Saturday, May 9, 2009


"Where's that confounded bridge?"
--Led Zeppelin

Bridge of the Gods (land bridge) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In September 1927, Colonel Lindbergh himself flew up the gorge from Portland in his famous Spirit of St. Louis, passing low over the new Bridge of the Gods, banked his plane and in a dramatic show of barnstorming, flew under the bridge and headed back to Swan Island.

The art work on this bridge is amazing. It's called The Bridge of the Gods. There used to be a natural land bridge here and there is a lovely Native American legend about it. Tourists still come here to see the natural land bridge... even though it fell into the Columbia river a bazillion years ago.

When they ask me where it is, I say "See that giant erector set?" as I point at it. They always look disappointed. Oh well. Go build a better bridge then.

Some artist got a butt load of money to paint the bridge this way. Now, a few years later, it's all flaking off.

I know we live in Oregon, which can melt anything, but
geesh... shouldn't it have lasted longer than this? I think I want a refund. Actually the guy who painted it is coming back to repaint it and to get it sealed right this time. Good for you guy!

Lewis and Clark of course. They play heavily into our local lore. They camped here. Yeah... so did I!
But you know... that's the American deal. Our heroes. I do not know how heroic they were in reality. But we have lovely stories about them and I do love a good story.

And truth be told, I do love this stupid erector set bridge. I love all steel bridges. No clue why, just do.
I don't think there needs to be a reason. It amazes me that there are people out there able to walk around on those steel I-beams way up there... and not be terrified out of their minds. Holy cow guys... big salute to you!

Mother's Day is tomorrow of course. I won't likely post tomorrow. So I'll ask you now what you are doing for the mom in your life. My mom passed away a long time ago.

I'm afraid that I am
the Mom in my household. The Bear is a mom now too of course. Here is what will happen at Ananda's house in a box... Max, who is wonderful, will do his usual thing and take me, Bear and Mikey P's mom out for breakfast. Mikey P is the Bear's beau and baby daddy. We all get along really well. Everyone else will tag along. Later, Squeaky will make dinner... bacon and eggs... which is what he knows how to cook. I will love it and love him for doing it. Meanwhile my arteries will squeal like fat piggies in protest!

I had a wonderful night last night. I did nothing! Oh, I answered a few short emails... with equally short responses. Squeaky spent the night in the town to the left with the Bear. Yeah!
I had hoped that I would be totally alone, but in the end I had to go up and get Max and bring him home. I was not totally alone, as desired, but Max is the one to have around if I want to be left alone. He's good about barricading himself in his own room.

The only time I saw him, we had a marvelous conversation about the Green Lantern. Yes, you did read that correctly. My Green Lantern is Hal Jordan.

Hal Jordan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Max's Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner.

Kyle Rayner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We had a good time compairing the two. Then he was back in his room blasting out his Sublime and I was off into my dancing place for some Flogging Molly, Pogues and always... Dropkick Murphys. The title of this post "For the love of the game" was for this purpose... to give you my "Red Sox Happy Dance" music from the Dropkick Murphys. Because I love it. Baseball... no better way to spend a day!

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  1. Are there many of us who have a favorite GL? Mine is John Stewart.

  2. dmarks-- Another excellent choice! I don't meet many people who are into comics, let alone have favorites in my area of the sticks. But I'm finding tons of them while blogging. Cool beans!

  3. happy feckin mother's day!

    lend me ten pounds, i'll buy you a drink
    and mother wake me early in the morning

  4. billy--Thanks! I will.

    If I'm gonna do all that, I may as well pray for your el soul too. ;-)

  5. dmarks-- Yeah until possessed Hal wrecked things. That line was really fun to read. In fact, I think the whole GL thing was a blast.

  6. I just saw a day or two ago some news on the casting for the Green Lantern movie.

    I am so glad the Jack Black GL movie fell through. It would have been nothing but yucks with cheesy green CGI stuff everywhere (sort of like the Flubber remake with Robin Williams).

  7. dmarks-- Oooh. I had not heard about the movie! Now I'm excited. Thank you.

    I love Jack Black, Jay & Silent Bob,Jason Lee and the other nuts in their movies. Loved, loved, loved Bartleby and you had to know this... Loki in Dogma. The more absurd sometimes the better. That sort of thing is what Jack Black is good at. (Yes... I know that Kevin Smith's group and Jack's are separate ones. Similar absurdities.)

    However, I must agree with you, dmarks. Jack Black would make it too silly. I take GL way too seriously perhaps, but I don't want it perverted by camp. It would end up like the Batman TV show. Yikes!

  8. Lately, it is some guy named Bradley Cooper.

  9. dmarks--Did you see the movie Wedding Crashers with Vince Von and Owen Wilson? Bradley played the mister perfect boyfriend who keeps clobbering Vince.

    Thanks for the link... I rode it right away.

    Sometimes I think I must be one of those comic ostriches with my head in the sand. Good thing others have their eyes open and point the way. ha

  10. I love it that you have conversations about comic book heroes with your kids too.

    I hope you had a great mother's day. It sounds like your kids made it great.

  11. Churlita-- Yep, my kids do make my life great... everyday. There is little that we do not talk about together. They love to debate too. Both have very whacky senses of humor. Max is even into old movie classics. I am blessed by them and grateful that I have them.