Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I drove to the foot doc this morning, who happens to be on the marina, and there she was. I thought I’d get some great photos after my appointment. So shots in the feet over, back in my car, I drove to the dock and it was on the move! Yikes. I stopped my car, hopped on my sore feet down to the dock like a drunken pirate and began clicking madly with my camera. Phew! Talk about almost missing the boat!

Lady Washington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She left her home port of Aberdeen, Washington on its “Rediscovering the Columbia River” voyage. It will go from Hood River, where I captured these photos, upriver to Pasco, Washington. There she will turn about and come back downriver to home. Ironically, the news article telling us when it would be here came out today. It was actually open this past weekend for tours.

You can’t have a lovely ship like this and not have pirates… the wonderful kind, not the creepy Somalian kind that are terrorists. These are traditional swashbucklers… and how can you not love a couple of guys called Cap’n Slappy or Ol' Chumbucket ?

http://www.talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html My favorite pirate site. They are full of links to other piratey goodness like these:


This one is a must for me. He’s got a song… “Zombie Pirates in Love”. The only thing that could make it better would be if the zombie pirates in love were stomping ants.

“We've got that rakish swagger,
And we've got that roguish charm,
We've got that bug-eyed stagger,
And we've got somebody's arm.
Now, you may think you're faster
Than a zombie on a boat
But all we need's a pastor
And you're Mrs. Undead Cutthroat.”

Yar! Thar be buxom beauties and bosom friends (female pirate adventures) here:

Zeppelin Tours… man do I want to do this!

A zeppelin is the ultimate ship for me, especially since I do not like being on top of water. In the air…no problem. Water, no way. (Yes, I can swim very well thank you.)

No post about day 12 could be complete
without something twelve-ish! How about this movie? 12 Monkeys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Have you ever seen it? We love it at our house. That's Brad Pitt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Bruce Willis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .

Okay. Hope you like the pirate theme. When the ship presented herself, it seemed like providence. My head immediately filled with pirates. Let me leave you with a song... It's Salty Dog by Flogging Molly.


Thanks to dmarks who sent me this song idea: Pirate Jenny from the Threepenny Opera. I could not find the Bea Arthur version, but I did find this one:

dmarks also reminded me of the Black Freighter in the Watchmen Graphic Novel:
Watchmen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is the other "Pirate Jenny" by Pirate Jenny :


  1. Arrrr!

    Ever hear the song "Pirate Jenny" by Pirate Jenny? It is worth a listen.

    I like to get ship photos like this. I have some I've taken that need to get into the blog, like the Bounty (I was aboard it!) and also the ship from the "Master and Commander" movie (was on that too).

  2. dmarks-- You get to do the coolest things! I'd love to explore the Bounty and the "M&C" ship. What fun.

    I have not heard Pirate Jenny... I need to find it though. I truly do love anything piratey. Thanks!

  3. "Pirate Jenny" is a song from "Threepenny Opera". The most famous song from "Threepenny Opera" is "Mack the Knife". Everyone knows that one. There have been many version of "Pirate Jenny". My favorite one is sung by Bea Arthur. The song is about the dreadful Black Freighter. I have read that it was an inspiration for the pirate sections in the "Watchmen" comic book.

    "Pirate Jenny" is the name of one of the pirate-rock bands also. They have a song called "Pirate Jenny", which is not a cover of the "Threeepenny Opera" song, but is another song entirely. I think there is a clip of the song on Youtube, but am not sure.

  4. dmarks-- You sir are a treasure chest of information! I am thrilled that there is a connection to the Black Freighter... a stunning work... that I was unaware of, so my thanks.

    I cant find find Bea Arthur's version, sadly. But I'm off in search of any version I can find. Thanks for the heads up on this. Big grins.

  5. so how are the feet?

    you wouldn't want to be one of the those one legged pirates would you? once you get your sea legs it's a challenge for the first few hours on land.

    those ships are hard to sail. we crashed one into the dock when i was a youthful sailor in the coast guard.

  6. billy-- The feet are little pissers, to be honest. But good things are in store for them. I get cast for inserts that will greatly help. I also get an ultra sound to see if the lumps in there are non-cancerous tumors that sometimes invade the fascia. That can be fixed a foot at a time. I've got a golden ticket to physical therapy for them that starts in a week. It will go well with the physical therapy that I have for my knee, which is working wonders. Thank you for asking!

    They were hurting so bad that I considered using the hack saw and demanding that my ex carve me some wooden ones like that girl in the Brother's Grim story about the dancing shoes. But he'd probably make them into crow's feet or something else scary.

    lol! I wish I could have seen that crash. Heck... I wish I could have sailed on the ship! I don't trust water much, but that would be an experience. Lucky you!

    I've only been in a submarine and frankly, they are too small and smell bad. A ship like that would be the heart... a sub is the stinky feet.

  7. Arrr! A comely ship, she is. Makes me long for the sea.

  8. Cube-- Isn't that just about right! I don't care for being on water, but that sounds fun. And I wouldn't be able to resist talking like a pirate the whole time. People would get sick of me and make me walk the plank. giggle.

  9. We tok a barefoot cruise once and got to walk the plank while anchored out at sea. A little scary dropping so far down into the water, but fun.

    My kids have just two days left of school. They've got a camping trip and a beach trip lined up, so they are quite psyched. And even though I work, I take more time off during the summer and I'm lookng forward to a slower pace.

  10. Citizen-- How exciting that must have been! Brave you to jump into the ocean. It feels like there's no bottom under you. Yikes. Brave woman.

    Oh... wonderful for your boys. I love to camp and the beach is the top on the fun chain as far as I'm concerned. I bet they have a blast.

    So good you take extra time for summer. I have friend in Switzerland where they normally take blocks of time every so often. I really think its good for us to have chunks of play time to help us renew. I know that I have so much energy when I begin each school year and a positive attitude that carries into everything I do.

  11. lol! A little talking like a pirate mode goesa long way. Walking the plank sounds like fun, but I'd be afraid to jump into the ocean in the middle of nowhere. There's too darn many critters in there for my tastes and then there are all the imaginary ones I'd think were right below me. I might have a breakdown.

  12. Cube-- Oh ditto that! That dratted imagination of mine is waaaay to vivid to dangle in the ocean without some sort of tether. Even then I'd feel like a worm on a fishing line. ;-)

    Yeah, my family is happy that day twelve is over... now I have to talk like mom again. One too many "me hearties" I think.

  13. Very cool pics. So cute that you sacrificed your feet for your blog readers. We appreciate your effort.

  14. Churlita-- They were still numb. My reel was due more to not knowing what they were up to than anything. ;-)