Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am a creature of habit... ritual living.
I've been this way as long as I can remember.
For example; as a child I absolutely could not go to bed without going to my dad to kiss, then hug and shake his hand while I said "Good night, God bless you and pleasant dreams."  Then I would have to go do the same little ritual with my mom.  Why a handshake?  I do not know.  I just had to do it or I'd lay there and fidget until I got out of bed and did it.
Were my parents out of town... I had to have a phone call where I could at least perform the vocal portion of my bedtime ritual.  It was a comfort.

As I have moved through life, I have developed other rituals.   Some are daily and some are event related.
I wash my hands immediately before and immediately after a funeral.  No, no one else in my family has ever done this.  Nor do I understand why I do it.  Only that I must.

Some are sort of common  sense issues...  checking the house before going to bed... are the doors locked?  Is everything turned off that should be?
I tell myself we all do them, even if we don't think of them as rituals or habit.

I have a new home, new partner, new town, and a bright new life.
I can see my new rituals developing.
I know exactly how week days start and will start
each time...  the good -bye kiss, I stand in the door and wave and watch until his truck is no longer in sight... then I lock the security door, lock the front door and check all the other doors.  Then I pour a cup of coffee and take it to the back patio... rain or shine and probably cold and snow eventually... I check the fence gate and sit down on the patio to enjoy the fresh air while I work a crossword puzzle to get my brain going.  Once the brain is warmed up I make a list of the things that I will accomplish that day... and will return to it and cross things off as they are done.

Do you have any odd little rituals?
Or is it just me?


  1. All your rituals sound good - the funeral thing I don't know about - but there have to be a lot of germs at funerals......

    When I go to be I just go to bed........

    It seems I never do the same thing twice in a row.......

    But in the summer I always open all the windows at night and shut them all the next day when the heat starts up.

    I like to start my day with Morning Pages, Bible reading and praying - today it was morning pages, a little Bible and going back to sleep. When I am working, these morning rituals do not happen consistently, though.

    I love the thoughts on Rituals. Great idea!

  2. How about this ritual of saying that I'm going to clean the house and pulling stuff out of boxes and such, and still nothing seems to get finished. So I'll have to do it all again tomorrow. Does that count?

  3. C4C-- Yeah, germs are scary things.
    I like repetitive actions and order.

  4. C4C-- I think that sounds like a great morning ritual... perhaps its more of a daily one where you can change the order?

  5. I think we all have our rituals, some of us just have crazier ones than most. Coffee and the paper in the morning & reading before going to sleep seem to be strong in my life. I do check the doors at night, but that's just common sense. I have given up checking if I've set the alarm because, almost without fail, I get up at 6 am no matter what, sometimes even sooner.

  6. I tend not to be very ritualistic. I am more of a change it up now and then person.
    Your rituals all sound rather nice and reasonable though :-)

  7. Cube-- I also wake up automatically by 6:00. Funny.

  8. laura b.-- That's a good way to be. Change is hard for me. Thanks, yeah, they aren't too bad. At least I don't have to jump three times before I open a door or something. Ha.

  9. i put off washing my hands after funerals and the such. i like to i've walked away with a little essence of the deceased.

  10. I used to have rituals, then came the children. Now they have their rituals which take precedence. I take what I can, when I can, how I can, for myself.

    I do still have special moments, though: the first asparagus of the spring, the cleaning of the grill, the first watermelon of the summer: little celebrations all, in my world.

  11. Oh, I have plenty of these.

    I keep a glass of water on my bedside table, for instance, and every single night before turning in I empty out the cup from the previous evening, rinse it thoroughly, and then add fresh water.

    I usually only take a few sips a night, but I like having it there.

  12. billy pilgrim-- That's a nice way to look at it. I like that thought.

  13. Cricket-- Children= ritual interruptus! I hear that!

    Those are great moments of life. Sometimes the most ordinary of things are worth being thankful for... as you well know. :-)

  14. BrightenedBoy-- Welcome to Ooodles of Funch!

    I also have to have a water glass at my bedside. I rarely drink it all, but you are right... good to have it there.

  15. I check the doors every night, but I don't have a ton of other rituals. Your new morning ritual sounds heavenly, though.

  16. Churlita-- I do love sitting outside and looking at the yard while listening to the sounds. It is lovely.

  17. Rituals are important. They add stability and a sense of permanence.

    Some of the most awkward, yet exciting, moments of a new relationship are those when you decide whether or not you can import old rituals to the new relationship, and also as you establish totally new rituals.

    I always kiss MY WIFE before we part - or she kisses me. That's important.

  18. Not many. I do invariably wake my older son with "Hey, buddy, up and at 'em." But I can't think of any other rituals.

  19. No it is just you. =) Just kidding. I think people have to have some sort of rituals to help us stay sane otherwise we will go crazy. Hope all is well with you in your new home. Take care.

  20. secret agent woman-- Ha! I like that one. My dad used to wake us all up by yelling "Get up, up.up!" from the bottom of the stairs... my parakeet liked it and would yell it anytime of day.

  21. suldog-- I love the kissing ritual!!!

  22. Mr.Shife-- Everything is wonderful... except they have been working on the comcast line here and we have not had service for days!!!
    Hope all is well with you too.
    Big grins!

  23. i'm sure i have rituals but the one i remember is my son's. when he was small and i'd put him to bed he wanted me to sing the exact same songs each night and then when i tucked him in his covers had to be just so and we had to exchange, "good night, sweet dreams, i love you." three times before i was allowed to turn out the light. sweet times. :)