Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Eleven is one past ten. Ten is the number of perfection. To be eleven is to go one step beyond perfection. Cool beans.

Eleven is a "Master Number" in numerology. It is the number of "Light". It is the "Peace Maker".

People with this number exhibit patience, honesty, sensitivity, spirituality and are idealistic, have magnetic personalities and are attracted to the unknown.

Both my first and last name equal 11. Magically when added together, they equal 11 too. Well, I am a peacemaker. I do not like conflict. I try to be honest at all times and I am horribly attracted to unknowns. all numbers explained.

This was the sun rising this morning after a 45 minute work out and another half hour of stretches and strength exercises. Now the sun is shining and it feels very much like a perfect day. I feel energized and alive. Like something great is in the air. I wonder what it is. "These go to eleven." Funny Spinal Tap.

This morning when I arrived at work, the bookkeeper handed me an envelope with a blue paper in it. It looked like a paycheck stub print out. When I asked her what it was for, she said "It's your pay check... Duh!" I forgot it was pay day. Do you know how cool that is for me? That means that I did my month's finances right and was not desperately awaiting my check... for a change. It is the ultimate "one louder" than perfection for me.

I hope and hope that you are having a perfect day too. That the sun shines on you and you bask in its warmth. Be a turtle today. Slow and easy basking in the sun, being thankful for the smallest of pleasures.

This bumper sticker is perfect for my town.
If you live here and are laughing... you aren't one of them. If you live here and this pisses you off, well...


  1. sorry it's taken me a while to get around here. going all the way back to your comment on the oldest sculpture, i agree. my first thought upon seeing it was,"it looks like a dog turd."

    your countdown has been fun to watch. i get a kick out of it. :)

  2. Lime--Thank you. I am enjoying them. Revving myself up for the big day. It's kind of my slow starting happy dance that builds into a crechendo and I explode out into summer.

    Of course I'll probably go home that day and look at my house and yard and think... bluck! I know what I'm doing the first week off.;-)

  3. I love that bumper sticker. I might have to get one for my town too.

  4. Churlita-- I find that I carry my camera everywhere now. I was in line at a drive-thru fish n'chips place. It was on the truck of the guy in line ahead of me. He got a giggle out of my asking if I could snap it.

  5. I love Spinal Tap :-) And I can totally relate to the paycheck thing. Usually, I am panting for my check, but occasionally the stars align somehow and that non-frantic feeling is definitely an 11.

  6. How do you get the numbers for your name? Is it your given first name or the one you go by? Any weight given to middle name?

  7. laura b.-- I do too... love Spinal Tap... they are so good at that doe in the headlights humor.

    As for forgetting its pay day. That happens just as often as me forgetting to eat. Yikes!
    (Does not happen.) lol

    Suldog-- I go by the name I was born with, since I am heading back to it soon. I do not have a middle name from birth. My folks left that blank for us to choose... in case we hated the one they gave us. My dad hated his.

    I think the link gives you the formula for either using your name or by birthday. I'll have to check. I can give you another link for the name if its not.

    I don't put much stock in this but it is fun to see how much of it matches your personality.
    I used to read tarot cards in college... a bazillion years ago when not dodging dinosaurs.
    But everytime I bought a new deck and got it broken in (like a good mitt) someone would steal it. I figured that was God tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to knock it off!

  8. Suldog-- here you go!

    That gives you both... name and date.

  9. Like Suldog, I must confess that I don't know much about numerology. Thanks for that info. I don't put much stock into it, but it is fun to play with like astrology.

    I love the bumper sticker. It is universal, I think, because like somebody's Grandfather once said, "There are more horses asses than horses."

  10. Cube-- Yep. Me too.

    I like your Grandfather quote. That's a keeper. ha!...and oh so true.