace and love!

  14. C4C-- You know very well what a pain in the ass I can be. I LOVE to tease and be teased. Fortunately, he's a very good sport and a great tease... as you can see.

    We do not know when we can get puppy. We are waiting to be approved to adopt one. Sheesh! I can't hardly stand the wait on this... a little wiggly friend to weed with me, walk with me and wiggle with me when dad gets home!

    Peace and love to you too, my dear friend! I can't wait for you to visit in Aug. either!!!!

  15. Be careful what you wish for. Like some humans (not you!!!), puppies can be a pain in the ass too.

    Just this am, I stepped on poop left by our 7-month old Doberman, Maxine. Yuck. It was kind of loose, so we think she got into the trash last night (pork tenderloin). Anytime she eats anything but her dog food, her stools go loose and she just can't hold it.

    In our house, the rule is if you find it, you clean it. Why am I usually the one who finds it???

  16. Cube-- I know what's coming. The yard is my baby...Randy generously has given it to me entirely. And, he even bought me a new shovel. Ha.

    We have a friend who's golden has that same issue.


  17. What's 'my choice' day? I think it might be a good thing to copy.
    Being happy is never bad. Enjoy it.

  18. Pamela-- Randy gave me "my choice" on Sundays to do whatever I want to do... or go where ever I want to go.
    I choose. It is fun!