Monday, June 14, 2010


Happy Monday everyone!  Summer arrived at last.
The sun is out and the temp is staying in the mid 70s.

I had a great weekend.  Randy had to work half day on  Saturday,  so I got busy  on the weed project.   I think  the tide is turning in my favor... the sea of weeds have begun  to  ebb.  The problem  isn't the weeds you can easily see... its all those creepy tiny beggars!  
As it happened, about the time Randy got home, T dropped by with the materials for my outdoor kitchen cabinets.  Very cool beans!  T even supplied the answer to my weed problem.  So simple, that you could call it a "duh" moment... pull the obvious weeds and let Randy spray the tiny buggers.  

The wood grain on the oak is gorgeous.  Randy says I get to go look at the counter top materials and pick out whatever I want.  I'm pretty excited about that.  He is going to begin building the cabinets today when he gets home.

Sunday was a great day.  I got up early and hit the weeds again.  Sundays are my days... every week I get to pick something I want to do or somewhere I want to go and we will do that.  I decided that I wanted to go for a drive.  It was sunny and near 80 degrees.  I don't know much about the area and what better way to learn it?  I'll do a post about the drive as soon as I can get my own computer set up and have access to my photo program.

After the drive, we came home and got busy again.  I went back to the weed war and Randy laid the brick patio for the composter.  Eventually I tired of weeds and decided to watch him work.  That turned into work for me... I carried bricks and patched low spots in the lawn with the dirt he removed as he worked the ground to keep the bricks level.  It turned out great, of course.  Now the composter is where it belongs and filled.  Perking has begun.

Our next yard  project will be a worm farm.   I want to grow fishing worms and use the castings to mix in with the finished compost.  My next Sunday choice is fishing.  Big grin!  

Busy day today.  I'm driving up to Randy's mom's house ... about an hour on the freeway each direction... to help them in their yard and garden.  I will be going there fairly often to work in the garden.  We are putting plants in it as well... three kinds of peppers, zucchini, bush beans, yellow squash and tomatoes.  Here I will grow cherry tomatoes, big jalipino peppers for poppers and bush beans, as well as the herb garden. Yum!

Have a great start to your work week... if you are working in the traditional way.  Those who work at home... I hope its a good  week with no snafoos!
As for me, I am a lady of leisure... if you can call planting and weeding leisure.  Ha.  I do!

I had one reoccurring thought this weekend... that this is a good life here in Sanctuary and I must remember every single day to be thankful for it.
I am.


  1. How cool that you are getting to pick put th counter-tops. (See what I mean about there still being things to blog about?)

    I want to hear how the worm farm goes. Seriously - it's a very appealing idea to me.

  2. It sounds like you have it made in the shade, girl. Good for you.

    I keep meaning to start an herb garden because fresh herbs are so costly at the supermarket.

    I also keep meaning to stop procrastinating ;-)

  3. For a lady of leisure you are very busy, but happily so...doing what you want to be doing! I love that you have one day each week when it is lady's choice. Always something to look forward to!

  4. i've heard there's big money in red wigglers.

  5. Every day you go to bed having eaten and having not been eaten is a good day, I think. You never can tell. Some of the best things that ever happened to me involved "unanswered" prayers.

    Well, I guess they were answered. The answer was "no."

    Crazy pic, there. Real or doctored?

  6. I wish there was big money in red wigglers. There is not.
    But raising your own is cheaper than buying them at a bait shop.
    I give free worm composting email support on my site and have a forum for beginners. Check it out at
    If you are going to use them to fish, I suggest trying out my worm fattener recipe to plump them a bit since red wigglers are smaller worms but the do stay live on the hook longer.
    BigTex Worms

  7. ananda - cooking outside, learning about the area, gardening, days of your choice, oh my! what a life you have! thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  8. I wish you well with your worm raising plan. I've never done it. We were going to, like fifteen years ago, but life happened.

    Now I do not want any worms for fishing, and there seems to already be plenty in the garden without doing anything special. I do remember one thing, and that is not to buy your worms from a bait shop, cause by the time you get them they have been out of their home for too long and are probably going to die or something soon. So you are supposed to try to get your worms either out of the garden or directly from someone else who farms worms, so that they aren't sitting in a box or jar all day before you get them. That's all I remember from fifteen years ago. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  9. secret agent woman-- Ha. You are right. Lots of things to blog about... so many new things for me.

    I'm sure the worms will be on here often. I can raise two kinds... composters and fishing worms, who happen to make wonderful castings too that I can add to my compost. Since we both love to fish and to eat fish, the fishing worms are what we will raise. Right now I am researching how to build a good worm box.

    I like to tease but generally Randy gets the better of me, not visa versa. I got him good when I had him convinced that the worms would need to be kept in his shop once it got cold. A flat lie, but a fun one! Can you imagine not wanting to share your sacred place with worms?

  10. Cube-- Ha. I understand procrastination! Randy told me that he would never have finished the brick patio if I hadn't sat out there sipping my beer and supervising.

    I find a beer can drown out the taunting words wispered by the weeds, daring me to come pull them.

  11. laura b.-- I love lady's choice too! Busy is good. The more I do the more I feel like I belong.

  12. billy pilgrim-- I don't plan on selling them. I just want to fish with them and use the castings. Maybe share with fishing friends too.

  13. Liz-- Welcome to Ooodles of Funch! That is great news. I am a total new-bee, so I will certainly come check your site out. Thanks.

  14. C4C-- I love my life here. Of course its all new and that's fun. I keep waiting for the sky to fall. But then you know me.

  15. Cricket-- I'm sure its doctored. But I liked it.
    And your comment has me in a dither! Should I say it or not... hummmmm. No I will be a lady today.
    Ha. Oh crap, why not? Getting to eat and being eaten are good days. ;-)

    I believe everything here is an answer to prayer.
    But you are right. Sometimes "no" is the correct answer though we don't see it that way at the time.

  16. laughing-- That sounds like good advice to me. I was going to buy them from an organic gardening nursery here rather than have to dig them. We do have a lot in our soil. I think that is a wonderful sign as far as how good the soil is and I am happy that we don't have moles trying to eat them, but not sure why we don't have moles.

  17. Thankful is good!

    I'm thankful I don't have a worm farm. Yuck!

  18. Suldog-- Ha! What you don't want me to send you any?

  19. It's great that you both like to do projects. My ex was so lazy that I'd work on projects all day and he would sit and watch TV. it drove me crazy.

  20. Churlita-- My ex too.
    It is great. He says he gets into it more with me there... and he knows he has to finish it when I'm watching. I get to be supervisor and step and fetch it! But I am enjoying the heck out of it.
    Neither of us are ever very far from the other. I know that will wind I am enjoying it while it lasts and hope to perpetuate it as long as possible.