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Three Stooges Curly Kills the Clam Soup


The Three Stooges Official Website :: Bios - Curly Howard

This is my favorite skit of the T
hree Stooges. Curly was my guy. ( I don't know why.)
I was not a great fan of the Three Stooges. They were too violent fo
r me. But so were Tom and Jerry and I hated that Roadrunner so much for hurting Wyli E. Coyote that I wished the Roadrunner would get run over. I know, that's a violent thought. See what violence on television did to me!

The Three Stooges (2010)


I just do not agree with this!

Here are three baby hedgehogs. They are here because they are cute. No other reason.

Here's a stab from my early past. Three Dog Night.

Everyone knows
this song (and it's not the Christmas carol)

"Joy to the World."


Three Mile Island accident. March 30, 1979. This is a reminder of what can happen with Nuclear reactors. Yikes, what a terrible thing !


Three Cups of Tea » Home

Some failures lead to phenomenal successes, and this American nurse's unsuccessful attempt to climb K2, the world's second tallest mountain, is one of them. Dangerously ill when he finished his climb in 1993, Mortenson was sheltered for seven weeks by the small Pakistani village of Korphe; in return, he promised to build the impoverished town's first school, a project that grew into the Central Asia Institute, which has since constructed more than 50 schools across rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Amazon.com books summary)

TRIPLE KILL is what you get when you kill 3 people in 4 seconds or less in Halo3

Do not click on the blue lines below... Funch has gone insane!

(Just read them.)Why it does weird crap like this... I do not know.

There were some other threes that were obvious to me... The Tripods, but they've been done recently... The Three Musketeers by Dumas ("Dumb ass" if you watch commercials.). Lord of the Rings Trillogy. Three Little Kittens. Can you think of any others?

One three-part "mom" story. When my oldest was only three and the only child, one of our cats had three kittens, then packed her kitty bags and booked... leaving me to buy canned cat milk, special bottles and hand feed kitties every three hours. We grew very attached to them. Disaster struck when they began to fall ill. Without mom cat's milk, they did not get her immunities. The first two died the first day, but the third
little kitten hung on.

On the second day, I could no longer stand to look at the poor thing as it labored for breath. So I wrapped it in a baby blanket and put it in the bookcase in the spot where it had like to sleep. Then I walked away. I knew that I would be burying the third kitten in the morning. Imagine my surprise when I went to lift her out and found a much spunkier kitten, ready to eat. We spoiled her rotten and soon she was fat and healthy.

My son wanted to name her and naturally, I agreed. He thought for days about what to call his kitten. At last the name came to him. "Number Three" he told me. He looked so proud of his rather silly choice. He himself was three years old and so it was a very important number. We had Number Three for many years. She was the best child's cat I've ever seen. He dressed her in baby clothes and she purred. He put her in the wagon and she allowed him to pull her around. Number Three was happy as long as she was with her (then) three year old boy.

I hope you will recall this story when you think of giving up on something that seems lost or hopeless. Things are not always as dire as they seem. Sometimes small miracles happen in everyday life.

"O terque quaterque beatum” We are three or four times blessed!


  1. People in my club sing Joy to the World along with the Christmas carols. It's funny.

  2. I don't mind the idea of a new "Three Stooges", as long as it is new Stooges. That is, brand new Stooge characters, not attempts to do a new Larry, and a new Curly, and a new Moe.

    Jim Carrey would be a good one, since he can act Stoogey. So would Michael Richards (Kramer from "Seinfeld"). But I am rather lukewarm on Richards doing anything since his KKK-like comedy rant. I'm not sure who the third talented physical comedian would be. Perhaps Wayne Brady, thinking of his antics on "Who's Line Is It Anyway".

  3. laughingattheslut-- That would be funny. Ha.

    I think I like the Muppet's cover of Joy to the World s best. I cannot count the times that I have sung this at all sorts of occasions. It's one of those songs that break out and everyone joins on in. A great car song with or without my kids. (Yes, I am a total dork!)

  4. dmarks-- I like the idea of new character stooges. I would feel better about that with these guys.

    I missed the Michael Richards thing on the KKK. Was it a Mel Gibson moment?

    Jim Carey makes me cringe or leap... for the remote, plug, button... whatever gets rid of him quick. Though I must admit that I am fond enough of Morgan Freeman being God that I will tolerate Carey for that movie.

  5. i hate that feckin roadrunner too!

    i think old bugs bunny would be the only guy too put mr runner in his place.

    the coyote and elmer should practice on each other.

  6. It was a Mel Gibson moment for Richards. Only I don't think he was drunk. (I guess he was just a little frazzled. It did not take much to bring out his inner David Duke.

  7. dmarks-- Isn't it funny how some people self destruct? I used to think a lot of Mel, then bang! Drunk driving, anti-semitism and being hloier than thou. Yikes. Being drunk doesn't change us, it only lets us not care about hiding our flaws that have always been underneath.
    Lest I sould sound holier than thou myself... I have done my share to stupid people tricks and self destruction. I am no person's saint.

  8. billy-- I think Bugs could use one of those lizard jets. That would do the trick!

    Elmer vs Coyote... who would win? I' bet on Coyote, but I'm not very good at winning bets.

    I just want to see that roadrunner flattened.

  9. Writers do seem to love their trilogies...especially in the SF and Fantasy genres. And there is a whole mystical Power of Three thing...
    And of course, three strikes...you're out! :-)

  10. Three was considered the perfect number by Pythagoras expressing the beginning, the middle, and the end which makes it a symbol of Deity and not just for Christians. The Hindus and the Greeks had their own trinities. There are three Fates, three Furies, three Graces, three Harpies. It goes on and on with three.

    I also thought of Three Blind Mice.

    I also wanted the Coyote to eat the Roadrunner, but then again, I also wanted Sylvester to eat stupid Tweety.

    One of my favorite Stooges short was "Disorder in the Court". For some reason, that always makes me laugh. I think I'll pass on the new Stooges because I don't like Sean Penn or Jim Carrey.

  11. Oh, I meant to add how touching the story of your kitty Three was. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. laura b-- My soon to be ex calls the TV show "Charmed", "Boobs and Spells". He'll watch that one but pass on Angel. I don't think he's watching for the intelectual content... which is why I watch Angel. hahaha

    Not that you are talking about that show, it just reminded me of it. I know that three is a power number in many belief systems.

    I like the "Three strikes you're out!"

  13. Cube-- Excellent information! Great ideas.

    I also long to have the Tweety Pie gobbled down! Sylvester deserves to have that annoying feather head. (My favorite of those is the one with the baby kangaroo..."giant mounse.")

    You are welcome. Not everyone enjoyes stories, so I never know how well they will be recieved.
    Number Three was really a sweetie. She was a ginger cat, the kind with circles instead of stripes.

  14. I loved your kitten story. Some of it was sad, but there was a happy ending. Great threes. Soooo, does that mean Friday is your last day of work?

  15. Churlita-- Thank you. Well... I thought that Friday was my last day. But as it turns out, NOT.

    They decided to extend my time by a few days for a special project. However, it's extra money... of which I am so fond... and there are zero chidlren involved. It will be quiet, I will be all alone and can work at my own pace.

    They are funny there. I don't even have to finsih my project. Just do a few days of it and I can finish next year. Absolutely no reason to be motivated to move faster than a lazy snail. Ha. Hey... I do it right anyway. But it is nice to have zero pressure.

  16. You can go to this Youtube video:


    Someone worked up a fake Seinfeld episode around actual footage of Michael Richards' rant.

  17. dmarks-- Whoa! That was intense. I hooted all the way through, though it's not funny that he would lose it like that in reality. Oh my stars and garters!

    Leave it to National Lampoon to make me have deep gut laughs at totally inappropriate things! It was the clips edited in that made it funny. Thanks for sending it. I had no idea at all!!!

  18. Damn, i felt the SAME about those Stooges, and Wyle E Coyote, and the rest! I really did get a bit angry at cartoons and stuff..and yeah, the Stooges were too violent for me.

  19. Braja-- I knew that we were kindred spirits! Please take care and be safe. Take your time to heal. ;-)

    We wait. But no hurry. Be safe. Heal. xoxoxoxo

  20. i'm so late getting all around, forgive me. what a mishmash of 3s here. i'm no great stooge fan but the new lineup is just plain scary. the hedgehogs are too cute for words. TMI, i had family who lived in the area. it brings up some very nervous memories.

  21. Friday isn't your last day?


    Oh, I shudder to think...


    You mean all of your number posts were off?

  22. Cube-- Sadly, they tacked on some days. Talk about abuse! Where is my union rep!

    Actually, I don't mind very much. The kids, who are whipped into end of the year psychosis, will be gone. I will be content.

    I will get back my freedom to listen to whatever music I want, curse like a pirate when I stub that stupid little lazy toe, not look or act professional in any way shape or form. And I can run outside and swing whenever the mood strikes me.

    But yeah, the buggers knocked the crap out of my number system! It's too late to turn back now. I'll think up a theme to use... a trick to get my brain cells singing into action. Got any ideas?