Friday, June 19, 2009


I do not win awards, prizes, lottery jackpots, competitions, or sweepstakes as a general rule. I have come to believe that this does not happen. But laura b. at What Fresh Hell is This? was kind enough to give me the one you see! Much appreciated, laura b. Thanks!

It comes with the following meme:

5 Obsessions

1. Following Murphys Rules.

2. Kurt Vonnegut (as most of you know).

3. Reading.

4. Walking , doing my stretches and exercising everyday without fail.

5. Eating right.

5 Dislikes

1. My current life situation being in limbo.

2. Screwing up.

3. Looking at a map and still not knowing where to go or where I am. (Lost again)

4. Dream vacations
(Having the summer off, but no money to go anywhere.)

5. The ultra bright blue headlights that blind me.

4 Tagged (This was supposed to be 5 but I don’t know that many. Ha!)






  1. I hate those blinding headlights. I think they are usually on Audi's.

  2. dmarks-- I drive a tiny car and am low on the road. I am easy to blind with regular headlights.
    My poor retnas! Those damn Audis!

  3. Gives me sympathy for the style of law enforcement found in 1970s and 1980s redneck/southern sheriff/trucker/CB movies. Where the sheriff smashes out a headlight and then issues a ticket for having a headlight out.

    Maybe the Audi blue phaser blasters should also then get a ticket for leaving shards of headlight glass on the shoulder.

  4. Hey... I live in brightly colored neck country!
    (Remember "red neck" is a slam against non-Catholic Irish, who's preachers were forced to wear red collars! "You gotta keep 'em separated.")

    We used to have cops like that until recently when the old boys died off and the young'ns started to join up.

    I might turn a "blind eye" to that. hahahahahaha

  5. Aw, thanks for being willing to meme! Your dislike of being in a limbo state of life really struck me. I've certainly been there before and it isn't so great. At least we have reading, though, right? The ultimate escape :-)

  6. laura b.-- You've got that right. It's been my escape since about 4th grade. Nothing better to ease my brain.

    I am happy to comply. I eat this stuff up. Thanks so much for tagging me!