Saturday, June 6, 2009


Signs tell us many different things... This one is "electric temptation"seducing me into buying it's products.

This one gives information... and inspires a desire for civil disobedience... Excuse me while I go get my deck!
This one tells a bawdy story where you can eat at the restaurant, hit the bar, pick up a gal, stop at the store for rubbers, go to the inn for some horizontal mambo, take her out for an ice cream after and if you get caught paying her for her time... walk next door to the Justice Court to pay the fine!

Speaking of ice cream, I gave it up... until this cute penguin brings me one in person. I think I'm safe in assuming that I will remain soft serve free. My scale thanks me.

These signs try to waylay you on the sidewalk as you pass... luring you in with promises of pedicures (aaahhhh), great cuts, or mochas...mmmmmmm.

This sign could be a life saver! (This one's for you Joyce and Dorothy. Hope you got that double barrel loaded for tomorrow!)

This one is just a darned good idea!

Happy Saturday Scavenger Hunt : "Sign"
Thanks for the great word Churlita!


  1. Excellent signs. If I were a rollerblader, I would disobey too. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for dropping by.

  2. aliencg-- Thanks... and you're welcome. I'm having a great time with this and I enjoy what the rest of you do very much.

    I'm really glad you stopped in... my blog response today is anemic to say the least. ha.But I got it up late in the day here and most of my readers are on the other side of the country where it is even later. Oh well... there's tomorrow.

  3. Ooohhh, I love your wide variety of signs! I love the little story...too funny. And I will keep eating ice cream whether or not a penguin brings it to me. In fact, I'd serve the penguin his if it would get me some more. haha! Great post, Ananda!

  4. laura b.--Thanks! I have so much fun doing these. It gives me a focus... and then I can go wild with my own personality behind the wheel.

    I'm so glad that dmarks tagged me and I got into this.

    And I enjoy everyone else's so much too.

  5. Those are all great! I love the one that runs down an entire scenario.

  6. NoRegrets-- Me too. This was a fun choice.

  7. I love your signs. Especially the estrogen one. so funny.

  8. Churlita-- Thanks... and thanks so much for the word. I loved doing this one. I like to get creative and a bit crazy.

    Yeah, I saw that and had to take a photo of it. Made me laugh long and hard.