Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wait... I woke up and decided that I was not going to go to work today, even though I only have two days left of work. I know... get it over with stupid! But I just didn't want to go there. So I called my boss and told him that I was taking today off. He accepted this very well. There are no kids, who cares?

So I drove over and woke the soon to be ex and told him he could take me out for coffee... which really means breakfast and he understands this. I don't like to sit in a restaurant alone but I like people to wait on me in the morning. It's the only quality time we spend together. I buy a paper and read. He sits in a stupor and drinks copious amounts of coffee to get his brain cells warmed up. When he gets to a point where he can have conversation... I'm done and ready to go. It works out nicely.

One of my favorite sections of the Oregonian is The Edge. I'm sure other papers carry it. You likely know about it. Well they had a little game today that they call " or The Onion?" where you guess where the headlines originate. I had some good laughs there. "Mildfires Amble Through California" struck me as particularly funny. But I really liked "Jesus-snacks called Cheesus". I was delighted to find that it was a headline and therefore... a place to start my day.

Behold The Power Of <span class=Cheesus" border="0">

When you google "Cheesus", you get fun stuffs:

Cheesus” Jesus Likeness Found In Cheetos Bag | Manolith

Cheesus Industries - Home of Cheddar Cheesus

Church youth director spots image of Jesus in a Cheeto - 5/19/09 ...

My personal favorite:

Cheesus is Everywhere! | The Big Picture

Apparently, Jesus has returned to earth — not the 2nd coming, mind you, but in the form of a cheetos, ice cream scoops, a fry pan, ... -

To be honest, I was a bit depressed after yesterday. I said good-bye to 8 teachers who have become unemployed or moved to other schools due to budget cuts. We were a good team and they will be missed greatly. I felt so bad for those who did not find other jobs. What will they do? They have families. Yikes.

We were supposed to meet at the pub after work and I chickened out at the last minute... went to the store, next door to the pub for ice... when one of the teachers caught me and lured me over with the offer to buy me a beer. I am hopelessly cheap, so I agreed. I got a pounder of Black Butte Porter... a rich, dark beer... yum. (I do not like regular beer at all.) Then came the brochettes. I was snared. It was a lovely good-bye nosh.

As we were leaving... and this happens to me quite often... a lunatic began conversation with me. He'd just spoken to an angel... The teacher who bought me the beer did a quick turn on heel and headed back inside the pub, leaving me alone with the Angel Whisperer, who bore a striking resemblance to Uncle Fester in the Adams Family TV series. Thanks a ton! Fortunately I speak lunatic fluently and so we conversed for a brief period. Did I know Jesus? He left happy that I was aware of Jesus and I left relieved to be getting to my car alive.

I knew that a few would be packing up and moving the remainder of their stuff out today. I opted to miss that and take a personal day to regroup. Tomorrow I will go back and throw myself into it. But today, I'm going to laugh at Cheesus and give myself a mini break.

It seemed fitting after yesterday's conversation with the Angel Whisperer that I find Cheesus this morning. Don't you think so? God really does have a great sense of humor. I can't help but think that this bit of mirth is my reward for kindness to someone a teensy bit undone.


  1. I'm a freak magnet too, but I'm not as nice as you are. I used to be when I was younger, but now I just move along.

    I'm glad you got to take a personal day and that you finally found Cheesus.

  2. Churlita--LOL!

    I honestly try to avoid them, but they look me in the eye and the next thing I know, I am engaged in their world of never-never-go-here-land. The only way out seems to be to sympathize and go with it.

    But then I also think... what if he really did talk to an angel? Wouldn't I feel silly? Or what if he is an angel himself and I was being tested? What if he was Himself? (Just a slob like one of us)

    Then I think...knock it off, now who's a loonie!

  3. We've all attracted loons before. Is it just me or are people who like science fiction and horror more likely to run across them? Yikes! I just occurred to me that I may be one of those loons that normal people were forced to deal with before they were able to escape. Oy!

  4. Cube--LMAO! Me too... I'm sure that I frighten and upset others.

    You may be right about the sci fi/horror connection. The Angel Whisperer would never have spoken to my sister, Suzie-Q. Her straight sober no-nonsense face would have told him she was not approachable.

    I think it must be something in our eyes. It's the eye-lock when I get that ut-oh feeling and sure enough, one starts to babble and it's another loonie.

    Glad to know that I am not alone. One more thing in common! Lonnies love us.

  5. a good beer has to be dark enough so you can't see the little flies that land in it.

    not to repeat myself but i like the big fonts.

  6. billy-- Those little flies! hahaha

    You may repeat yourself as often as you like here.
    I'm sure I do it all the time. I like the big fonts too. Thanks!

  7. Oh Ananda...I really am so sorry about you losing some of your co-workers. That is so rough. I can completely understand taking a personal day today.
    You are so funny though! Love the Cheesus links...and I admire the way you've worked out time with your StbX.

  8. As for Chesus, well, I am lactose intolerant - so I glad that He Himself is not actually made of cheese...I don't think, but then if He is I am on the right page with the cows and all....

    As for loonies, I vaguely remember leaving you with the loons back in our youth. Sorry.....I indeed try to not lock eyes with them....I believe they can get into your soul like flies into beer.

    As for losing teachers, I understand. It is sadness indeed. What is going to happen in this world? Will we all eventually lose our jobs and eat dirt and Chesus crackers until they run out and then just dirt?

  9. laura b.-- Thank you. They are good people.

    Cheesus rocks! I love anything that makes me laugh.

    I like the term "StbX" mind if I keep it? We actually are getting along well right now. We were having vicious battles until about a month ago. But we have finally reached that place where it is understood that the world has moved on. That part is finished. New beginnings await us both. Now we can relax and be human instead of monsters again.

    The funny thing is that people often comment on what a happy couple we are. LMAO!

  10. crazy4coens-- Are we talking about Kenneth? You know he seemed normal at first! Then... that shuttle ride to the airport the next day and the bizarro old guy who wanted to take me to Acapulco to get married and gave me that walrus pin to wear. Two in a 24 hour period. Sheesh!

    My favorite is still Dead Steve. I'll have to do a post about him!

    I've only got dirt. The world has moved on. I need Roland to help me find the Crimson King.

  11. crazy4coens--The loons do get into your soul like flies in beer... and I just drink them down, oblivious.

  12. Ok - I remember Kenneth - I do not remember the rest - I just kinda remember backing off with a look of terror on my face - no real details - but there's a good reason for that (thank you Evo!)

  13. crazy4coens-- I think there is a good reason that Himself makes me forget things. The ones I can recall are certainly bad enough!

    billy would have liked Evo. %)

  14. crazy4coens-- you were going to the big U when Dead Steve happened. Mike W. and I dealt with him. Remember Mike... Fat Mary and little Patrick's oh-oh-oh! so terribly handsome redheaded brother?

  15. Can't remember any of it. Not even the big U. I did have a funeral I had to attend, is that the big U. Wow - way too much of the good reason.....

  16. crazy4coens-- LMAO... you went to university... the big U. You were in one town and I was left in hometown... all alone. Heavy sigh.

    Mercy! We are so old that we can't remember sheeet.

  17. I never thought of myself as attending University - it was always just a state university - little u - things always look different from other's eyes.

    And I thought you had lots of friends of the male persuasion to keep you busy - again it is all a matter of perspective.

  18. crazy4coens-- Ah, I shall think of it as little u now.

    Okay... so I lied. I was not alone. But I missed you very much. I wished I could get out of hometown and go to a u like you. Perspective indeed.

  19. You know, I love the fact that you found Cheesus. I want to find Cheesus, too, and enjoy him with crackers and a bowl of soup. Thank you, God, for sending him back in Cheddar.

  20. aliencg-- I am so happy to bring you to Cheesus... My chedder brother! May you never run out of crackers and may your soup cup be bottomless. Cheesus is the have a good night!