Saturday, May 23, 2009


HEY! CONGRATULATIONS Suldog on being chosen The Sunday Roast over at authorblog . Hats off to you, sir. Go read it people! You'll be glad you did.

This is going to be one of those days... I can see that already.

It began with my computer connection to the internet being knocked off by Max's big feet. This is an annoying matter to reconnect it... involves moving a sofa with a large grumpy sleeping boy on top of it,who then becomes enraged at my ineptitude and insists on doing it himself... when he wakes up, which is not now it seems. A good thing to remember... do not poke a sleeping bear.

So I came to my work computer, since I was going to walk here anyway. Ready to do my Saturday Scavenger Hunt photo... camera in hand. Forgot the umbilicus that does the photo download to this computer. Geez. Went home, got that. The battery was too low. Have to take it home and charge it. I got this camera because you do charge it like a cell phone, not rely on AAA. I can see good points and bad.

Then I get here to Funch and find unwanted videos have popped onto Funch. These were originally supposed to have been sent from youtube two days ago for my countdown to vacation number 9 post. When they did not show up over night, I guessed that something had gone amiss and they were not coming... so I did what I could to put new ones in that post... which made these unwanted and useless to me.

So basically my first three comments of the day... and likely the only ones I'll get from those folk today... are about my ineptitude with videos. Yeah! I deleted those two unwanted videos and the comments as well. They were accidents. I guess the posters didn't notice they were repeats. Oh well. Shows how memorable my posts are. Ha.

No, I was not offended by the posts and they were not mean posts, only pointing out that I'd screwed up... hopefully with the intent that I would want to know to fix it.
That's how I'm taking it anyway.

Please be having a better day than I am. None of these are earth shaking events and it is unlikely that I'll kill myself over them. But I hate when it starts out this way. I'm going to go walk now... I've really missed it. I know that it will elevate my mood and that would be welcome.

I'll be back to put my Saturday Scavenger Hunt post by the end of the day!


  1. Yes, sadly Cube--- I am not on the ball today. But soon will be. As Maxwell Smart would say... "Sorry about that chief!"

  2. I was expecting the magic eight ball post today.

  3. laughingattheslut-- Oh, sorry about that. The countdown number 8 will happen on Wednesday. I don't count the non-school days and this is a four day weekend. So that is when the countdown starts back up. There will only be 8,7, and 6 in this coming week. I know it's confusing.

  4. Sorry about the ickiness. I hope the rest of your time off is much better.

  5. Churlita-- Every now and then I have a day where a bunch of tiny annoying things fall on my head. I can usually get myself out of the fume they put my head into. My day improved a lot. Thank you for your concern.