Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leon Russel - Jumpin' Jack Flash - Young Blood [Concert for Bangladesh 1971]'>

Jumpin' Jack Flash-Young Blood Concert for Bangladesh 1971. (Movie released in 1972). What could be better than to mix favorites... Stones music, musicians that were exceptional and good old Leon Russell. It's also one of the songs that anyone is most likely to recall of Leon's. This is not my favorite Leon Russell song. That would be this one that Leon did with Marc Benno on the Asylum Choir II album : I was a senior in high school when the Bangladesh Concert was released on film... yes, yes, I am old as dust... and one of my teachers snuck off with Annie and I to see this. The teacher kept asking me how I could think old Leon was hot... he was an old man. I shrugged and said I didn't know, he just was. After a few minutes I added... I guess I just like some old men. And you know, that's still true. Ha.

Someone recently said that Leon Russell was the "Kid Rock" of the seventies. Yikes! There may be some physical resemblance in choice of hair style perhaps but all else ends there. Leon Russell was not just a party rock guy. He developed his own label, produced, wrote music for himself and others. He put together the whole Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour for Joe Cocker... and ran it while performing. He was a busy, smart and talented man. Strange voice, but it worked. I hear he can still kick it live. Whoo-ooooo.

Hey, I found this interesting item for history lovers. It's about the people involved in the Roman occupation and take over of England and the Isles. 1. LEGION XIIII Romans Ancient History Brought to Life... Legion ...

Last night was full of zombie movies. Diary of the Dead and Zombie Diaries. We are prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Then off to see the late, late showing of the new Star Trek movie. I was delighted. I am not enough of a Trekkie to know what mistakes or things may have been done right or wrong. Thaks to Max, who was celebrating the arrival of his very first tax refund check. Whoot! It was worth the drive... about 50 miles, and the late return... about 3:00A.M. and yes, my ass is dragging!

Here is a post I found that I liked:
The Financial Crisis, as Explained to My Fourteen-Year-Old Sister ... The author has a great profile "Kevin Nguyen's only marketable skill is an above-average knowledge of European geography. He has been useless since the introduction of the atlas in 1477. " I love that.

And one last ort for you to snack on if you so choose: Fourteen Angels Foundation: Sled Dog Racing for K-9 Search & Rescue

I'm sure you see the theme here... 14 DAYS UNTIL MY SUMMER VACATION BEGINS!

I feel much better today than yesterday despite being giddy and unblanced from lack of sleep. The sun came out this morning and drove the snot from my head. The world is looking pretty good. I hope the sun is shining on you. No count-down day tomorrow... it's not a work day. Something better!



  1. Wow, three movies at one sitting! You are hardcore. I can only handle multiple movie watchings at home.

  2. Cube-- I wander around while this happens. And we have seen one several times.

    BTW, I have been so productive because of the countdown... it requires a post a work day. Don't feel badly if you miss one. I'm just having fun.

  3. And probably dating myself so badly that I'm am scaring away people.

  4. Hey Rockin! Welcome to Ooodles of Funch. Thanks for signing on.

  5. Your countdown is fun :-) I love Leon Redbone too...his voice, yeah, it works! And that one link..The Financial Crisis one? Hilarious. And I kind of understand the financial crisis now. haha!

  6. I mean Leon RUSSELL...but actually I like Leon Redbone too, come to think of it...

  7. laura b.-- lol! I too love Leon Redbone. Another different voice. Don't worry about the mix-up... I do stuff like that all the time. These people call me on it too! But in a nice way that makes me laugh. And really, that's why I come here... for the giggles.

    Yeah, Kevin N is pretty funny. I loved the Pokemon explanation. I know a Charzard from a Mew II! I had a couple of decades of boys. Sadly I know Magic: The Gathering too. I even know what G.I. Joe says. (And knowing's half the battle!) Oh, stop me before I can continue!

    BTW I'm ready for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in.

  8. 14 is great on the countdown day. We loved Star Trek too.

  9. Churlita-- Thanks. I'm so glad you got to see it. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous weekend. Good times with your girls... enjoy as much as you can. (And with those nutty friends that I envy so much.)