Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is where I would like to be playing right now. Ah... toes in warm sand... a shovel, a bucket. Baby Mikey to help out. Sounds like heavenly play to me.

These were fun to play with when I was a kid... I love trains!

Here's a song you can play...

The Offspring - Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)

The Offspring - Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)

My favorite way to play... swing.

Pinball anyone? I do not know why this is underlining things again. I can't get it to stop. I guess oodles of funch wants to play!

We found this machine at a great mom and pop pizza parlor in Lincoln City at the coast. We all gave it a shot. I did not do well. ha. But I did have fun and isn't that the whole point when you play?

The Chronicles of Joyce & Dorothy

By the Time You Hear the Siren It's Already Too Late

What Fresh Hell is This?

The Pool Is Open

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Photohunt: Play!

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All Play and Still No Work

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  1. My dad is train guy. He has his table setup in the basement at his house. It's really a work in progress right now.

    I have played the Gilligan's Island pinball machine. It's kind of fun, but I prefer the older machines like Cyclone and Taxi.

    Thanks for PLAYing the Scavenger Hunt.

  2. aliencg-- Trains are great. I had big scale trains when I was little. Then began collecting HO scale in the 70s. I think it is a work in progress... one that never really ends.

    I didn't know that the Gilligan's Island machine wasn't old. Ha! Shows what I know. Pinball lures me in to play, but I am terrible at it. My oldest son can really rack up points.

  3. aliencg-- Oops... I forgot to thank you for the great word! I enjoy playing Saturday Scavenger Hunt a lot. Thanks for letting me play!

  4. First of all, I love the sand. I'm a total beach addict and would spend my life there if it weren't for hurricanes and all the flooding crap.

    Second, my dad had a train set that would make you drool. Honestly, thanks to your post, I'm going to ask him what became of it because it was almost big enough to ride a small child on it. Now I must know what became of it.

    Re: Pinball. Comon, only serial killers and axe murders hate pinball ;-)

  5. Great photos Ananda!

    That pic sure makes me miss the beach, I can't imagine how long it took to make that train and pinball is entirely too addicting.

    I only have one photo.

  6. Great post, as always.

    Your photogs make me want to get away and go where we can hear the ocean - Gross Back In's desire when he gets out of school.

    Maybe next week I'll play, too, if that's okay.

  7. Cube-- I would drool over that!

    What torture... to have a beach and have it bothered with hurricanes and flooding crap! I'd want to be there every single day. You have my sympathy.

    3GirlKnight-- Thanks. That train actually sits in a restaurant here where I live. It is big and dusty. I want to clean it every time I see it. ha.

    Crazy4coens-- Thanks. Hey... I did not take pictures before I started to blog. But my bloggers did, so I wanted to try it out. I am clearly addicted. My family moans whenever I take my camera out.

    Take Gross Back In to the beach! I want to go to a California beach! I miss them sooooo much. Our water is like ice water here. Yikes, but I do love it. I shiver really well and I have the blue lipped quiver down pat.

    Absolutely play! Go see laura b. at What Fresh Hell Is This. She has the scoop on it. Anyone can play. Fun stuffs!

  8. Ananda - I will and I will. Thanks for everything!

  9. You are so PLAYful, I knew you'd have some great pictures. You may be able to guess which one is my the one sporting the cutest smile ever :-)

  10. laura b-- Ha! It can melt your heart! He is such a happy guy. I am afraid I must agree with you... my favorite too. Thanks.

  11. as a youth i loved pinball. so much in fact that i bought an arcade.

    dealing with juvenile delinquents cured my pinball addiction in less than a year.

  12. billy-- Wow. And there you have it!

    I worked in an arcade briefly. Very briefly... for the same reason you were cured.

    My sons had an uncle who bought them a Mr.Do! game. The big arcade machine. I didn't have to have a babysitter for a long, long time.

  13. I so looovvvee pinball! Great photos...

  14. NoRegres-- Thanks! We had a lot of fun with it.

  15. Great play photos. I love the pic of your grandbaby and the pinball machine.

  16. Churlita-- Thanks! I always have a great time with them (baby and family). They were there for the pinball too... though I do admit on that trip to the beach I did sneak off on my own a few times. I love to walk on the beach and they don't so much.