Monday, May 4, 2009

Drop Dead Fred (1991) Trailer

My kids loved this movie. Okay, I did too. ( Did I really admit to this? ) It’s totally silly and immature. But we watched it repeatedly. Kind of the way we always watch Idle Hands when it comes on. “Classics” at Ananda house in a box. 1.

The big scoop is that it’s being remade. . Rik Mayall was the original Fred.

So here is the real question… should it be remade?

Keeping with the theme of entertainment, here’s a FYI for you Trekkies : Tomorrow night , ( Tuesday) catch Fringe. “We'll finally meet Dr. William Bell (special guest star Leonard Nimoy), Walter's partner in weird science from back in the day.” According to Yahoo! TV Blog page where you can find out about the season finales, who will be back next season and who is not making it back next season.

It’s Monday… for those who know, no surprise… I’m off to my usual hurry off to the town on the left and sit around waiting to come home again evening. Not to worry… I’ve got Slaughter House Five with me (again and again) tonight.

We had a good chuckle the other morning. Max, Squeaky and I were in the car and met with road construction. We all did what we do… grabbed our books from backpacks and tote. Our hands all came up with Vonnegut books. Squeaky is reading Timequake, Max was finishing up Sirens of Titan and I was back with Billy Pilgrim in his box car corner. What are the odds of that?

Squeaky says “Everyone else is stupid..” (Nearly all the kids chose books that they thought would impress the teacher… like A Farewell to Arms or Grapes of Wrath. “They’re reading all this heavy sh*t and I’m sitting there laughing my fecking ass off!” He was talking about reading the event in Timequake where the cheating wife is surprised by her husband. Her lover hides, naked in the rafters, but “his tea bags” are a dangling… When the husband peers up into the darkness and asks what those are, she tells them that they are Chinese bells.

I’m sorry, you will have to read the result, which is beyond doubt one of the most ridiculous and marvelously funny events… as only Vonnegut can write. I do not doubt a bit that Squeaky was laughing his fecking ass off. Just thinking about it, makes me laugh out loud.

Hey, have a wonderful evening. I’m going to. Vonnegut never fails to entertain.


  1. i learned a great deal sharing a room with eliot in the psychiatric hospital.

  2. I think I'm going ot have to pass on the remake - I found the first one nearly as unwatchable. Although admittedly not as bad as "Mamma Mia."

  3. billy-- I love the book he gave you about Jesus by Kilgore Trout...The Gospel From Outerspace. I'm glad you have the blanket off your head now.

    By the way, my Lizards were stolen from me, billy! I just found them under Max's bed today. Yay! Now I can finish.

    Citizen--Oh, good tip on Mamma Mia. I have a friend who insists that I should see it, but it scares the tar right out of me. DDF is silly. I think I'd rather keep the old silly.

  4. Thanks for the reminder on "Fringe" !

  5. dmarks-- You are most welcome. Big smile.

  6. We always watch Fringe, but this week's episode is marked on the calendar. I can't wait to see Walter versus William Bell.

    I read much Vonnegut in my misspent youth. Still have many of the books around here somewhere.

  7. i''m a big steinbeck fan, have never read vonnegut. i know it's a big hole in my lit. experience. i must rectify that sooner rather than later.

  8. Lime--I too like Steinbeck very much. However, Vonnegut has this delightful (to me) way of seeming to not take anything seriously, while making some excellent and very serious points. Sometimes I think he’s the loudest voice in my head. And I’m so glad he’s there. ;-)

  9. I love Vonnegut. It's great that your boys read so much. He used to live in my town and go to school and teach at the University here. I miss seeing him walking down the street.

  10. Churlita-- Thank you. Yes they do read a lot. They do it by choice, which thrills me.

    Oh... I'd have loved to have seen him walking around! Everyday I have thought of him since he died... and most other days since 1972. I was never fortunate enough to be able to see him in person and would have been afraid to speak to him if the opportunity had come up. Lucky you!