Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bizarre IM Friend

It's been a beautiful four days with 70+ weather. We really felt like we needed it. Suddenly everything is budding or blooming. Daffodills, Grape Hyacynth, sweet violets but the crocus have spent themselves. Soon the tulips will be blooming.

I just got the oddest IM! I have never done an IM before. I am an idiot when it comes to being computer literate. Anyway. It kept popping up but I needed to okay it. I kept ignoring it and it would go away then come back. One of my huge flaws is that I am a very curious person. If I was a mouse, I'd have been done in by a mouse trap long ago... just checking it out, you know. You can't put something mysterious in front of me and then go away without explanation.

Now I am curious, but I'm not a dweeb. When we said hello back and forth, I was thinking that it might be one of the folk that I like to have email conversations with. That was the reason that I okayed it. You know blog names and email names are not always the same. I thought... how fun! I can learn to IM and talk in now time instead of waiting for replies to show up. Cool beans.

I was fairly certain after a few lines that this was not someone that I knew. At least I don't think so. It said that it knew me and I was supposed to guess who it was. It was highly entertaining. I was very, very curious. I almost clicked on the link that it sent. I say "it", because I was not sure if it was male or female. It had a female lead in name. But it's intention seemed to be ah... well, you know. So I was utterly confused at that. And it had done something to itself that really made me want to go and look at the photos, because it was very bizarre sounding. But not unlike something I had recently mentioned... which made me laugh.

Has anyone else ever gotten anything like this? I have not. I have no clue how safe it is to check out. I could use a good laugh today. I have always loved the bizarre. Still, there is a little voice in the back of my head that says... run away! Yes, thing that has a "crush" on me... I am a big chicken. Gullible, but chicken.

But thanks for that picture in my head...lol! I'm sure it's a scam of some sort. But what a hoot!

Well, I hope all of you have someone crushing you in a nice way. Or what ever way you'd like them to. Big smile! hahahahhaha Really, in it's way, it sort of made my night.


  1. Were you on an instant messaging service? I've only Im'ed on Facebook and that was with people I knew were my facebook friends. I've never been on a service where someone I didn't know could instant message me. Interesting.

  2. Churilta-- No, I was on my yahoo account and it popped up with a deal that said I could allow it or block it. I ignored it at first, then I thought, well maybe it is someone I know trying to talk in real time. I very quickly realized it was not anyone I could think of, unless it was a joke but even that was soon evidently not the case. It's blocked now. It was very odd. I'll know better next time. Live and learn.

  3. I'd never done it before dmarks and this was a good reason why. There were only two people I was thinking of that it could possibly be until it quickly became very clearly NOT those people!