Friday, May 22, 2009


He's tiny, this cloud nine guy... but I liked him. He's got that "! Get off of my cloud!" look about him.

Come on... you've been here before and know about my Stones thing. If I'm on cloud nine, it had to be!

I suppose if we are going to go that far back... sorry you young folk... we may as well get to Revolution Number 9.

"Turn me on dead man!" Want to hear it backwards? It's long, though.

Forwards now! ("Always forward, never straight!" My own high school's motto.)

For something a bit newer... here's a Nine Inch Nails cover... "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. This one is very worth the listen.

"Hurt" (Nine Inch Nails song), I love this song.

Okay time for a few words. Don't worry, not story today. Nothing painful. Today is a Cloud Nine day. It's a Friday. It's the Friday before a four day weekend. It's the day after payday, so I have a few bucks in my pocket.

I looked at my house yesterday and thought that maybe I'd use some of this weekend to get my house spotless... to welcome the long vaction with a clean abode. That always feels nice. Other than that, I don't know what I am doing. We had diner with the Bear and the boy last night. They are booked for Saturday, so we are thinking maybe Sunday is a good day for us to go find some trouble. Maybe collect Robert and Sookie too and do the g'ma thing right.

The sun is shining on me and the earth. There is no wind in the gorge today... a bummer for the windsmurfs, but I like it. The clown car doesn't blow around on the freeway when it's calm. ha.

And ooooohhh... a fireman/emt/mounted police officer just came into my scantuary to set up a bunch of equipment and give a career day speech. Fun stuffs! (I think this might be cloud nine for sure.) I'm thankful!

What are you folk doing this weekend? Do you get a long weekend or are you working all or part of it? Whatever you do... I'm wishing you the best.


  1. HI EVERYBODY! Just wanted to say... I recall watching the Stones do this song on something... likey the Ed Sullivan Show... sitting in my jammies. I was in about 4th grade. So I'm as old as dirt, not older than dirt. ;-)

  2. "Always forward, never straight!"

    Yup. That was the motto in our neighborhood, too.

    I have the standard three-day holiday. One day will be spent at relatives for a birthday party and BBQ. Otherwise, indolence.

  3. Suldog-- Awesome! Nothing like a kindred spirit. lol. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Enjoy good sir.

  4. Sounds great. I plan on scooping out my apartment with a coal shovel to get rid of a bunch of stuff. then I want to play with my friends some in the evening.

  5. Churlita-- lol... coal shovel. Yeah, I'm about there too.

    One of the ideas I was playing with was to make a bon fire and burn my winter clothes. I'm not sure if I can get away with it or not. My kids have so much junk and I'm a major pack rat... time to dump, dump, dump.

    You have fun with those great friends of yours.

  6. superior sir, i will be dealing with the big uglies this weekend. we of the race don't have a long weekend. by the emperor, i'd have fun if we did indeed have a long weekend.

  7. Dumping stuff, especially in these slow economic times, isn't my idea of a holiday weekend. Everytime I throw something out, I need it again. It's like a universal law.

    Anyway, I'm looking to lay low & cook some pork byproducts on the grill and drink adult beverages. That's my plan.

  8. billy-- So did you get the new one? I'm getting excited about my next one. I hope it arrived today. I will be sharing that experience with you from afar. Cool beans!

    Oh yeah... you live in a sane land, though I 've hear that some of your shrubbery is plotting against the humans. For goodness sakes, watch out! I forgot you do not share our holidays. :<

    Well pooh. I hope your weekend is fantastic... and take it easy. Avoid searching for shiny objects for a time.

  9. Cube-- Perhaps we should name that one "Cube's Law" because it really does ring true. It should have a name like Murpy's. Yeah, I'm keeping it that way now. Cube's Law.

    I like your plan, though I don't eat pork products myself anymore. Only fish and chicken breast from "natural" chickens... none of those perverted chickens.

    I do feel a margarita coming on... maybe a pitcher! Ejoy Cube, and hope the family has a good time too.

  10. I get a long weekend, and plan to enjoy every minute of it.

  11. Citizen-- Yeah! Glad to hear it. I'd love to spend part of mine walking in your garden... but that's too far a walk from here.

  12. "Hurt" is a fantastic cover. It bleeds emotion from every pore.

    "You can have it all....My empire of dirt..."

  13. Michael, Yes, yes sir it is. Trent Reznor is some writer... many of his lyrics get me.

    You know what I like about some Irish music... well lots of things really, but I like the way that they refer to lyrics as "poems", because you know really, that is exactly what it is.

    I am glad that you stopped in today. I'm still working on that photo for you.