Tuesday, May 5, 2009



If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a bad photograph worth?
I am always amused at how posts can take a turn that is not expected. Yesterday, I posted about an awful little move that we in my house seem to watch and enjoy an a lot.

I was surprised when I got an email from a lovely woman who was concerned that I allow my son to swear "like that" around me. She seemed to feel it was a question of respect. Well, thank you for being concerned. You are unfortunately wrong.

Here is my response for anyone who cares. I have three sons who are my world (and a daughter). I live in MANSLAND. There is so much testosterone flying around my house that it's a wonder that I don't have a deep voice and a hairy chest. We watch man movies, play man games, speak of man things, tell man jokes... you get it? My youngest is 17, not 10. When he is away from me, he swears, tells dirty jokes and does everything else that normal, healthy men do. Sqeaky knows what is or isn't appropriate social behavior. In fact, I get compliments on the behvior of my sons.

I am respected. They are aware of the sacrafices that I have made for them. They don't allow me to carry heavy things. They are very protective. They are thoughtful and helpful without being asked or nagged. They have become nice men, honest men, gentle and strong men. I cannot ask for more from them, nor could I be prouder of them. These cursings are only words and they do not offend me. My sincere apologies if they offended any of you. But beware... this is my reality and I will on occasion swear here. If you do not like it, go to another blog.

Married women looking for… (Ewww... I do not want to know this!)
Husband swap… (I will gladly donate mine, but I do not want your reject, thankyou!)
See what’s lurking in the dark… (This was for night goggles. I liked it.)
Julia wants to invite you… (Ah. NO)
Legally steal… (It's not stealing if it's leagal is it?)
Natural looking wigs ( What makes them think that I don't have hair?)
Ananda How dumb are you? (Yes, insulting me always puts me in the mood to buy!)
Congratulations you’re not crazy! (I'm afraid they may be wrong about this.)
Picklesite (Ah... I have friends who call schlongs "pickles" . Yikes.)

My advice: Laugh if you can. Pray it gets better. Be thankful.


  1. i have said more than once that a section of my sense of humor never matured beyond that of a 12 year old boy so it's all good.

    the advice at the end is very good. no argument, only a hearty amen.

  2. Lime-- Thank you. I too am amused by that level of humor. Laughing will keep me living longer.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Your son isn't swearing at you. That would be disrespectful. I have two high school aged daughters and we all swear.

    I've told them that it doesn't bother me, but that they shouldn't swear in public because it really offends some people.

  4. Churlita-- Thank you. I think the woman who emailed me must have been older or perhaps religious. You cannot watch a movie or listen to music these days without hearing a curse or two. And excellent point... he was not swearing at me... and there would have been no saving him from his brother if he had. :-)

  5. I don't really swear, but I don't tend to jump on anyone for it.

  6. dmarks-- You know most people are good about it really. Maybe she was having a bad day. It ruffled my mom feathers more than anything. People can't say things about my kids and not get a strong reaction. Today I am mama bear.
    Tomorrow I'll be mellow me again. Grins. (Careful of the fangs!)

  7. I know at least my older son swears with his buddies, and I've told him it's okay as long as he is mindful of who he is near. Of course, I myself curse liek a sailor, and am particularly fond of the fuck-word, so I have no room to talk. But I make a distinction between harmless sar words and hate-filled words - the latter I do not say.

  8. Citizen--Very wise of you. You can't take back what is hurtful. Not completely anyway. My mother wouldn't even allow the word "crap" and I think I get a real guilty pleasure out of "sar" words. ha.

  9. I tried very hard to stop when my boy was young, and I still try to keep it under control now. One slips out now and then, but he's 12 now, so he's heard most of them, and they haven't damaged him too much as of yet.

  10. Michael-- It is so hard not to sometimes. Yikes.

    Speaking of Michaels... my dearest love of my life... my baby Mikey has been perverted by grandma... who slammed her finger in a drawer and yelled "god damn it!" with enthusiasm. He now uses that phrase with equal enthusiasm often. His mama is unhappy with grandma... OOOps. But in my defense, she soon after taught him "shit" when she spilled her pop. Nice family huh? Habits are hard to break. Big smile.