Wednesday, April 22, 2009


These photos are so awesome...
the sky will steal your breath! I think you can enlarge them by double clicking on them.
They were taken on a hiking trail above the John Day River in Oregon.
Night in the country, far from the lights... aaaahhh. Doesn't it look relaxing? You can imagine maybe a guitar and songs around the camp fire. Marshmallows toasting on a stick you walked around to find and cleaned by picking off the bark. You have to raft to get here or hike a couple of miles. I do not raft. Nope. Water and I have an agreement. I do not pollute it with my person and it leaves me on the shore.

Last night Squeaky turned seventeen. My last baby. I guess I'll have to start letting go and teach him how to drive the clown car. Max has some understanding of the clutch and can roughly drive. But don't tell him I told you so... he needs an automatic! Squeaky will not have that problem. He has coordination by the pounds. The only reason that Max does not have a license by now is that I'm afraid for my car! Not fear of his having an accident, he's pretty cautious but my clutch would not last long at all. Yikes. I don't want to have to put in another new clutch anytime soon. I am not a mechanic and I can't afford to pay for one.

Have you guessed yet that mom is a bit over-protective? Sigh. I know... they are boys, let them become men! I'm trying. It's hard. I had no trouble teaching the Bear... their sister. She learned how to drive when she was 14 and was excellent at it. I had serious asthma problems at the time that resulted in trips to the hospital that ended with me singing Wizard of Oz songs from the medication. I had no business driving home that way. I had no one else... so the Bear learned to drive. You do what you have to do.

Well, Squeaky only wanted a hard drive for a lap top he's building from scrap and scratch. What he does not know is that I'm buying a car from the Bear and hubby... for him. I think it's great that he was happy with just a hard drive. I'm pretty proud of him... a junior in high school who already has 3 college classes under his belt and will have almost a full term by the time he even arrives there... and keeps his grades up. I think he deserves the free ride.

I hope your skies are filled with a billion stars tonight and that you sleep as soundly as one does in the fresh air of the wild country.


  1. "I had serious asthma problems at the time that resulted in trips to the hospital that ended with me singing Wizard of Oz songs from the medication"

    As in "If I only had da noive?". That might be an anthem for anesthesiologists!

    Great photos.

  2. dmarks-- lol. It would! I was singing... "if I only had a brain" and clearly had no brain at that point. But thank heavens I had a Bear.

  3. Apologies to all-- I am having a devil of a time getting these photos to cooperate. I think only the top one will enlarge. The stars are incredible. You can copy and paste them into a word doc and they will pop up nicely into wonderful detail.

  4. i think photos like that may have given birth to many religions.

  5. billy-- That is such a nice compliment! Thank you.

    I haven't checked on the turtles yet this morning, but will do it right now.

    All--Do not forget the Great Turtle Race... go to billy's blog : anubis, anubis, anubis to ride the link. I love riding links!

  6. those photos are gorgeous. My oldest turns 17 in May. Neither of my girls drive yet. I also have a stick. It sounds like we have a lot in common.

  7. Churlita-- I think so too. I really envy your friends. They sound fun and you all have such a good time. There are not enough people here to have a group of friends and no place to go!

    To be honest, another reason Max is not driving is because of the expense of putting him on my insurance. He had to get the money for that himself. (Welcome to reality boy-o!)

  8. Those pictures are awesome. I like visiting Oregon but do not want to live there again. It might have something to do with the fact that I lived in Roseburg.

  9. Papa Shife! Cool beans. I am so thrilled to have you back at Funch.

    Thank you. Oregon is a good place to visit... I absolutely agree there. But I would move if I could.

    Hey, I've lived in Wolf Creek... ring any bells? And I used to live above Cantrall Buckley Park in Ruch just outside of Jacksonville. That's where I had my last bassett hound, Sam Blast-it. Big smile!

  10. Citizen--Thank you. It was amazing. The kind of sky that feels like it might crush you in the weight of it's majesty. :-)

  11. Awesome photos, whether or not you believe in God, He has created such beauty........I love Oregon, I spent several summers there in my youth

  12. Welcome Left Coast Rebel-- I do believe most firmly in God and these are evidence to me. Oregon is a gorgeous place. (But there are other places I miss too.) Thank you for stopping in. I hope you'll stop back again. :-)

  13. those are really gorgeous shots for sure.

    oh, the driving...i feel your fear. truly!