Saturday, May 30, 2009

ArtiFacts Good Books &Bad Art

This is my favorite book store. I suppose you could call it a used book store, but it also has bran new books, toys, comics, bad art and oddities.

You might not think so to look at these images, but it has order. Books are divided by genre and alphabetical by author's last name. A comfort to a librarian. But it is also marvelously jumbled, which appeals to my pack rat side.

Bad art is tucked everywhere...

on the walls, on top of shelves. I like the "DEVIL GIRL" lunch box. Hey... know anyone who wants an "Instant Baby" ?

Nice over-sized post cards. Love the one of Nancy Sinatra with her poofy hair. ha!

I might have a thing or two on this wall... naw. But I could. Maybe this summer for a hoot. They let you sell bad art for free!

Here's a thought. Do you need a commie mustache and beard?

Care for Pirate Mints, Commie Mints, or a tin of "I'm Not Candy" ?

I had to pick up a couple of Jesuses for Squeaky... he collects them. This one is the Deluxe Jesus with 5 loves, 2 fish and a ewer for changing water into wine with a bonus... hands that glow in the dark! (For no apparent reason!) He is the "Miracle Action Figure."

This Jesus has "Poseable Arms and Gliding Action" for walking on water.
They come with Bible verses on the back. I like "If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch." Mathew 15:14 Sage words. I have fallen in ditches. Wish I'd known that then. Annie and I were both pretty blind and as I recall, there was a good deal of laughing.

As an added bonus, as I left and looked across the street... I finally found somewhere to catch a fricking game! It seems that I am not alone in my obsession with the best boys... Boston Red Sox. Who would have thought... in Oregon? And I can drown my sorrows if they don't win... or belly up to celebrate. Don't worry... the Bear lives close by and will play taxi.

Well, I made it through the funeral and home again. Baby Mikey kept grandma occupied... something I greatly appreciated. I saw his relatives that I had not seen in maybe 30 years.

The scary thing was how much we had all aged. Yikes. I kept thinking if they look like that... oh dear, what do I look like? Hey, vanity is a problem for me. Okay? They dont have a twelve step program for that. I just have to live with it.

People stood up and said things. I did not.

Afterward we all stood around. You know how that happens. You gab. There was some uncomfortable talk about my butt... how much smaller it is now. Well gee whiz... thanks... I guess. No one talked about bank robbery. That was good. I met my great niece, S and fell in love! The most darling child on the planet for sure. She is baby Mikey's age and together they gave me a run for my money trying to keep them still and quiet.

In the end, I was so grateful to come home. My house in a box is not much of a house. In dire need of repairs which I will get to this summer myself. But it is quiet and safe. There are no nutty relatives of his here. Those at the funeral will leave tomorrow morning and once again my town will be safe to walk the streets. My own crazy relatives that I was avoiding have left. Yeah!


  1. by the spirits of emperors past, what happened to the 5's?

  2. billy-- So sorry, the 5s come on Monday... they are work days. This is not a work day, but thank you so much for looking. It does my heart good to know that someone is paying attention. I often wonder if anyone is out there.

    And oh.. book one is done and book two is thrilling me now. Atvar... is there anyone better? I love his scaly butt. He's too smart for that ginger by golly. Clear headed that one.
    Big grin.

  3. That's an absolute treasure trove!

  4. That looks like my kind of shop! Books and bad art. Nothing better.

  5. David--- How nice of you to visit me! Yes, I do love this store very much. It has just about everything I could want and more. ;-)

  6. laura b.-- yes, I though of you while I was there and wondered what you would think. No surprise at all that you would like this shop. What librarian could resist? I'm so glad you have joined Funch! Not everyone gets me, but I suspect that you do and always will. Big freaking grin!

  7. That looks like the coolest book shop on earth. I want some Commie Mints just to find out what they taste like. Does Squeaky have a Buddy Christ from Kevin Smith's, Dogma?

    By the way, I am adding your link to my blogroll.

  8. aliencg-- Thank you!

    Yep, it is the coolest book shop on earth. I'll see if I can find out where Commie Mints come from for you.

    Sadly, Squeaky lacks a Buddy Christ... but wants one. (Don't you love that movie!)

  9. All-- This was such a fun one to do... I got to go to one of my favorite places and had the best conversation ever with the clerk/owner dude. A good day, very satisfying.

    Thank you all for coming to Oodles of Funch! You make my life brighter and for that I am thankful.

  10. Wow very interesting store, and the Jesus lol, that was funny. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on making POD too. Anna :)

  11. Anna-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch! Thank you for coming to have a look around.

    ArtiFacts is a very fun place. You can go in there a dozen days in a row and still find things you did not see. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. ArtiFacts sounds like the kind of eclectic bookstore I would love to visit. I might choke on the commie mints, but everything else sounds good ;-)

    Glad your 'family' day turned out not so bad.

    And glad you found a place to watch the Red Sox even though now that means that you and Mr. Cube are officially against me on the subject of baseball. I'll only root for the BoSox if they're not playing the Yankees. Sorry. Am I still your blog buddy?

  13. Cube--Tell my basball pal Mr.Cube that I shall lift my glass to him next game.

    Well, I guess if Mr.Cube (a man of obvious good taste) will keep you, I will also. There's too much good stuffs there. ;-)

  14. Very cool! Congrats on the Post of the Day Award!

  15. Cheffie-Mom-- Thank you and welcome to Oodles of Funch! I hope you liked "us" enough to come back again. (I think the responses to Funch are as important as what I have to offer. Everyone makes the day's post what it is... whatever that is. Ha.)

  16. I know I've bragged about this before, but Vonnegut used to live in my town. It was normal to see him walking down the street at one point. Sadly, I never got hear him read. I think I just took it for granted that he'd come back to town every few years and I could catch him later. Doh!

    Love the book store. I could live in there.

  17. Churlita-- I've did that with Joe Strummer of The Clash. He played here a week before he died and I thought I had time to catch him next time. What a shame!

  18. That book store looks wonderful. Every city should have one.

  19. Love it...thanks for sharing the bookstore.

  20. Heather and Paige V. Baggett-- Thank you! Welcome to Oodles of Funch... I hope you will both visit again. I plan to visit you soon.

  21. Awesome photostory - loved the pics!

    Joy, via AuthorBlog

  22. Joy-- Hey thanks for coming over. Mine are no where near David's photo stories. But I'm having fun. I hope you'll come back a visit agian soon.

  23. We had a shop like that here .. Alphabets was its name. I got St Irving who apparently blesses computers for my dad who happened to be named Irving.. I am not kidding.. nor am I kidding when I say great post and well deserved POTD mention at David's!

  24. Daryl-- Welcome! I am really liking that David's people are coming over. It was quite an honor. Thank you for your kind words.

    St. Irving! LOL I do love that. I did not know there was one. Now I have to look him up.

    I have a daughter that I call Bear... and I found a wonderful freeze of "St. Bear". When she crabbed about my having St. Bear on the living room wall... I moved it to a spot of honor over the toilet! Now she's crabbing about that. I can't imagine why. (giggle)

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