Thursday, May 14, 2009


I liked this set of skulls. Its fitting. I woke up with a skull full of snot and no brains.

I'm keeping the tissue close by. Avoiding people like the plague... because I have it and they don't need it.

Last night was fun, but nothing turned out right. I was supposed to go watch a Red Sox game at friends, but they had a fight and it wasn't a good time. I can understand that. But... crap!

I found this darling magazine and it made me laugh. I used to read Tigerbeat and 16 Magazine. Somewhere I have cut-outs pasted in a scrap book. The dumbest things... Mark Lindsey riding a white horse on a beach. I cliped it for the hourse, actually. Peter Noon. Hey... I was maybe 12.

Dino, Desi and Billy photos. Had lots of those. Got the worst
sunburn of my life when I laid in the sun, trying to act mature and casual at the same time... yeah, right... because Dino Martin Jr. was in the pits not far from my dad's car. I was pit-crew with my siblings. Not at all helpful, but we got to wear the pit-crew tags and stay in the pits. At the end of the day if Dino had noticed me at all, it was probably to wonder what was wrong with that dumb little girl to bake herself so badly. I was so burnt that I puked half the night. There is nothing dumber than a tweenage girl with a crush.

Looks like poop to me! But they say it’s a 35,000 year old sculpture of a woman. You can read the article above.

["It's very sexually charged," said University of Tuebingen archaeologist Nicholas Conard, whose team discovered the figure in September.]

I’m afraid I cannot agree with Mr. Conard. It still looks like poop to me. Poop does not charge my batteries. But I guess for him, in his field it’s like finding the Hope diamond… and that would give you a good tweek.

What we did end up doing last night instead... was watch Fanboys (2009 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at home. We had some good chuckles. I did find myself wondering if Trekkies and Star Wars fanatics liked it or hated it. Well... what did you think of it?

We chose it because... we were going to go to the new Star Trek movie... it's about fans of space movies... and see the midnight showing. So we watched Fanboys and then our episode of Breaking Bad... completely forgot about Lost in the excitement... and then friends from out of town showed up and blew Star Trek out of the water. But only for last night. We will go tonight... hopefully unless some other weird and unexpected event happens. This is Max's treat. What a hero!

Well, I must go to work and do something libraryish. Heaven only knows what. My brain will not function well while full of snot. It's pouring rain. The world is grey. But there is a bright spot out there on my event horizon. Hope you have one too.

Doesn't it look like poop to you?

*Check this out! Just when you thought it was safe to take a romantic walk along the beach, another Montauk Monster washes up on the shores of Long Island.



  1. It sounds like you had a great night, despite your cold. I think we're going to see the Star Trek movie on Friday night.

  2. Yes, I thought it was poop (perhaps petrified poop) at first glance. When they show me where her various parts are, perhaps I'll admit it *might* be a woman.

  3. Churlita-- Yes, it was a fun night even if things kept going in unexpected directions. The friends were a good surprise.

    Suldog-- Thanks you. I probably only looked at the article because I thought "Why is that person holding a pile of petrified poop?" Shows you how low someone can go and get me curious. Ha.

  4. Thanks for reminding me that I had wanted to see Fanboys!

    I hope your head clears soon. You'll want to be well for sure by Day Zero :-)

  5. laura b.-- Thank you...Yes I do! I think as soon as I see the sun I'll get better. This rain is washing my spirit away. Until then, I'll be a whiny bag.

    Fanboys was fun and sweet. My opinon but I'm a very mild Trekkie or Star Warsie person. I have fun with just about everything.

  6. Hope you get better.

    I think Nicholas Conard is afflicted with paleocoprophilia*

    (* sexual arousal caused by ancient feces)

  7. dmarks--hahahhahahahahha! You are too funny. But I think you're right about that fella. He is waaay too excited. Big grins.

  8. My initial thought was that it looked like a couple entwined, before I rad the text. But no, poop didn't spring to mind. It would would be awesome to find a 35,000 year old ivory carving of anything, I'd think.

  9. Citizen-- I think you have sweeter thoughts than I do.

    I've actually seen a collection of these things before. They were on display in the museum in San Francisco. They called them fetishes. They all look like this... stumpy legs, huge pregnant belly and giagantic boobs.The head does not seem to be important enough to make large. It's nice that there was a culture that respected and worshiped pregnant women. But the ones I saw were all from farther north than Germany.

    I agree that it is an incredible find of a life time. But it still looks like a guy in a rubber glove holding a pile of poo to me. :-)

  10. I can't believe how long it's been since I was here. Lots of posts to play catch up with.

    It could be poop, but it could also be ginger.

    We'll be seeing Star Trek this weekend. I can't wait. Even better is the fact that my girls actually want to go see it too, rather than just roll their eyes at the geekiness. Suddenly, Trek is cool. Go figure.

  11. Cube-- You're right, it could be ginger now that you mention it.

    Have fun at Star Trek! We had a blast. It's so wonderful that your girls are getting into it.

    Hey, there are so many posts because of the one post a day for the countdown. Don't worry about catching them all. I mostly do this for my amusement. But then again... you are always most welcome anywhere in Funch. :-)