Saturday, June 27, 2009

80s Misfits- Astro Zombies

Astro Zombies This song is based on the 1968 horror movie "The Astro-Zombies."

"And your face drops in a pile of flesh... And then your heart, heart pounds
Till it pumps in death... Prime directive, exterminate
Whatever stands left.... All I wanted to say... And all I gotta do
Who'd I do this for.... Hey, me or you"

Welcome to the world of Ghoul Punk! The Misfits, best known for their early 80s work, are covered by so many bands... their music was highly influential in both the punk and metal realms. Metallica, Aiden, Pennywise, NoFX, The Kung Fu Killers, Dropkick Murphys (You knew they had to be in here didn't you?), the Lemonheads and The Dead Miklmen have all done covers of Misfit songs and so have many others.

a compilation of misfits pics

Isn't this a lovely doo? The Misfits are also credited with creating and popularizing the "devilock" look. Jerry Only says he based this look on Eddie Munster's hair.

The Misfits do specialize in the horror and sci fi genres.

We Are 138 is based on THX-1138... George Lucas's 1971 sci-fi thriller.

"Do you think we're robot clean... Does this face look almost mean
Is it time to be an android not a man... The pleasantries are gone
We're stripped of all we were... In the eyes of tiger
We are 138..."

The Misfits were formed in 1979 and were active until 1983 when the band split.

That incarnation included; Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein,

and a cast of revolving musicians. After the break-up members split into various other bands. Jerry and Doyle Only began Kryst the Conqueror, a Christian heavy metalband that did not last long. Danzig began the band Samhain.

"Some say that's where man began... On this wasted piece of land
Where evolution's yet to show... Forbidden zone

Blasting into outer space... The planet of the apes... Evolution's one hero"

Unfortunately, I cannot find any older or clearer versions of this song.

Oingo Boingo's Forbidden Zone

Here is another 80s band you may know... Oingo Boingo and their own Forbidden Zone song. You may recall seeing Danny Elfman's name on all sorts of movies, the Simpsons,etc. for his musical scores.

(MISFITS Lyrics )

As for life... Max came down to stay the night last night. :) Squeaky came home from camping with friends after a night at the Bear's. Max will be off again to his new home, but it was mighty nice to have him here so soon.

Squeaky on the other hand is a pain in the neck... as many folk his age can be. He came in the door crabbing and demanding that I drop everything and feed him. I cannot wait to load him into the car with all his games and computer crap and drive him in to P'land to leave him with his best friend's family for a month! Yay!

I find that I truly do enjoy the quiet and calm when my house is empty. Not that I do not miss them. I do! But quiet and calm is very nice too.

I only caught two small trout yesterday. But there are lots of days to fish and lots of fishing spots yet to visit this year.

The Bear and I are going to do the Eagle Creek hike this weekend.

Oh I keep forgetting to tell you... my feet and knee have been kicked out of physical therapy. YAY! I only have to go back one more time... because the therapy god has something he wants to give me. Hummmm... I wonder what that is? Maybe a bill? Ha. No, he says its something he wants me to have that he forgot at home. So we shall see what that mystery turns out to be. I am glad to be released, but I have to tell you... I am going to miss those foot massages that the therapy goddess gives. She has magic hands. And don't worry... I will take it easy with the hike. If it gets too much, I'll stop and rest then go back. I'm not going to have unhappy feet again.

With my boy-os back home for a day, I'm on top of the world! I hope that you have nice surprises awaiting you too... but only good ones.


  1. glad ya got sprung form therapy but i know the mixed feelings about loosing the massages and such. oh, and thanks for qualifying what kind of surprises you wish on us. i've had enough of the bad kind lately.

  2. no need to lose the foot massages. do a little self reflexology on your feet. an added bonus is the workout for your hands and fingers.

    idle hands were michael jackson's workshop ;)

  3. Once again, you've proven our similarities in musical taste. Thanks to hearing hearing Astro Zombies, I turned on The Misfits (the second compilation album) and am currently listening to Teenagers From Mars.

    By the way, Doyle and Only had a brief stint in the WCW as a tag team.


  4. Do you like more current punk? The new Green Day CD is excellent.

  5. Wow...I used to know a blogger who called himself Misfit and went by esb138. I never knew this is where it came from. I learn something new everyday. Especially around here, Ananda!

  6. Foot massages? Sounds de-lightful. I think you should absolutely try the self given kind - almost as de-lightful.

    Have a grand hike and take a few pics while you're at it. Happy Saturday!

  7. lime-- You were the one I was thinking of! Enough is enough. Bring on the good!

  8. billy-- You know, I am almost ashamed to admit that I didn't think of that. I can do that. I'm going to keep using the tennis ball and ice bottle too.

    Have you ever seen the movie Ilde Hands? It's a hoot. Totally silly. Funny.

    Michael has really idle hands now.

  9. aliencg--Great set isn't it?

    "Brain invasion goin' on in everyone
    You feel the things that make a world turn angry red
    Because the next time you can't take it
    Next thought murderlation
    And hate is all you wanna know"

    That one's got both Halloweens on it too. Very cool beans. Murphys did Halloween II.

    I also forgot to mention... how could I forget?... that some of the members are back together for more Misfits!

    I wish I could have seen that WCW bit! What a hoot.

    BTW it's great to find people with like tastes.

  10. secret agent woman-- Oh yes... I've got Green Day. Excellent suggestion. My MP3 player is chock full o' punk. It startles me when it suddenly plays something else. I don't have the new Green Day yet though. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. laura b-- One mystery solved... a bazillion to go! THX-1138 the movie is awesome if you have not seen the movie... and you like sci fi.

  12. crazy4coens-- This was supposed to be a bonus post. I still have to get my Sat. Scavenger Hunt post up!

    I admit it... I got carried away by the all the shiny punk. I was watching videos until well after 3 a.m. and the blog post was way past finished.

    I really overslept today! Hope its not a trend or I'll miss my sunrises that I love so much! If I were a vampire I'd need a magic ring to be able to watch my sunrises or I'd go insane.