Friday, May 1, 2009


I am impressed by this silly poinsettia. Seems it should be dead by now. I buy one every November 16th. You say it's an ugly plant? Yes... but it's still blooming and it's been doing it for almost 6 months! I have done nothing more than to sometimes remember to water it. No special light. In fact, it's across a very large room from the windows. To top it off, it has nice, healthy new green bracts coming out all over. I think it may still be here next Nov.16th. Now that is tenacity!

This is my beautiful Bear. This is the look she gets right before she grabs both sides of my head and gives me a nosey-blowsey. If you don't know what that is... lucky you... It's where you put your mouth over someone's nose and give a good hard blow... creating the creepiest farting effect in that person's nasal passage at the back of their throat. Obviously you do not want to do this to anyone you don't know well.
Not recomended for children with snotty noses!

Today our AP Art Class's work is being shown at an art museum in the town to the left. No... a student did not draw this! This is here because I'm meeting a friend from work for a drink before we walk over and check out what the kids have done.I have never been to the pub where we are meeting.

I have been to the museum many times. My Max and Squeaky both have had things on exhibit there in the past. It is a small museum but has interesting things.

Somewhere in the middle of my day, I get to go to the doctor again. This is the one that I have had for over 20 years. He's in kahoots with the foot doc and the physical therapist. But this is all about blood work. It's my proof that I have been being good.

Oops! That reminds me. Last time I saw him a few months back he gave me three cups to pee in. I was supposed to keep them in the fridge until I had three days worth and then take them to the lab across the river. Well, I'm pretty good at the peeing in a cup thing. And I did put them in the fridge. Squeaky found them while looking for food last week and freaked right out. Don't worry... I had them double ziplock baggied. I guess you know how often I clean out the very bottom of my fridge! Looks like I need three new cups and a bit more time.

Yesterday was true spring weather. I found that dollar on the ground. Put it on Powerball, then decided that I needed to do another for MegaBucks... since we were going on the it's a lucky day motivation. Then I began to worry about my spirit... so I decided that since I'd put two dollars on the lottery, I'd give an equal amount to the hungry folk in Uganda via one of our high school class charities. Then it sounded like a paltry amount considering how much food that buys. So on and so on.

I think that today will be as gorgeous as yesterday. I hope that it is lovely where you are. If not, I hope you find something lovely to do indoors. At least one fun activity comes to mind... enjoy!


  1. The Biere Titan looks like a big red Dr Manhattan. Thankfully, the red sausage is covered in the letters.

  2. dmarks--lol! And not hanging out there in triplicate. hahaha I had not thought of this, but now that you mention it... oh my! Big grin.

  3. Darn you, dmarks! You stole my thunder about Dr. Manhattan. Now I have nothing to add except how fast I'd run away from someone attempting to inflict a "nosey blowsey" on me. The answer: very fast.

  4. Cube-- You two (dmarks) are too funny! Yes, very fast! They are terrible. ;-)

  5. i had a pointsettia for years. it turned into a gnarly little tree that never bloomed. it looked like brother justin's tree on carnivale until a dog ripped it up.

  6. billy--A tree like Brother Justin's! I want a tree like that.

    Hey... have you seen the rest of Carnivale yet?

    I had a four foot saguaro cactus that was killed by a crazy cat. It took him a few months, but he wore it down.

  7. Very nice.

    I have always been interested in that style of art-the beer poster, I mean. There's a pub in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts-Doyle's-that has fantastic cheeseburgers as well as all the original WWII era artwork.

  8. Michael-- How fun that would be! We have a place out here on my coast called Edgefield that has this... and other original artworks that are fantastic. One of these days I'll make it to the other coast and see what there is to see. That would be a fun stop.