Friday, May 15, 2009


I chose the word "Fishy". I have never done this before, so you will have to let me know if I screw it up.
I am always open to kind critique.

This photo was taken at Newport at the Coast Aquarium last March. This is the shark tunnel. Shark and other fish swim over your head, all around you and under you.

My Mikey didn't like shark under his feet. I had to carry him out. Good ol' grandma can defeat sharks, you know.
Grandmas have that super power.

What could be fishier than sharks all around you?

Here are a cute pair of fishy feet. See the little sharks on his sandals?

Can you recall being that little?

Now here is a set of fishy teeth. Yikes! I'd hate to be this guy's dentist.

They say that sharks have rows of teeth that are constantly coming out and being replaced by the row behind them.

I guess they don't need a dentist then.

I am not even going to say what this looks like to me. lol! Use your own imagination.

I am not sure what to say about his thing.
Whoa! Typo... make that "this thing", not "his thing". Oops.

I don't even know what that is!

It is definitely fishy in nature. I had a request for a geoduck... this is the closest I can get.
I don't know what it is... do you?

Fishy fun!

This is my favorite bass fishing pond.
I cannot wait for summer to get here. Once it arrives, I can drop my line. It does not matter if we catch fish. It's the art of relaxation at work here. The Bear and I will sink our lines and wait while the water does its magic to lull us into a state of sublime ease. You can not see them well this size, but there are a bunch of lily pads. Click to enlarge.

Snorkel lifts conspiring.

Don't these two snorkel lifts look fishy to you? They look like they have their baskets together while they plot the end of mankind and the birth of the rise of the machines.

I'm glad I don't have to work with one.

This guy is from the Oregon Coast Aquarium too.
I like that this fishy glows in the darkness. He was fascinating to watch.

Fresh fishy.
Time for diner. This is fresh salmon... courtesy of a friend, with a lemon pepper crust. I placed it on a fresh bed of red and green butter leaf lettuce salad. The salad is dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. I also sprinkled fresh grated parmesan on top. Yum. This is my absolute favorite meal. I could eat it every day for the remainder of my life.

That's all for today. This was fun. Thanks for tagging me dmarks! I hope I did it right.
I've decided to tag aliencg, who was kind enough to remind me to tag someone.



  1. Excellent post. You did very well, new person. The only you forgot was to tag somebody. I chose the dinner theme for my post. Great pictures, welcome aboard.

  2. aliencg-- Thanks. Welcome to Funch. And thanks for the heads up about tagging someone. I appreciate that... and think I'll tag you!

  3. I love your fun fishy facts and I will reciprocate with ome fun fishy facts of my own: I love to fish and I love to eat fish. I've been bitten by a shark and survived to tell the tale (although it's not a heroic one at all, it's mostly comical because sharks don't like the taste of polyhedrons much).

    BTW your comment about the two snorkel lifts conspiring makes me suspect you've been watching
    Tranformers a bit much... I'm just saying.

  4. Cube-- I think you might be my hero even if you don't think so. A shark bite... YIKES! (And I thought rattlesnake hurling was bad.) Toowied you out did it? Good thing you taste so bad. Yikes.

    Yeah... I've always liked the Transformers. I used to be the first to the TV when the cartoon came on... knocking my children down as I ran. Another mommy and I ditched the kids so that we could see the first movie without distraction. We were a cult of two in a sea of children and zombie like adult supervisors. In fact that mommy now lives in your state. Some place called Cape Coral. Cult meetings are a bit lonely these days. ;-)

  5. What a great and fishy post :-) I especially love the picture of your grandson's tiny feet in their little shark sandals. Too cute. Thanks for playing...I hope you'll continue.

  6. laura b.-- Thank you. Those feet are my favorites too. I will continue to play. This was fun. I am anxious to ride the links and see who did what with "Fishy".

  7. Ewww. I so did not want to know where Michael Jackson's thing ended up.

    Snorkel lift? Is that the same as a cherry picker?

    The fish dinner one looked yummy.

    I have my fish post up now.

  8. dmarks-- While you were posting here, I was posting there. You did an amazing job.

    Yep, that's pretty much what I thought, only I had Johnny or Edgar Winters in mind. (Sorry gentlemen, you do not deserve that!) lol Your M.J. was funnier.

    A "Snorkel" is a brand of cherry picker. Isn't that funny? They have it printed on their sides.

    The fish was tasty. I shared the fish with Max. Isn't my fine paper china nice?

    Thanks for tagging me on this. I had a ball with it. I have tons more photos that I didn't use too. Big cheesy grin!

  9. Looks sufficiently fishy to me! Awesome job!

  10. Tara-- thanks! And welcome to Oodles of Funch... I hope you drop in again.

    You should see: Saturday Scavenger Hunt Word - "Fishy" posted by dmarks at Throwawayblog. The link is below. You'll enjoy it. ;-)

  11. When we took our kids to an aquarium with a shark tunel, my youngest son (who was about 3) was so intrigued by the moving sidewalk we were on that he wouldn't look up at the sharks.

  12. Citizen-- lol! Kids are so funny. I just love it when they don't respond the way that you assume they will. Keeps us on our toes and gives us a point of view we would likely have missed.

  13. You about covered every sense of the word! Great photos all around, though that shark teeth photo is scary.

  14. Welcome NoRegrets! Thanks. I tried to nail it all down. I'm not as good as some of the posts, but I'm working on it. :-)

  15. is anyone selling red wigglers around the bass pond? my buddy eliot likes red wiggler salesmen almost as much as volunteer firemen.

  16. billy-- No actual really-o truly-o red wiggler salesmen.

    Squeaky used to sell giant worms he got out of our lawn a few years back.

    But Eliot would love it here... we have about twenty or so volunteer firemen! ;-)

  17. You really did that word. Nice job. It was fishy in all of its forms.

  18. Churlita-- Thanks... coming from you, that's a real compliment!