Sunday, June 28, 2009


This song is here today for four reasons. 1) I love it. 2) I love Greg Lake's voice. 3) I love the instrumental portion. 4) And last, but certainly not least, I love the poetry of the words.

It is best listened to with surround sound, but if you are like me, you are not that lucky. It is old but like many old things (me) worth some of your time. (giggle) If you have head phones... does anyone still use those? Or ear buds... plug them in!

(I do have a set of headphones.)

King Crimson was not exactly the most popular band ever. It had a good sized, loyal following but was one of those bands that you either really loved or you hated them. They were not very commercial either. You did not see much in the way of marketing other than maybe an ad in Rolling Stone Magazine.

King Crimson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you have not ever heard of this band... which would not surprise me in the least... but you think that the name is awfully familiar. Are you a Stephen King fan perchance? In King's Dark Tower Series, also sometimes called the Gunslinger series, the hero, Roland Deschain is searching for the Crimson King.

The Dark Tower (series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There are 7 regular novels. These above are the graphic novels.
Yep, you can enjoy them in either flavor or both.

As for the story line... I will tell you this much. I would rather eat dirt than read a western generally speaking, though there have been some exceptions to that.

Buffalo Girls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

comes easily to my mind as enjoyable. He is the author of

"Lonesome Dove" (1989)...if you recall that mini series.

Even though the Dark Tower series is a western flavored work, it is as much about time travel, science fiction, fantasy and just plain bizarre stuff that you would never find in any other western. I thought that Wizard and Glass drug a bit, but it was well worth reading.

(Vonnegut of course)

We in here in Dumb Potters Hell, Oregon are in the middle of our frightening annual event called "Sternwheeler Days". It's for the tourists. That's the part that is frightening. The tourists are everywhere. They walk out into the street without looking at all If you don't stop for them, you get a ticket. I tend to think of them as herd beasts. Something wild to keep a wary eye on at all times. It is generally best to avoid their questions.

We used to have a great cheesy little carnival that went with it, but then town folk decided they were afeared of the carnies. So it goes. No more rides for the kiddies. In my opinion that was the only reason to go. Now they have games instead. The same games that are at every other event in town all year round... when there are no tourists to make the lines long.

Today I got trapped in the parade. We have the best parades ever! I will give us points for that. Here is what you get in one of our parades. Now this is from memory from this morning...

Three fire trucks with flashing lights of graduating ages.

Several motorcycles of Vets with flags on them. (I really like these guys.)

A small mob of Mountain Men and Women. These are folk who dress up as if they were Davey Crocket. They shoot muskets and things in the air. Whahoo!

Behind these are the vintage vehicles; one very old, chain link drive logging truck with 3... count 'em... 3 large logs, and the vintage Morris Bull Nose beauty that had little flags on each side. :)

Four Corvettes. One motorcycle pulling a home made float that was more like a wagon. Teenagers throw candy out of this to the children and people on the sidelines. It's a big hit.

Two horses. Three old smog maker Detroit selds decorated with flowers across the front under their windshields.

The C.A.T. bus... this is a transport for mostly elderly people into the town to the left for shopping, dr. appointments, etc. It is a "short bus" not a real bus. You call and make an appointment to use it.

This one is a lark... a concession stand made in the form of a pirate's ship! Did you guess it's my favorite? It gets points for absurdity and for pirates. It has two pirates in it. A man and a woman pirate. Equal opportunity privateering!

Last in line is our used ambulance.

I hope you enjoyed the parade. It really is a hoot. The only one that is better is our homecoming parade. Oh, crap. That won't happen anymore now that they shut down the high school. It had four real floats and a tiny band. So it goes.

Have a great day today. I'm going down to mill amid the herd beasts and see what I can photograph. The Bear chickened out on me for the hike... says next week maybe. What are all of you doing?

If you liked Epitaph by King Crimson, here is another one for you to enjoy!

Progressive Rock-

Said the straight man to the late man
Where have you been
Ive been here and Ive been there
And Ive been in between.

I talk to the wind
My words are all carried away
I talk to the wind
The wind does not hear
The wind cannot hear.

Im on the outside looking inside
What do I see
Much confusion, disillusion
All around me.

You dont possess me
Dont impress me
Just upset my mind
Cant instruct me or conduct me
Just use up my time

I talk to the wind
My words are all carried away
I talk to the wind
The wind does not hear
The wind cannot hear.


  1. This song reminds of "Echoes" by Pink Floyd in a way (from the album Meddle, 1971).

    I've been a not-so-tourist in a few tourist destinations. I was on Cape Cod for three weeks during the summer of 1999. I felt like I belonged there since I was working there.

    These festivities definitely sound like a picture-taking event. Take pictures of the humanity, they're funny.

  2. aliencg-- It has made me be extra careful about being a tourist when I am one. It get so busy and we are so tiny... not even one signal in town and only two stop signs on the entire length of the main street. I have had days where I tried to cross the street to get to the post office for my mail (no home delivery only p.o. boxes!) on my lunch and had my entire lunch spent standing at the curb waiting for a break in th traffic to cross the street. Yikes.

    They are indeed funny!

    I bet you have a set of headphones that are good ones.

    Yes, it and Echos are from about the same time. You would probably like King Crimson quite a bit. Try: 21st Century Schiziod Man - King Crimson. I'd give you the link but don't know how. These are all from their most popular album. My favorite Album is Larks Tongue In Aspic.

  3. Points for Pirates would be a good name for a rock band.

  4. I do have a pair of headphones and yes, they are very good. I have the Bose QC3 noise cancelling headphones. I will definitely check it out, thanks.

  5. When I saw the blog post title, I immediately thought of this song, before I even saw the King Crimson picture. This is an album I think I have only on 8-track.

    I loved "Wizard and Glass". To me, the biggest problem with the Dark Tower series was that King felt he had to hurry and finish it up. When it started, I figured he'd write a new one every few years until he died, no matter if he would finish it were not. For me, it was the journey, not the anticipation of it being completed.

  6. I love King Crimson, thanks for the songs and the lyrics.
    Also, I really enjoyed hearing about the parade :-) For a couple of years I lived in a place that is set up just for tourists...Las Vegas. I'd be driving to work on the Strip and people would wander into the street like it was Disneyland. Good times...

  7. Michael-- It would! I'd give them a listen for certain.

  8. aliencg-- I knew it. I knew you did. But your having a turn table... now that was a surprise to me. I should have known better!

  9. dmarks-- Yikes. 8-tack. Yep. I still have a couple of those, but no player. I have Deep Purple's Machinehead and if I'm not mistaken Jo Jo Gunn's album by the same name.

    Oh I absolutely agree that it was the journey and not getting to the end that was important. I too looked forward to years and years of Roland's adventures. The end was hurried. What did you think of the very end?

  10. laura b.-- Okay... here's a surprise! I had no idea so many of you would know King Crimson. I got to see them live (as did crazy4coens) in San Francisco way back when this album was new. What an astonishing set of musicians.

    Aren't tourists oblivious? They just don't have their heads in focus. I guess that's what vacations are for. I am jealous.

    I have some parade photos... very sad they are. I may post some tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed it. The whole parade takes about 15 minutes to go past, if that. Most of the time you wait for everyone to get it together in line so they can start.

  11. dmarks-- I should have know if anyone would know that song by title, it would have to be you. :)

  12. I've read oodles of King, but I just couldn't get into the Dark Tower series.

    Thanks for the music education. Compared to many of your commenters, I'm the most musically-challanged, so I just remain quiet & learn.

  13. cube-- It's funny. Many avid King fans have told me the same thing. It's the boy in it that does it for me, Jake. And in Talisman, it's the boy Jack that does it for me. I can say the same for Stand By Me.

    I really only know what I like in music. But it is a huge part of my life. We don't have good radio in the gorge... the cliffs prevent it and satellite isn't much better for some reason. So if I want decent music, I have to go and find it.

    I am no science whiz and my higher math skills are scary. ;)

  14. Yet I read and liked Talisman & Stand By Me, but couldn't get through the Dark Tower series.
    Our brains are weirdly complex organs, eh?

    It takes all kinds to make a world, Ananda Girl. Now that reminds me of a nerdy saying from my days in Organic Chemistry...

    It takes alkynes to make a world (alkynes being one of the many carbon-based molecules which really do make up the world). That still evokes deep giggles from me.

  15. cube-- Indeed! I know my brain is complex... even I don't get it some days.

    Now there's a sci geek joke if ever I have heard one! lol I'm going to have to share that one.

  16. thanks for the reminder, i've been meaning to watch lonesome dove for a long time.

    let me know if you find that place where nothing hurts and everything is beautiful. ever since i quit drinking i can't find it.

  17. billy-- You are welcome for the reminder. It was a good series.

    I'll keep you posted!

  18. My brother's best friend in high school, who was also my roommate in college for a while, loved king Crimson. I like them a lot, I just don't love them.

  19. Churlita-- I have to be in the mood for them. But I do love them.

    I followed every band that Greg Lake was in... Asia and Emmerson Lake and Palmer/Powel. I went to a concert... The Firm and Greg Lake came in to sing a few songs. That was a real thrill for me.