Saturday, May 23, 2009


Looking for things to GROW at home. Do I want plants or seeds?
Seeds are cheaper.
But they take so long to grow. I am not patient enough.

Of course, if I want them to GROW, then I need to amend the soil. And feed them... with what else but Miracle-"Gro?"

I'd like one of these"ride 'em" lawn mowers to combat how my grass GROWs and maybe some of these to keep the weeds from GROWing.

On the top, the snorkel lifts gather to plot against humans last Saturday... below is some evidence that the revolution GROWs.

This is what I ended up buying. I like it when several things GROW in one pot.

Phew! What a crazy day. But I finally got caught back up to where I should be. It may be late for some of you east coast folk. Sorry about that.

I began my day with a series of minor frustrations. But it has mellowed out and all is well in Funch-ville. There was no plan for today other than to do some cleaning. The house in a box can use some serious scrubbery. That's where I am bound now.

Tonight I will follow Cube's lead and light the BBQ. Tri tip strips for the carnivores and I'm thinking teriyaki salmon steak for me, salad and bakers for all. Yum. Simple is good. Because it is so nice, I think we can eat on the patio. Maybe I can fool the ants into moving back outside!

I am thankful that all the nutty stuff calmed back down. Thankful for the peace this afternoon and thankful for my family being together tonight. What about your day are you thankful for?


  1. Nice choice on the hanging basket. I'm firing up the grill tomorrow - swordfish!

  2. Citizen-- One of my favorite dishes is swordfish baked in marinara sauce. It's wonderful with a pasta and veggies mix sauteed in olive oil. Yum!

    Now you've got me going! I have never BBQed swordfish before... what do you do with it? Oh I hope you blog about it. My mouth is watering.

    Thanks for the heads up on the goof earlier! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  3. I like seeds because they yield more for the money. I normally only buy tomato starters (already growing) since I don't grow tons of them.

    I'm grilling teriyaki chicken and pineapple skewers on Monday, but I've been grilling all year 'round.

    Great pictures, thanks for participating in our scavenger hunt.

  4. aliencg-- I love the scavenger hunt, it's a lot of fun. I like having a theme and I like seeing what others have done with it.

    Teriyaki chicken sound good too. You must have nice weather to grill year round. We have about 100 inches of rain each year, so outside is limited.

  5. I love your photos, Ananda! Sounds like you had to work like a trooper to get them up, and I appreciate it! I love seeing all the colorful flowers and seed packets. I live in an apt. now and miss doing a bit of gardening.

    As for those snorkle lifts, well they are clearly getting themselves organized. Beware.

  6. laura b.-- Thank you so much. I liked that there were so many primary colors here. I like the combination of green and yellow, like John Deere tractors and red is always welcome.

    It was fun to do. I saw the snorkels massing upon my return to town. It was too good of a bonus to pass up. ;-)

  7. Definitely go with tomato plants. Growing tomato seeds usually results in crying over seedlings killed by damp off, or whatever it is called. And if by some miracle you do get a few plants that survive, you have to wait an extra month or two before they are big enough to have tomatoes on them.

    Other stuff, it just depends. Pepper plants and eggplants are similar to tomato plants. If the seeds are big (beans, corn, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins) buy seeds. Also buy root seeds, because they don't trasnplant well. Lettuce and okra are a toss up, as it depends on how much you want and how patient you are. Maybe buy a couple of transplants and then buy seeds if you want more than that. And when you are using common variety seeds, look for them at discount stores, as you might get packets five or ten for a dollar, rather than spending a dollar fifty on just one packet.

  8. Anonymous--Thank you for the information! There is so much that I do not know about gardening that it is pathetic. My thumb isn't brown, but it has a certain yellow tinge to it. My plants often look anemic and stringy. I will keep these things in mind. :)

  9. i like bulbs.

    they make me happy when the pop up in spring. best of all they require very little work on my part.

  10. billy-- You know, I forget about bulbs. I have a lot of them here and I forget where they are so I am always surprised when they show up.

    My favorites are these little white daffodil like ones that have a thin orange ring around the tip of the cup part of the bloom. Beautiful, very tiny and delicate.

    They do take care of themselves. I like that too.

  11. I love that section in the store that displays all of the seed packets.

    Today I bought some cherry tomato plants that can grow in a pot and I also bought lemon balm so that I can make tea out of the leaves.

  12. Tara-- Thank you! I have three more similar photos. I opted for this one because it was mostly veggies and fruit. I knew I'd have the flowers at the end. I like balance in things.

    So you're a "pot" farmer too. Ha... I mean that you also garden in pots (not the illegal kind). I have so little sun that I have to be able to drag my pots to the sun as it moves. It is nice though not to have to do so much weeding. Watering and feeding are easy. A lot to be said for pot farming.

    I'm glad you stopped by.

  13. it is kinda overwhelming isn't it? you made a good choice. ;)

  14. Lime-- Thank you. It seems like an awful lot of work.

    Whoever-- Actually, I really don't need a ride 'em lawn mower. I have postage stamp sized yard and a sweet electric one.

  15. I love how you go all out for the Saturday Scavenger Hunt. What an excellent and thorough job.

  16. Churlita-- I love it. I have so much fun thinking of how I want to angle it. I'm still thinking about this one... wishing I had taken some shots of colorful pots too. My brain thinks of this as candy.

    Thank you for your kind words. You are always so encouraging. It is much appreciated and noted.