Thursday, June 18, 2009


deedrah - ananda Ananda music???
The question was asked by cube... how was "Ananda" used as my name and why.

First, Ananda means: "Bliss, free from form." That is it's true meaning.

Crazy4coens insists that this is me and will always be me and has always been me.

It is true that I have never been good at rules or fitting into any form or norm. I like to do things my own way in my own time. As for the bliss... well I don't know... take that as you like.

But how I got to the place where it became my moniker is a story that begins by blogging at Throwawayblog with dmarks.

Many years ago crazy4coens and Ananda girl both attended the same private school... well we attended the same public school as well before that, but did not associate with each other there. The private school we attended was called very simply "Ananda School". Ananda... free from from, bliss. It was a yoga term. Some school founder picked it.

(I really am getting there... it takes me time!)

That was one of the very best years of my life. It was an amazing experience filled with some very talented and gifted people... who were also freaks. We were malcontents, square pegs, loners, nonconformists and some were truly geniuses.
Together we became a family for a short period of time. There were 27 students and 7 staff members. We traveled. We did wonderful things. We did learn. And we had a hell of a time.

One particularly talented and great person at our school was Patrick Sean O'Neil. At age 15 he was the youngest nationally published cartoonist. His strip was called Sailor Tom and it was published regularly in Kids Magazine. He was even on the Dinah Shore Show's episode about extraordinary kids in 1971.

Back in the near present...
One day I was bored at work... oh, should I say that? Yeah, why not, it's true. So I was fiddling around on Google. I decided to google Patrick's name and got a ton of them. Nice common Irish name. So I googled his cartoon... and got Throwawayblog.
As a child, dmarks had read his comic strip. Dmarks copied a page of the comic and did a post on Patrick and Sailor Tom. You can see that post and Patrick's comic strip right here:

Throwawayblog: Patrick S O'Neil and Sailor Tom

I was not a blogger at this point. I was a very first time lurker. I read the post and left. The next day I came back. I decided to leave a comment. I did and when it asked me for a name I had to come up with something fast. So I thought... what would catch Patrick's eye if he was to ever read this blog? Well... Ananda was the name of the school we had in common... he would look twice at that. So I commented as "Ananda girl".

So I get my moniker for this blog from the private school that Patrick Sean O'Neil, crazy4coens and I all attended way back when. The people that I call Anandaites are our old school chums. It has zero to do with yoga. That is its only real connection to me. A school name. A word that fits me well enough and one that I like. The bliss of course was used yesterday in oodles of funch as my alter ego in the story... as Miss Bliss. I like that name too.

Originally Miss Bliss was supposed to give me the cover of fiction. But someone named crazy4coens blew that cover... ah hem! No matter, I do not really care. I will write some more Miss Bliss stories. I hope that they amuse you.

I hope that this satisfies any curiosity about my name. Sorry that I am not good a yoga... I did take a class once and nearly killed myself doing what I foolishly thought would be easy exercise. It is not easy. It is hard work. I hope to get back to it soon.

Does anyone want to know about "oodles of funch"? That's got a story too. But then all things have stories if you word them right. Thank you all for your patience with me and your time. It is hugely appreciated. I am so glad that I stumbled on dmarks at Throwawayblog. I like this place. I like you people.
My world expanded when I arrived here. Each post I read makes my universe expand even more. Thanks!

BTW aliencg... I am going to get to that post of the ten musical artists' music collections you would take with you if you knew you were going to be stranded without music for ten years. I'm not wording it right am I? Sounds confused. I'll have to work on it.

Big grins everyone!

BTW oodles of funch is doing its own thing with the fonts again. I don't know why it does that. It refused to allow me to change it. oodles of funch has its own ideas and reasons. I guess I have no choice but to trust it. ;)


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  2. Thanks for sharing your story with us. It's always fascinating to hear stories of how names originate. I spent five weeks (plus two when my computer was gone) telling my story.

    I'm looking forward to your list of desert island artists. I will be starting a new musically related Sunday series. Stay tuned for that.

    By the way, what do you mean by, "you people?"

  3. cool, i wasa kind of curious. when you get around to it the "oodles of funch" story would be welcome. ;)

  4. i was pretty close with sat chit ananda, i owe it all to deepak.

  5. alliencg-- Why, I mean you purple polk-a-dotted, red stripped and blue plaid people! lol

    Aliens are included in that too. ;-)

    I am excited about your musical Sunday series. I will be there.

  6. That was a nice story. I'm glad I asked :-)

  7. lime-- I am so full of "chit" like this and that... the oodles of funch story. If you hang around, you'll get a truck load. Thanks. I love to tell stories. I am thrilled when people want to hear them.

  8. billy-- You know, I think that not counting dmarks and Chitizen... you have been here the longest. Citizen happened to be there at Throwawayblog the day I showed up.

    You were my first person to drop in. You know all this crap and have hung in there for repeats.

    If you recall... and I know that you do obviously... my Buddhist birthday story... that was a crazy4coens romp too.

    In fact, you've been here long enough that you may even recall the "guy-swinging-on-the-rope-mere-feet-from-my-head-wearing-only-a-pair-of-WWI-flying-goggles-as-I-awoke" story.
    Yeah... that was Patrick Sean O'Neil.

    I never, never forget a naked man!

    Thanks for hanging in there billy. You have added one of the most fun elements here... your character. And I mean that in all the aspects of that word.

  9. Cube-- I am too! I love to tell stories, especially about me. hahahahahaha

    Like my life is sooooo interesting. lol

    Did I mention that I am a narcissist? If I'd left the story up to crazy4coens... she would not have left that point out. ;-)

    Feel free to ask me any question you ever want and I will find some way to make it into a long drawn out diatribe of some sort.

  10. BTW folks... that "ananda" music at the top of the post is scary to me. Thechno... YIKES. How is it possible that anyone thought that was ananda like? I do like the undulating tie-die pics on it. But that music... shudder.

  11. dmarks-- Well that was what happened and how I got here with that name. None of this would have happened had I not found Throwawayblog.

    Big fecking grin!

  12. It is a small world - and that was a very long time ago. My memories, what is left of them, are very murky. Yes, Ananda, Fresno California, comics and hanging out with all us "malcontents." Somewhere after all that life appeared, I got lost, it wasn't until a few years ago that I resurfaced. Sort of strange to be reminded of it all - naked man, googles? Hmmmm, cheers - Patrick....

  13. Patrick! Annie is going to shit a brick! Great to hear from you. Though my mind is too blown to think of anything witty to say. I hope the memories were good, however murky.

    Sounds like you are where you want to be. Thanks for the comment. You made my whole fucking day.
    Take care.

  14. Patrick-- the goggles? That was at Sweetsmill at the bluegrass festival when we all spent the night there. We worked in a food booth selling veggie burgers or something. Mostly we screwed around. You were using the rope swing and jumping into the mill pond. I was on the other side of the window just waking up. It was an odd way to wake.

  15. NoRegrets-- You are just the icing on my cake today and I can't even explain why worth a hoot. I have had a circle of events today that are so connected and bizarre. Your very name is part of it. Ha.

    I am glad that you liked it. I am just amazed that the real end of the story happened here in the comments when Patrick showed up. How cool is that!

  16. Wow! I feel like I'm witnessing history here :-)I am really glad that dmarks tagged you for Saturday Scavenger hunt and I got to meet you through that. And I can't wait to read about the origin of Oodles of Funch!

  17. laura b.-- Man, any other story after this one is going to seem like less of a story. This one was stunning and I cannot stop grinning I am so pleased. All we need now is for crazy4coens to get her lazy ass in here and get blown away!


    Oh... and thank you! I'm thrilled that we have all managed to get hooked together too. This all reminds me of a Donnovan song. Geezzzz... dating myself again! But it goes like this:

    "Happiness runs in a circular motion... thought is but a tiny boat on the sea... everybody is a part of everything anyway... you can have everything if you let yourself be."

  18. I don't even know what to say.

    Ananda, Sweetsmill, Patrick - what happened?

    Life with and with out dope is CRAZY!

    Your friends are amazing miss ananda bliss and so are you!

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  20. crazy4coens--What friends? I went to Ananda and all I got was this crazy4coens souvenir!

    They were the best of times. Too bad we had to grow up and find a way to make a living instead of play around all the time. But good riddance to all that agro and the angst!

    I can still rattle off their names. I keep the faces in my head. Can't shake them. Glad I've still got you.

    And Patrick... such a bonus!