Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dropkick Murphys- Tessie (Red Sox Anthem)

For the love of the game! Enjoy! I tried like the dickens to get this on the post below... but it would not go. Oodles of Funch often has it's own ideas and I am helpless against it. So read below please.

The title of the last post "For the love of the game" was for this purpose... to give you my "Red Sox Happy Dance" music from the Dropkick Murphys. When the Red Sox win... Tessie is the tune I dance to... because I love no better way to spend a day!


  1. How in the world did you become a Red Sox fan?

  2. Cube-- I grew up in a "Dodgers" household. I am not a Dodgers fan by any stretch these days. But we were all really into baseball. My uncle played in the minor leagues in the later 40s. I had a friend who was raised (mostly) in Boston and he got me hooked on following their games. I've done it ever since. It's a fun team to follow.

  3. When you say "Fun", you're misspelling "Agonizing".

    (Don't mind me, I'll get over it when we win again.)

    Do you know the origin story of "Tessie"?

  4. Michael-- I only know a tiny portion... that there are "Royal Rooters" from the early days. I would love to know more detail. Stuff like this fascinates me. So do tell...

    I have to tell you, they are FUN and yes, often agonizing. But you have to have lows to have good highs... right? They never fail to give me a good ride for the season, even when it's a rocky one. I remain addicted.

  5. OK That explains that. I was just just curious.

    Mr. Cube is a die-hard Red Sox fan (born & raised in New Hampshire, so you can imagine the hooplah) and I lived in NY long enough to develop a love for the Yankees (although my first love is football, but that's another story) and yet we managed to find each other and fall in love. Imagine that.

    Don't even get me started on the Celtics ;-)

  6. Cube-- Yeah Mr.Cube! Yankees!!! Yikes! Thank goodness for love. hahahaha

    What? Not a Celtic's fan? But they are so good at winning! And they had my Birdman!

    I love that you come here and I love that you take my crap in good humor.

    I don't know how I missed that it was a transporter on Cat Blog Friday. Duh. hahahaha

  7. The first World Series was held in Boston and Pittsburgh in 1903. The Red Sox were called the "Boston Americans" then, and they played at the Huntington Avenue Grounds, which is where Northeastern University is now.

    Pittsburgh's shortstop was named Honus Wagner-probably the best shortstop who ever lived. There was a popular song at the time called "Tessie". The "Royal Rooters", Boston's fan club, would taunt Wagner, singing, to the same tune, "Honus, why do you hit so badly?"

    John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, the mayor of Boston and the father of Rose Kennedy, was a Royal Rooter. When I went to the Society for American Baseball Research convention in Boston several years ago, one of the presentations had a picture of a teenage Rose Kennedy at the World Series.

  8. Michael-- Awesome! so that's why the line... "all the way from third base down to Huntington".
    I heard that there was a bar there on Huntington where they liked to meet and I'd thought that was what it meant. Ah ha. So who was McCreevy?

    Wow... Rose as a teenager at the World's Series.

    I would, someday, love to go to a World's Series.

    I imagine that convention must have really been something to see.

    BTW I called my dad about the photo of my Uncle Punk... it's in the doings. I don't know how long it will take, but I'll get it on here.

    Thanks Michael, you're a treasure of information. Big smile.

  9. The art on that bridge really is pretty great - what a shame it is peeling off.

  10. Mike McGreevy owned the Third Base Saloon, where the Rooters would meet. (It's the last place you go before you go home-hence, the Third Base Saloon.) He was called "Nuf Ced", because if there were an argument going on, he would end it by banging his fist on the bar and crying, "'Nuf 'Ced!"

  11. Michael-- Okay, that's where the bar comes into it. Third Base Saloon. I like that. Great nick name "Nuf 'Ced". Great story! It's been so long since I heard the version of this story that I have forgotten too much. I seem to recall that The Babe had a niece who worked as a bar maid at this bar? Or is that embellishment?

    Citizen-- Yes, but he's coming back to fix it. I'll shot it when it's done and share again. The murals are more extensive than I've shown. I like the way I can look at them and read the pictures like a history book... as the books have been printed. I'm a bit iffy on how true everything is. You know how that goes.

  12. My fave "Dropkicks" song, as a Celtics fan, is "I'm Shipping Up To Boston", which is played at every Celtics game.

  13. Suldog-- "I'm Shipping Up To Boston". (I have all but their newest album... and that's gonna happen soon.) My school where I work are the "Pirates" and that's such a great sailor/ piratey song.

  14. Suldog-- I root for the Celtics too, but to be honest, I do not follow near as closely as the Red Sox. I do not understand Basketball as well as I do baseball. (Hang my head in shame here...) None of my males watch sports! Yikes.
    I need the Dummy's Guide to Basketball.

  15. Suldog--Let me amend that last statement. None of my males watch traditional American sports. They are into soccer in a great galloping way and hurlee to a lesser extent. Frankly, I think they hope for soccer hooligans and a good brawl as much as the game.