Saturday, June 6, 2009


Annie is coming to oodles of funch. She asked if she could and the truth is that I cannot tell her no.

Not only does she know where my skeletons are hidden, she can tell you a terrible secret about each of the bones that make them up.

This is how I feel about Annie...
America - Sister Golden Hair (live). It's always reminded me of her from the first time I heard it way back when. ( No, I am not gay.)

As friends go, I've not always been a good friend. I have a tendency to drop from sight for a few years at a time. Then I show back up as if I have never been gone. As if I have not ignored or neglected my obligation to her. Yet she welcomes me. I have schemed. I have coveted. I have behaved badly.

I expect galloping amounts of loyalty. Sympathy when I want it. Warnings that I do not bother to listen to, but appreciate none the less. She says "I told you so..." but gives me total absolution.

It is a friendship that has been more giving to me than it has ever been to her. What can I say? I entered our friendship as a spoiled rotten brat and I have remained so. Meanwhile Annie has matured into a wonderful person that all of you will like.

In the old days... the wonderful, but very bad old days...Annie would have been sitting in jail with me saying "Damn, we fucked up!" Today, Annie would be bailing me out and saying "Have you lost your fucking mind?" after she gave me a hug. She is exactly the type of friend that I require. I am accepted... including my many faults.

Anyway, she is coming to oodles of funch. I feel nervous for no good reason. Mostly because I want everyone to like her. That's just silly because you have all been so good to me... I have no reason to think that you would be any less kind to Annie.

Yikes. I wonder what name she will use. Geez... I feel like I need to clean my house now... company's coming!

Do any of you recall Mr. Shife asking if we told our friends about our blogs? Well, I answered "No and I would not want my friends to know about my blog." So this is a big step for me... to share this place. Yikes.



  1. you're taking a big chance, emphatic cough!

    i guess buffalo ain't geared for me and paul.

  2. billy--Superior Sir, indeed. But she loves Vonnegut! Surely she will fit in. (Ha)

    Have you yet found the reason that I celebrate Guy Fawkes day yet?

  3. blowing up catholics would be too obvious.

    how about you love tortoises and fawkes has one of the galapagos islands named after him?

  4. billy-- that'll do, but not that's not it. I'll have to add those reasons to it.I do love tortoises very much though and did not know that one of the galapogos is named for him.

    I have a young friend who has been living there working on a project there. She has been given purple nurples by a pinguine!! among other funny experiences.

    blowing up catholics? lol I had not thought about that. too funny

    Nope...its at the end of Tiimequake in the epilogue. funny stuffs. Big grin!

  5. Annie-- I see you lurking! Speak up woman! Have I embarrassed you yet? Do you disagree with what I have said about you? Or me?

    Hey... thanks for signing in to follow. Welcome to oddles of funch. I am glad that you came... nervous or not. ;-)

  6. billy-- I actually love V for Vendetta too. Made a teacher very unhappy that I would like a terrorist hero and tell a student that. Oh well.

  7. "well, i had to give up in the middle - i now have 2 blogs and have posted nothing. i tried to have my name be something other than anne, but i already had a google account (never used) and was anne for that. i had to leave for church, had too much coffee and there was alot of cussing. i will try again soon."

    So says Annie in an email. too funny... too much like me! Don't feel bad. It gets better.
    Big grin.

  8. this blogging stuff is not as easy as falling off a bus, but here i go.

    i loved v for vendetta, too.

    the rest of the witty re-par-tay i am too slow to comment on.

    i was not purposely lurking - just slow and inexperienced.

  9. crazy4coens-- Not a problem. i actually lurk a lot.

    Yeah! You made it!

    Remember remember the 5th of November...

    Have you read timequake by vonnegut yet?

  10. crazy4coens-- I get the name. Good choice.

  11. yes, it is scary to share it with people you know...

  12. NoRegrets-- It is and I do not know why. There is no one that I trust more.

    Hey, thanks for coming by!

  13. My closest friend knows about my blog, but she rarely reads it. Can't be bothered. Some friend. haha!

  14. laura b.-- Perhaps she is giving you space? Or maybe it's not her cup of tea? Can't we spin that into something nicer some way? HaHaHa. I guess that happens. It's one of those you have to take it with the good things. ;-)