Monday, June 8, 2009



For those of you who are not familiar with the "
Tribattlethon" films... Tribattlethon is an epic battle between Squeaky and his friend and fellow geek, Jay. Their weaponry is made of various things... recycled computer parts, cardboard boxes,etc. The swords are made of burly sticks... thick branches that Squeaky whittled into wooden swords. The battle maces are computer mice. Squeaky even made a gauntlet out of cans, cut and linked together. They have spent an amazing amount of time on this!

Squeaky wears the proud box helmet of the rising sun.

Jay is his

Let the battles begin:

Tribattlethon 1
Tribattlethon 2
Tribattlethon Round 2 Part 1
Tribattlethon Round 2 Part 2
Tribattlethon Round 2 Part 3

I do hope you enjoy them and share them if you like. Squeaky is rather proud of them. Being the good mother that I am, I have overlooked the bruises that have resulted, encouraged and abetted this ridiculous nonsense... because Lucas and Spielberg began somewhere.

While you view... some marvelous battle music off of Queen II (A song I love!)

Queen - Ogre Battle (studio version)

My hope for you all today is that you will have only those battles that amuse and entertain you. May you win all battles in which you engage and be rewarded with smiles and laughter. Big cheesy mom grin!


  1. It's all fun & games with swords, battle maces, light sabres, sticks, & the cardboard tubes that come inside wrapping paper... until someone loses an eye!

    Yikes. I just see a trip to the ER when I watch kids play like that.

  2. Cube-- That was me as a kid... I was the ER princess. I guess I haven't gotten any smarter and it's all pay back. lol

    BTW thanks for signing to follow!

  3. Awesome battles. I look forward to my big cheesy Daddy grins when my son gets older. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mr. Shife-- I was hoping you would drop in today... you're probably Squeaky's only fan besides mom. I can't help it though...this is fun stuff to me.

  5. man, I wish I could watch videos at work. I bet it's really cool looking. I will never let my youngest daughter watch it. She's had enough ER visits to last us all a life time.

  6. Churlita-- You have my sympathy with that!
    They are funny because they are ridiculous. But that is cool in its own way. This is a real "mom pride" post. Probably not the most interesting to others, but hey... he's my kid.

    Thanks for stopping in today.;-)

  7. Wow - I am impressed! Those are your kids? You must be sooo proud!

  8. crazy4coens-- Yes! Can't you tell I'm genetically linked to the one with his head in a box?

    Who stuck the lit cigarette into their mouth backwards and got the cherry stuck on their tongue? ME.

    Who then tried to blow it out and instead made it glow and burn hotter? ME.

    I'm not saying smarts run in the family, but we're pretty good at handling pain. ;-)

    Yes, actually... I am very proud. ha

  9. If cardboard wrapping-tube weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will have cardboard wrapping-tube weapons.

  10. dmarks--LOL! :)

    BTW Squeaky has been busy building a cross bow. It works... there's an arrow in the side of my shed. Should I be worried?

  11. Get her a Sleestak costume.

  12. (to go with the crossbow, of course)

  13. is that how david carridine got started?

    sorry if that was that in bad taste?

  14. it looks like your not-empire is well protected.

  15. billy - i am sure that david is pleased to have been mentioned in absentia!

    ananda girl - i had my share of burn holes in clothes and low and behold i find holes in my kids clothes too - but it couldn't be genetic .....

  16. dmarks-- Yes of course! hahahahaha

  17. billy-- No offense taken. I have an awful theory about David... it is in bad taste. Really ,really bad taste.

    I certainly hope that Squeaky is not into THAT... though to each his own with my blessings.

    Yes, my empire is well protected... from just about anything sane.

  18. crazy4coens-- I don't know... if it was my kids... oh wait, mine burn holes in things too. Hummmm....

  19. That looks like fun, but I wouldn't want the welts on my legs. They almost look like they're being careful.

  20. aliencg-- I think being careful is interchangeable with "chicken" here. ha. Can't say as I blame them though. I understand that Jay is looking pretty black and blue today. Squeaky was protected by bubble wrap.