Monday, June 1, 2009



I have FOUR " Four Horsemen" videos for you today... This video comes to us by way of dmarks at Throwawayblog , who brought up Aphrotdite's Child on my Friday Sixer post. As it happens, the song here is "The Four Horsemen" off of this album based on the book of Revelations.

Is this not cool? Metallica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Clash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I had an opportunity to see Joe Strummer and thought, he's still young... I'll catch him next 'round. Unfortunately, he died within weeks of playing in Portland.
Lesson FOUR : Nothing is granted.

My parents had five children and we were stacked two by two…with the exception of the only boy, who had his own room. My parents kept their sanity by sending us all to bed at 7:00p.m., summer and winter. I shared a room with my sister D. She was FOUR years older and very mean. (I was the FOURth daughter.)

This story takes place in the summer, when it was light for at least FOUR hours after we were sent to bed. My dad had treated us to Big Missile popsicles and we were hyper and silly. Earlier my sister had been playing with paper dolls. The scissors, cutouts and scraps lay scattered on the floor. I was careful not to step on them as I climbed the end of the bunk bed to my place on the top.

D decided that we should play covered wagon, so she climbed up and into bed bedside me. One thing led to another and naturally there had to be a dangerous stampede with a wild wagon ride. As our Conestoga wagon rounded a bend, it tilted… by this I mean that D elbowed me hard to throw me to the side. A little too hard. I pitched over backwards and rolled over the top of the safety rail.

My butt, ever the heaviest thing on my person, hit the floor first. One leg flew up and the other flew down. Meanwhile, my landing caused the scissors to jump and open. The low landing foot slid between the blades as the top foot changed directions to come down with a thump on top of the scissors. The shriek I made should have shattered the windows, but did not.

Suddenly my parents were there and I was in my dad’s arms. We dashed across the hall to the sink where my mother, the clean freak… freaked out.
“Don’t put her foot in the sink… put it over the toilet!”
Easily the most frightening words I can recall from my youth!
I watched my little toe, held on by a twirling thread of skin dangle over the germmiest, worst place to have a toe fall off ever! I was terrified that it would, the toilet would magically flush, and my toe would vanish down the hole forever.

That did not happen. They wrapped my foot in a towel.
“Not one of the good towels!” snapped mom.
I went yet again to Valley Children’s Hospital where it was sewn back in place, turned ugly colors and eventually healed. I got to wear muck-lucks for weeks. Cool beans!
It still sort of falls over on its side. Oh well. At least it didn’t go down the crapper.
That's all FOR today folks! Hope you got a giggle out of the story and enjoyed a few tunes. Can you think of anything that goes with FOUR? Feel free to make suggestions.
I considered " the FAB FOUR" but that's a whole post of its own.
Today I hope your day is accident free and you avoid hospitals if you can. Be careful with scissors and FOR heaven's sake, put your stuff away! BIG GRINS


  1. That is a great story, and very funny too. Glad it ended well. And I love Metallica's version of "The Four Horseman." It is so awesome. Before I put all the scissors away the only Four I am reminded of is April because it is the Fourth month and when I was born.

  2. Foremost, let me comment about your poor little toe. That was awful. I know when my kids got hurt the last thing on my mind was a mess, but then again I'm most decidedly not a clean freak. Not at all.

    That said, the only four I came up with was the Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot, some of my favorite poetry.

    And "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway, not one of my favorite writers, but I do love that title.

    OK, that last on was cheating.

  3. That's one Fantastic "Four" !

  4. Yikes! That is a very harrowing tale! I'm glad we don't have to call you Ol' Nine Toes, though. Four more days is nothing! Woot!

  5. That story made me shudder. Yeesh!

    I saw Joe Strummer's Clash in 1984. It was right after they split up and formed Mick Jones' Clash and Joe's. The show was still awesome.

  6. I did not know that there were two Clashes. That would have made for a fun concert tour of both bands: "When Clashes Clash!"

  7. Mr. Shife-- April is a great month... there's you, Squeaky and Annie all out of that one.

    I really like that there were two versions by Metallica that were different. Good stuffs!

    I was glad to keep it! ha

  8. Cube-- I think that homonyms count!

    My mom was so clean that you could set down your empty ice tea glass and before the ice cube could stop spinning she had it washed and back in the cupboard. Incidently she was afraid of my closet. ha.

    I wish I'd thought of the T.S. Elliot... good catch!

    laura b.-- LOL "Ol' Nine Toes". I probably would have liked that. Sounds piratey.

    dmarks-- Thank you sir!

    Churlita-- Oh lucky you! I am soooo sorry I missed him.

    dmarks-- I didn't know that either. I knew that Joe sang with The Pogues a bit when Shane was too deep in his cups. That could have been a "Clash of the Clashes!" (oooh bad)

    All-- I cannot believe that none of you called me on this... you comic buffs... I forgot to put in my "Fantastic Four" section!!! Yikes.

  9. dmarks--OOOOps. You did catch me on it *That's one Fantastic "Four" !* duh. lol

  10. i'm waiting for season 4 of deadwood. i'm prepared to wait 4 ever if that's what it takes.

  11. billy-- lol... endless optimism. I like that about you. I'd sure like 4 them to do it too.

  12. Stephen-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch! Thank you for signing up sir. I don't know when you did, from what post. I am not terribly observant, but glad that you did.