Thursday, May 21, 2009


Day ten and the final count down begins.

English Russia » Goat Number Ten

They say this goat was born with it's fur like this. What do you think... real or fake?


This was Pearl Jam's debut album. This cover is the vinyl record cover. I like vinyl best. We heard this one a lot at my house back in the days when B-Wreck, who you don't hear much about, was still at home. He and Bear really gave it a work out.

Ten (Pearl Jam album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You may recall that Pearl Jam sponsored Seabiscuit, the winning turtle in The Great Turtle Race - National Geographic. For those of you who followed Ooodles of Funch at that time, you will recall that billy pilgrim at anubis, anubis, anubis introduced me/ us to the race... fun stuffs!

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

I found this site and the title gave me a laugh. But its an interesting bit that makes some very good points about the quality of what we learn and how long that takes to truly learn how to program.

Ten Twitter Mythconceptions Technologizer

I do not twitter yet. Don't know if I will. Mostly I simply do not know how to "twitter"and so avoid trying. Yes, very mature of me. So when I saw this site, I thought okay, this is my chance to learn something and maybe feel a bit better about trying the twitter thing. I still do not twitter. But at least I know a few things.


God Bless You Mr. Rosewater /
VONNEGUT•COM -- The Official Website of Kurt Vonnegut

World War: Tilting the Balance /

Infinite Jest /
David Foster Wallace

Incantation / Alice Hoffman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Book Thief / Markus Zusak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Zookeeper's Wife / Home - Diane Ackerman

Saturn's Children / Charles Stross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zoe's Tale / -- The online home of writer John Scalzi

Dexter by Design / Jeff Lindsay (writer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Book #10 : This is a book about the Red Sox... I've got it written down somewhere and can't find it yet. It's in one of these piles on my desk. But I'm going to read it damn it!

I still have plenty of time to read more... got any suggestions. I like all genre except and please do not suggest any gothic romances... yikes!

We need a bit of levity... so here is Mel's take on "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS"

Always thankful.


  1. I read "Saturn's Race" by Larry Niven, but not "Saturn's Children". I think "God Bless You Mr. Rosewater" was the first Vonnegut I ever read.

    I wonder if the zookeeper is a time-traveler too.

  2. dmarks--How do you do that? I don't even have it posted and you are answering it. Amazing.

    You've read the Time-traverler's Wife? A good book.

    Saturn's Children is steamy sci-fi. More like Phillip Jose Farmer could be than Larry Niven. We shall see.

  3. I have this notebook where i write down books I intend to read at some point. I read a LOT, but still the list keeps getting longer. I've read three on your list and all I can say is - go for it :-) Good list!

  4. Prepare yourself for one crazy-ass book when you tackle "Infinite Jest". It's the kind of book I'd love to write, but I could see where it might put off some people. Not you, I hope.

    Speaking of Larry Niven, "Ringworld" is also good.

    This summer, among other things, I plan to read "The Gripping Hand" which is the sequel to "The Mote In God's Eye".

  5. laura b: I do that too. I also have a notebook in which I list books as I finish them.

  6. laura b.-- (and cube too) I live a "sticky note life"... it's all on a sticky somewhere. Perhaps I should take a cue from you ladies and use a notebook I can find... and not stuck to the bottom of my shoe! My list is ever evolving too. :-)

    cube-- Few books can ever put me off. I'm okay with crazy, obscene, violent, crass... no problem. I like to read things that give me things to think about.

    Read and love Ringworld... big fan of puppeteers (Hindmost lol!)and Kzin! Have you read the new one? Ringworld's Children? I finshed it recently.

    Thanks for "The Gripping Hand". I really liked The Mote in God's Eye. I did not know of this one.

  7. Readers-- Funch is acting up and being crazy again. Someday I'll get it tamed. Until then, if you see a blank space or something looks like it fell off... operator error! Just shake your head, laugh and say "there she goes again..." ;-)

  8. laura b-- thanks for signing up as a follower. I'm not sure that numbers matter much to me, but it always gives me a little thrill to have someone sign up.

  9. Hey there. Sorry I have been a stranger. Been busy with the little man. Good lists you have here. I have a lot of good memories of Pearl Jam's first record. I was a freshman in college so it was good time for me. Hope all is well.

  10. Cube: Gripping Hand is awful: you wil be let down.

    Ananda: A couple more for this one related to "10". I am reminded of a review of the movie "Malcolm X", in which the reviewer said something to the effect like it was the like a tired recent sequel in the overlong "Malcolm" series, and the previous movie was "Malcolm IX".

    And don't forget the moon named Io, which looks like 10.

  11. Mr.Shife!!!! How is that darling boy? He's such a handsome sweetie. I am thrilled that you are able to spend time with him... for all of you.

    How is Quincy dear? I miss bassetts. They have such personality.

    I too have a ton of good memories with Pearl Jam. My kids couldn't ride in the car or do anything without them... and they even let me sing along. ha

    I am so glad you poked your nose in here today. I've been thinking about you, the Mrs. and the sweeties (Quincy and Kyle). Though about beating some bushes to see if you'd fall out, then recalled the days of new babies and sleep depravation.

    All is what it is. I, like earth, abide. Funch always waits and welcomes you... when you are rested and have time, but spend as much with that boy as possible.

    You made my day, Shife!

  12. dmarks-- Clever you... Io! I love that.


    I was not on my game with this post. I am distracted today by a number of small annoying events. I lost some of my sheep and had to track them down... because another shepherd took liberties and sent my flock away while I was reading to her flock... a real pisser to me to be underminded. So my head was in the fume.

  13. the goat wins :)
    I think it's it?

  14. Braja-- Hello! It's always wonderful to have you here. :) I loved your post today. Love that people share my pleasure in the morning hours.

    I'm not sure if it is real or not. They claim that it is. It looks real to me, so I am going to take their word for it. I like to think that God has such a sense of humor.

  15. I love the Kzinti. I've read all of the Man-Kzin wars series. I've also read that they were due to be in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" season 5, but the show got cancelled.

  16. dmarks-- I would not have guessed that, though I don't know why. You like many of the books that I do. I too have read all the Man-Kzin war series.
    What a shame they cancelled... the Kzinti might have saved the series. They'd have had me hooked.

  17. i loved The book Thief. It was a little dark, but it was a great read. Only 10 days left? That's great.My girls have about that too.

  18. Churlita-- Oh good. That book has been whispering to me to read it for awhile now.

    Yep, 10 actual work days. I am not counting the last day where they come in to check out. It only takes about an hour and a half and then, my sanctuary is occupied by only me. It is quiet, cool and full of serenity. I feel very peaceful. It ceases to be work.

  19. dmarks: I appreciate your warning, but I feel compelled to read "The Gripping Hand" nonetheless. I'll let you know how I feel about it once I read it.

  20. Cube: I liked the snow ghosts. Sort of. But I rank "Gripping Hand" rather low for a Niven book, or a Niven/Pournelle book.

    And this is coming from someone who finds it hard right now to think of a science-fiction novel that he ranks higher than "The Mote In God's Eye".

  21. Ananda: I kind of thought that the 4th season of "Enterprise" killed the chance of introducing the Kzinti, by having an alien race called Xindi. Go ahead and say them both...

    But yet, supposedly they were going to show Kzinti next season.

  22. dmarks... My mouth is twisting up! They do sound awfully a lot a like. Geez! Well, I would have loved to have had some Kzinti to watch and enjoy.

    Right now I'm pretty deep into big uglies and lovely lizards. "That'll do pig." (Its from Babe...Stephen King quoted it now its stuck in my head. You are not a pig. Its my "I'm happy with it" line.)