Thursday, May 28, 2009


Counting down... day 7 to summer vacation! I'm starting to get really excited now.

Artist: Greg - Elektryk Inkk
Covington, Georgia

Sevenofnine Borg... the less sexy version.

My hobbies. giggle

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The was my favorite drink when I was little.

7 Up - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seven Samurai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia One of the best movies ever!

Keeping track of the seven dwarfs names

Can you remember all their names without peeking?

YouTube - Se7en Movie Trailer starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Great murder mystery thriller.


1. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night.
2. I have two unwanted members of my family in town to avoid.
3. I have several unwated members of my soon to be ex's family in town to avoid.
4. I had at least seven errands to run before I could get to this.
5, Today was physical therapy day. Feeling better but sore and moving slowly.
6. Messed up my blood sugar levels. Ooops.
7. Couldn't stop reading my lizard book. :-)

Well, I hope your day brings something exciting.

And as a lucky extra...

Lucky Number Slevin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




  1. i want to know about the lizard book. :)

  2. Lime-- Oh it's a sci fi series by Harry Turtledove called "In the Balance" and they are tons of fun. (If you like books about a race of lizards who come to take over the earth during WWII... causing all the leaders of the day to join forces to combat them... Churchill, Hilter, Roosevelt,Hero Hito... etc.)

    I'm going to be a 100 years old and while my peers are talking about the good old days, I'll be going on about Huey, Dewy and Lewy... the robots from Silent Running. Ha.

  3. I expected to see Seven of Nine (or 8:53 as I like to call her) from ST:VOY. Hope you get some rest.

    BTW when I was a kid I thought the Colossus of Rhodes was the coolest thing.

  4. Cube-- I swear I had her in here! I'll put her back in. I honestly do not know how I manage to lose stuff on Funch. That was my first thought, though I do admit I got very distracted by the tattoos.

  5. We must hear more about these family members and in-laws that are being avoided.

  6. laughingattheslut-- Yikes! One is drug addicted and insane, another a manipulative monster, yet another the wife of a bankrobber ...Geez, how'd I get so lucky? There will also be two that I like and one that is a traitor here soon. I am forced to see them all on Saturday to bury my mother-in-law who never liked me very much "cause I was "worldy woman" don't cha know! But she forgave me and yeah, that obviously helped.

  7. I remember the dwarves' names. I had to be one of them (Sleepy) in a high school thing.

  8. Citizen-- Sleepy is a good dwarf to be. I did not act in high school, but I did run the arc spot light and the small spots. I was on TV in a documentary about my last high school, not speaking, dancing. Ha!

    In college I acted in student films. Did you enjoy acting? I had a great deal of fun. I also directed and edited my own films.

    Were you a card carrying Thesbian? I was.

  9. Ananda - Congrats on your up and coming vacation, also, thank you for the oodles of support of at my fledgling blog, you've helped give it a little momentum and I appreciate it!

  10. LCR-- My dear sir... you are most welcome! I sometimes only lurk, it's my thing because I am nervous about setting my thoughts free out there amid the brainy folk. But I always find kindness and information. I cannot think of a nicer gift. I'm glad you dropped in.

  11. The Borgs always terrified me. I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep and have to deal with family members who are annoying. hang in there. Summer's almost here. 7 more days!

  12. Churlita-- You're right of course. I am good at evading those people. Summer is almost here and by then they will all be gone. Aaahhh... thank you for reminding me that they do go away. In a week, who will care? Certainly not me.

  13. I suppose that pissed-off goth deisel mechanics might find that version of "Seven of Nine" to be the most sexy.

  14. seven of nine never did it for me. now the borg queen, that's another story. i'll never understand how piccard turned down her offer.

  15. dmarks-- and "darling billy" too! (See below.) lol (song lyric)

    billy-- You are always different! A great quality I must add.

  16. Ah, another one of my favorite numbers...everyone loves lucky 7.
    Hope you can successfully avoid those who need to be avoided...and that you've gotten some rest!

  17. laura b.-- I have to give them points for not bothering me at my home. I am glad of this.

    Tomorrow morning I will go to the service and pay respect. They will go away and I will do my happy dance extra long. It will be the last time I ever have to deal with my soon to be ex's family. This is reason to rejoice and be thankful. I am.

  18. I love how the 7-Up bottle looks as though it is going to fall over and crush the family.

  19. Suldog-- You're right! And they look so happy about impending doom. lol