Monday, May 25, 2009


I was so sad to see that this was the exception instead of the rule...

So few of these have flowers or remembrances of any kind. I'm off to strip my yard and do something about that. There will be a ceremony here today. Good.

Thank you guys... here and gone. God's peace.


  1. i watched gettysburg the other night. i don't know if the term cannon fodder came from that battle but there sure was a lot of cannon fodder.

    ww1 and ww2 had lots of cannon fodder too. now that the military industrial complex finds more profit in high tech gizmos than in cannon fodder fewer human sacrificial lambs are needed.

    if you find a teapot in the ruins of a war torn city, don't pick it up.

  2. billy-- I am glad that we have less cannon fodder... as well as the new fangled medical units that go to the ones who need it... johnny on the spot saving lives.

    Sage advice on that tea pot.

    Big grin.

  3. What a nice tribute. Did you totally clean out your yard?

  4. Churlita-- I was lucky that my red rhodi (that could devour Texas its so big) and a lovely large yellow azalea both burst into bloom this week. I also had some wood hyacinths, a pale lavender lilac and some dusty miller that I was able to add in. The rhodie did most of the work and it is huge, so very little harm to yard in the end. The wood hyacinths and lilacs are not long for the yard anyway. At least this way, they extended their value considerably. I was happy to do it.

  5. well done. i am glad you took it upon yourself to do that.