Friday, April 17, 2009

The Cell (2000)

The Cell starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Jennifer Lopez has got to be one of the most fascinating movies of all time. The imagery is rich and well developed. It has a true nightmare/dream quality that pulls you into the mind of a seriously deranged man, a disturbed boy and a strong woman.

A murder mystery with a race against time... where the key to rescue lies in the head of a murder trapped in a coma. I could never think this one up. It compells me to watch it. All I have to do is get a glimps of a scene or hear the lead in music and I'm in the nightmare, eating it all up. It is
currently my favorite horror film and may stay that way forever.

The top link takes you to the movie site. This one takes you to a YouTube music video that is filled with haunting scenes from the movie and equally haunting music. The two go together well.
Massive Attack's Angel (The Cell) I was pleased to find it to share.

I have been a fan of horror and science fiction since I was a kid and first saw and
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956) and later, Night of the Living Dead (1968)... which should not be confused in anyway with this:

Night of the Living Dead in 30 seconds with bunnies (A hoot!)

I still cannot watch the original Night of the Living Dead alone and certainly it should be avoided if I have to drive anywhere alone at night. Or go outside alone at night. Well, I just shouldn't be alone when I see it. I probably shouldn't watch it at night. Why it still has that kind of power to create that level of anxiety in me after all these years is beyond me. You'll have to ask ...

George A. Romero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , the director what his secret is.

Curiosity begs me to ask you... what horror movie(s) really creeped you out. Did you ever really get over it or are you a chicken like me?

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Have you picked your turtle yet?


  1. you sold me, the cell is on my list.

    i'll need something to calm me down after the excitement of the great turtle race.

  2. I like the second version of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers best, probably because I saw it first, but I saw it when I was maybe twelve and it did give me nightmares for a while.

    I have similar nightmares about Alien, but I tend to just sit back and enjoy them now.

    I also saw the remake of Night of the Living Dead (the one with Patrica Tallman) before I saw the original, so the original did not scare me that much.

    I have never seen any of the SAW movies, so maybe that would still scare me. But there are different levels of scary films, and I think that SAW is just probably on a level that I wouldn't enjoy.

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  4. billy-- My turtle "Lindbald the Explorer" seems to be weighed down by her name. But your billy is a real go-getter! Long live the turtles! Hey, enjoy the Cell. : ) It occurs to me that Zombie races would be rather dull.

    Laughing-- When I saw Night of the Living Dead, I was home alone in an old creaky farm house. Nothing is ever going to make that spooky feeling go away! I love all the versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Donald Sutherland is so great in the second one. He can be so creepy.

    All-- I hope everyone watches the bunnies version of Night of the Living Dead... it's the only I watch!

  5. I grew up watching horror and scifi movies and am a big fan. I prefer the scary horror, but will put up with the gorey stuff if it's scary too.

    Cell didn't scare me, I thought of it more as a detective thriller, but I did enjoy watching it.

    Both versions of the Body Snatchers have creeped me out. The final scene with Donald Sutherland haunts me to this day.

    The original Night of the Living Dead is still scary to me even though I've seen it many times. There is an eerieness to that movie that is not often captured by directors.

    BTW have you ever seen the original Jeepers Creepers in the dark? Don't watch it alone.

  6. CUBE-- yes, I have seen Jeepers Creepers in the dark... altered my whole outlook in the Jeepers Creepers song. ha. Not the kiddie song I used to sing to my little 'uns.

    I think part of why I like The Cell so much is because of the richness of the colors and sounds. I'm very into color, texture, sound, and emotion causing things. It has a lovely dark background base with vivid bright color. I loved that!

    Yep, I'm about as big a geekie gal as you can be. Though I am not science smart like you. I like it, just don't know all that much. Not science trained. Amateur. Sigh. I rely on folk like you to enlighten me.

  7. I don't know what's worse: a demon guy with actual horns, or a demon guy with sawed-off horns that looks like a pair of catfood-cans glued to his forehead (poor old Hellboy).

    I've not seen any of the Body Snatchers yet, but I did manage to get a copy of the most recent one recently.

  8. I can't watch horror movies. Especially the torture variey. I don't know, just seems like there is enough horror in the world already. I liked the bunny one, though.

  9. dmarks-- I knew you meant Hellboy as soon as I read the "sawed-off". I'd rather have Hellboy than Vincent's demon any day! There's nothing quite like a big red scaly cigar smoking wise-cracker!

    Citizen-- I understand what you're saying. The world is certainly ugly enough without make-believe ugliness.

    But I also feel that horror stories serve a purpose... so that we can see that sometimes monsters can be and are defeated, no matter how ugly, no matter how bad.

    I see hope.

  10. When I see the phrase "Vincent's demon", I immediately think of Hellboy played by Ron Perlman.... because I was first a fan of his from the old "Beauty and the Beast" show in which he played, you got it, Vincent. (now I slap my hand away from the keyboard as I resist the urge to type a lion pun).

  11. dmarks-- an amazing little circle of connections in that between the two actors. ha. I too am a Ron Perlman fan from Vincent days.

    Oh, but now my curiosity is up... what was the pun? I do love puns. Big smile.

  12. I loved the rich imagery of The's kind of a mix between Silence of the Lambs and Alice and Wonderland.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. branwynne77--I agree heartily. And speaking of Silence of the Lambs, another favorite movie of mine... Hanibal is my #1 anti-hero.

    I enjoyed stopping in at your blog and am thrilled that you stopped by Funch. Welcome!

  14. I agree. The Cell is a visually beautiful movie. I just didn't find the disturbing imagery all that scary. It was like watching a really good episode of Millennium, only longer.

    Silence of the Lambs is also one of my favorites. I found the book to be excellent as well.

    dmarks: Da noive?

  15. The original version of the Haunting scared the crap out of me when i was a kid. I couldn't sleep for weeks after I saw it. of course, I've only seen The Exorcist once and probably won't be able to watch it again.

  16. Cube-- Gee, we have similar taste. The Cell really doesn't scare me as much as it fascinates me. I love the idea of it... being able to walk through someone else's brain with all it's cobwebbs, crumbs and monsters.

    Churlita-- Yes, that was a scary one too! I'd forgotten about it. Excellent choice for really creepy. It,like the original Night of the Living Dead, had a quality to it that caused the prickles to run up your spine.

    The Exorcist was one of those films that introduced us to better make-up and tricks. It seemed so real didn't it?

  17. Cube: And Horace from "Lost", who somehow looks like the Burt Lahr about 1/4 of the way into his Cowardly Lion makeup session.

  18. All-- this post was fun to do. I'm glad you all came by to contribute. Smiles all around.