Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ratatat 'Seventeen Years' Music Video

The theme today is SEVENTEEN because I only have 17 more days of work before my summer vacation starts. I'll be counting them down every work day until then. Hope you enjoy this little video.

I am trying to think of things to do this summer. Here is a list that I have so far:

Hike the Eagle Creek Trail (Part of the Pacific Crest Trail)

Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish.

Take a fittness class.

Read books that are not for my job!

Go back to the coast and walk the beach as the sun rises.

Walk the beach as the sun sets.

Find a ride to California for a few weeks.

Climb Dog Mountain.

Got any suggestions?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Want to cuss me out cause I have the summer off and you don't? (Feel free. It'll just make me giggle.)


  1. us turtles like to bask in the summer.

    i love the cracker factory in the summer. it's air conditioned and i can close my door and take a nap when the mood strikes. at home my naps get interrupted.

  2. billy--lol! That cracker factory is a good match for you. Be sure to use your sun screen, wouldn't want you to get too baked. ;-)

  3. &^^*&#&*@^*&#^! &*^*& @#^*@!

    Summers OFF?

    &*$^#^ $#*^*@&! @#(&(*$&&^#$& (^*&^#&$^@&^$&!

  4. I work from home so I never get summers off. I rarely get a vacation. When you're self-employed, you've got to take the work when it's there. Such is my life. I'm resigned to it.

    I will find time here & there to read, write, blog, hit the pool once the water gets warm enough, bask in the sun like billy pilgrim, did I mention hit the pool? I miss the pool so much during the winter because we don't have a heater. Ahhh, can't wait.

  5. Michael-- 'Atta boy! Make me giggle! I love it. And I will think of you cursing away every day of my summer and grin like an idiot between giggles. I am shameless in my joy.

    Cube-- My dad owned his own business and so I know that one goes. I share the sunworshiper needs...missing California so much for that shine! Here you can't swim in the summer if you don't have a heater. I sadly have no pool.
    I envy your pool and sunshine. Crap, my giggles are fading.

  6. Lucky. I have way more hobbies than I have time for. If I had a Summer off, I'd be biking, running, hiking, swimming, reading, painting, blogging, and taking photographs as much as possible.

    17 works for me as well. My daughter turns 17 on Friday.

  7. Churlita-- Happy birthday Coadster! (I hope I got the right daughter.) This (summers off) is the one thing in my life that I can look at and say... yep, this was a good plan that worked out. I attempted to plan my kids, but God has a funny sense of humor. They worked out pretty good anyway. ;-)

  8. I have a creepy neighbor who doesm't trim her trees which makes my having a solar water heater for my pool an impossibility. Maybe she will change her intransigent mind one of these days.

  9. Cube-- I have often felt that if I could choose my neighbors that I would have the key to the secret of life.

    I had the exact opposite trouble with trees. My neighbor asked me if he could cut down the trees across the back of my property because he had planted Arborvitae that were not growing... he blamed the shade of my... long in place... trees. I said, no, I like my trees. So I get home from work and all my trees were gone.

    I suppose he felt that as long as he had asked, it didn't matter what I had answered... he would cut them down anyway. He did ask.