Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.

Yesterday my family all converged on Bear's house for a BBQ. This time the two people in StbX's family that are nice people attended. My grand daughter joined in. She is living with her dad now... for the summer. She was shy and clinging to me most of the time, but that was okay by me.

Max had to work. He had a bad weekend. He was invited to a party, but his ride never showed on Saturday. Then we had this party and he had to work. He just plain missed out.

I hope you enjoy the Bob Marley. I know at least two of you like him... and I like to please myself. Ha. I find regae music very relaxing. Almost hypnotic. Little kids always like it. Mikey gets into the beat and knows some of the words. Of course his favorite song right now is "That's Not My Name"by The Ting Tings.

I hope you are off to a good start to your week and that you find it satisfying in whatever way floats your boat. Me... I plan to go fishing. Aaaahhhh... talk about relaxing.


  1. Good Marley song, thanks for sharing. Reggae always works on Monday (even if one is not working). I'm not totally sure who Max is, but it sounds like he got the royal shaft this weekend, but it could just be karma repaying him for that frog comment yesterday (of course, karma foresaw that comment, obviously). So it goes.

  2. Fishing? You lucky duck! I work at home, but it's still work.

    Glad your reunion went well. Too bad for Max. I guess he was Mad ;-)

  3. As usual, I hit Post Comment before I had completed my answer...

    RE: reggae, for me, a little goes a long way. I like it at first, but I get bored if it goes on too long.

  4. We had BBQ on Sunday too. A beef brisket with a beer mop sauce that was out of this world delicious and fork tender.

    What did you guys eat?

  5. aliencg-- You are welcome. I think maybe reggae works even better if you arent working. Ha.

    Max, who I also call Swell is one of three sons. He often drags me off on adventures that I would not otherwise try alone.

    It may well have been karma for any number of reasons. ha. Indeed... so it goes.

  6. Cube-- Ha! (Max is named for the Mad Max character as well as artist Maxfield Parrish and Max Headroom.) Yes, he was very Mad Max.

    Your brisket is making me hungry!

    I have 4 good fishing holes within a mile of my house. The closest is a 3-fish hole... meaning I can usually get 3 fish there. Trout or silver salmon. In the summer, I fish almost every day for an hour or longer when the fish approve.

    I never eat anything out of the Columbia River. Hanford Nuclear Plant is up river. I do look for 3-eyed fish!

  7. I once read a short science fiction story about an alien race that loved to come to Earth for the intoxicating effects of our petroleum.

  8. dmarks-- What a funny story! I'd like that angle.

  9. Cube-- Oops... forgot to answer your question! We had burgers, chicken with a hickory sauce from a bottle (we cheated), brats and my talapia basted with lime and a sprinkle of sea salt with fresh salsa (uncooked cabbage, onion, toms, cilantro, bits of carrot and avocado chunks) and crushed tortilla chips sprinkled on top... yummy!

  10. I don't love all reggae, but I like a lot of it. I saw Bunny Wailer at the oakland Coliseum in the mid-eighties. He as a little on the preachy side, but the music was good.

    My girls love the Ting Tings too. Luckily, they're a band I can handle.

  11. Churlita-- I am not familiar with Bunny Wailer, but now I have someone new to check into. Thanks.

    I have that song stuck in my head. What is it dmarks calls songs like that... earworms?

  12. Track-A-'Crat- Welcome to oddles of funch! Thanks for signing on to follow.

  13. Track-A-'Crat-- Your 20/20 Hindsight was right on!

  14. Man, I miss me a good BBQ. I need plan one of those soon. Summers around here don't last as long as I'm used to so I gotta be on the ball.

    There's a Pappy's Seasoning that we get in CA that we mix equal parts brown sugar, oil, and water to make a really good marinade. We usually put in on tri-tip.

    That talapia sounds good!

  15. 3GirlKnight-- Oooh... tri tip! We used to get tri tip and ball roasts that were go good when I lived in CA. Then we moved up here and the butchers claimed they'd never heard of them. Its only been the last few years that tri tip has become avialbe here. It's a great cut. They still don't do ball roasts.

    I don't think I've tried Pappy's but it sounds good enough for me to bug my sister to send me some. Thanks! (She's still in Fresno.)

    Yes, the talpia is wonderful made that way. It's very easy too.

    I hope you gt to BBQ soon!

  16. 3Girl - I buy pappy' thank for rub tip - I will try it.

    Ananda - I don't know what ball roast is - is it the meat that is round and has strings tying it up? -

    Also , Ms Ananda - I love the moon phase marker - it's amazing how quickly a full moon isn't full anymore.

  17. And to take the Vonnegut quote further - when their idiot children are running the counrty!

  18. Crazy4coens-- No, it's a funny round thing... like a cannonball bread shaped piece of meat. They may have called it ball joint roast. It was cheap and very tender, but strange to look at.

    We got it from one of those giant food warehouse places where you shop with dollies. It was where Zodies used to be. I can't recall the name. Cheap food. Probably from eight legged steers!

  19. crazy4coens-- LOL! How true. Oh... maybe that's not so funny. ;)

  20. I remeber Zodies. I don't remember what was there afterward - hey maybe I shold cruise on over there and see!

    Probably not - we got a motel room and are hiding out - it was crazy at the home (and I mean that literally!)

  21. Crazy4coens-- Its probably not there anymore. That was 22 years ago! Yikes.

    I'm sorry things are so crazy. I'd hide too. I am no good at that sort of crazy. I'd take my angel whisperer any day over that! Hope it gets better and you get to go home soon.

    Hey, how is hubby's brother doing? Haven't thought of him in decades.

  22. Read my blog for an update on the bro in law. His big thing now is slavick jews. After more than 24 hours and exhaustion- i asked about crop circles. There is a mention in the blog.

    Thank you for all your support.

    You are the best, Ms Ananda.

    Oh, I saw Doug Broton's name in the paper today - he is the head of the Better Business Bureau.

    And have you given any more thought to Andy Apple Cheeks? He might be available......

  23. Crazy4coens-- I hit the blog for you. Yikes!

    Thank you... I feel the same about you too.

    Good for Doug. He wanted to be the head of the BBB even at Ananda! Cool beans. He was a good guy. You should look him up.

    Mc Mom hates me. Steve pushed me in front of a car and got into trouble with Shannon Jones over it. Shannon was the principal at T.L. Heaton. She never forgave me. I actually had a crush on Steve forever and ever... until he killed himself. That was so awful. What a waste.

    Frankly kiddo... I think that Andy Apple Cheeks thought that I was skiboo! It was Steve that I had such a terrible thing for. McMom kind of hates me. She and the Captain (Kangaroo) had PTA clashes. And I got Steve into big trouble with Shannon Jones.

  24. Thanks for the Bob Marley...very nice. And that barbeque sounds amazing!

  25. laura b.--Thanks. It was a lot of fun. We don't get together very often. The food was great.

    Tell me... is it bad form for crazy4coens and I to chat so much on the blog? We should maybe email? What do you or others think?

    I know it's my blog and I can do as I wish, but I do not wish to make others feel left out.