Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well if you come here often, you know I'm somewhat enamored with Kurt Vonnegut's humor and writing.
( Okay, obsessed with it actually.) I could not have a COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER VACATION #5 without Slaughterhouse 5. It is my favorite Vonnegut book with my favorite Vonnegut character... Billy Pilgrim. I can't imagine what I would do if I became unstuck in time. Billy did it well.

I happily watched Slaughterhouse 5 again last night. I wanted to see it after finishing the book (again) recently to compare the two. I have heard good and bad reviews on the movie. But the same can be said of the book. You either get it or you don't.

Slaughterhouse-Five - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut that has some wonderful quotes of his as well as some nice photos and a bit of him speaking. So It Goes. (Kurt Vonnegut 1922 - 2007)

The Fifth Element - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a frequently watched movie at my house. I'm not sure if its because we use our DVD or if it hits cable a lot. No matter, we watch happily.

Short Circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This movie was filmed in part in my teeny tiny town! Yup... if you watch this short, funny clip... you can see my bridge and my river, which you've seen here before behind them. Cool beans! The Best of Ben Jabituya / Short Circuit

Judging by the conversations after Babylon 5's final episode, I don't have to tell you much about this one. Here's a short clip of some great battle scenes. It has the suicide blip as well, but you have to look without blinking. Babylon 5: endgame

Babylon 5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Did you know that Neil Gaiman

did some of the writing for Babylon 5 ? Gaiman of course is best known for his comic... The Sandman (Vertigo) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Jackson 5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gosh I can't even recall this far back myself. Maybe I've blanked it out. Michael has changed a bit hasn't he? Yikes.

There must be tons more of "Fives" out there. Can you think of any? How was your weekend? How was the fishing? Collect any shiny objects?

Vacation is getting so close, as the Bear would say... my butt's starting to sweat!
My weekend was stressful, but all the stressers have left town... Whoot! And my Sunday brought kind words from a friend that made me feel much better. I am thankful. Hope your day has kindness in it and that you will feel like giving some away to someone who needs it... we all need it. Big grin.


  1. Good list. I don't think I've seen "Slaughterhouse Five" since 1974 or so.

    And good catch with "Babylon 5".

  2. dmarks-- Thank you.

    I keep watching the Babylon 5 clip.

    I had not seen Slaughterhouse 5 in ages either. I've read the book so it made sense to me. I wonder if it does to someone who hasn't read the book.

  3. I, too, am a Vonnegut fan!
    I feel kind of sad when I look at old pictures of the Jackson 5...they were all so cute and now each and every one of those guys has totally jacked themselves up horribly.

    High 5, for 5 more days! Don't leave me hangin' :-)

  4. laura b.-- Great "five" word play. ha.

    Yeah, the J-5 sort of spun out. Must be hard to have so much money and fame sprung on you before you can handle it. So many seem to end up this way.

  5. I always prefer the books to the movies. Maybe there is one exception, but I can't think of it at the moment.

    Vonnegut was a staple of my earlier reading, but I've not revisited him. I have an aversion to rereading books. I've done it, but very infrequently, e.g., when the second Dune trilogy was available, I went back & reread the first one.

    The Fifth Element is one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies (The Sixth Sense is up there too).

    Babylon 5 is also a favorite of mine.

    The Jackson 5 was OK when I was in junior high school but my tastes have evolved since then.

  6. Cube-- Kindred spirit! I can say ditto to almost every bit of that. (Except for re-reading, which I do often.)

    I hope there's a fish tale at The Blog. :-)

  7. I'm one of those major Babylon 5 fans too. Too bad the revival/continuation attempts never worked out.

  8. dmarks-- I could not agree more! I tend to come in late on things. I came in late and it had not lost its fascination to me.

  9. Ah! I knew there was a reason we liked each other! I have been a Vonnegut fan for years and years. I have just about every book he ever wrote (I might have them ALL, come to think of it.) My fave is Breakfast Of Champions, but Slaughterhouse 5 would definitely be in my top three or four.

  10. Suldog-- Dead Eye Dick is laying on the floor of my car! It's my current car book.

    Breakfast of Champions has one of the very best starting paragraphs I have ever read. It is the epitome of what attracts me to Vonnegut.

    Makes me wonder if you are a John Irving fan too? His earliest books were so great. More recently... not so much. (Sorry J.I.).

  11. The Fifth Element is like The Dark Crystal, but with different sets.

  12. And the cockroaches are much much bigger in "The Dark Crystal".

  13. laughtingattheslut-- I enjoy the Dark Crystal too. I love the Skexies (excuse the spelling)... with their high pitch hhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuummmmmmm...

  14. dmarks-- Ha! Those are some big bugs.

  15. Okay, I just commented on this post on the last one. Sorry, I had some catching up to do and got confused.

  16. Churlita-- That happens when there are so many posts. I've been more prolific lately and piled them on. ;-)

  17. I'm the proud owner of a DVD copy of "The Fifth Element". I found it in a discount bin at Walmart for 5 bucks. Yay!

  18. I just saw Dark Crystal in the theatre recently. Must blog on it.

  19. Tara--Cool beans! I love it when I find a great bargain like that.

    dmarks-- We love it, I'd enjoy that!

  20. if you see that prick paul lazzaro tell him i'm waiting for him.

  21. billy pilgrim-- I am ever vigilant, even though I know how it ends. There's always next time.

  22. You were sick and now you are well again and there's work to be done

    i have freewill, it might end differently.

  23. billy--Aaahhhh... Mr. Trout! How true. That decade slide is a ride I wish I could take... those were good years for me. Big freaking grin!

  24. I knew it! My husband asked me if I had seen Slaughterhouse 5. Of course, but I couldn't remember who I saw it with. Now I know. It was with you, E, R, M and W (no, not that W, ewwwww). All five of you. You know. The ones who had that pink cushioned couch. Glad I caught up with you, Ananda.