Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zoo Bomb, Chuckie Cheese and Copy of Origina Mc Ds

This is a copy of the an early 1953 McDonald's in San Bernardino, Ca. that replaced it's original McD building and began the whole golden arches thing. Ray Kroc bought the francise the following year. This one is in Portland, Or. and is rented out... totally done in that time period... for parties, weddings, etc. We did not go here. But I thought it was a nice photo. It's right next door to where we did end up. Can you imagine getting married in Mc D's?

We were supposed to go to the zoo today for Mikey's second birthday. We did, but when we got there, despite our reservations and party rate, we were told that it would be a two hour wait to park at the zoo lot and then a two hour wait in line to get in.
We are troopers, so we made our way to the shuttle lot and there found that the shuttle was down and it would be yet another two hour wait! There were about 38 of us kin folk. We parked, got out and stood on a street near a sign that said "Shuttle->" to wait for four more of us who seemed to have gotten lost. (It's genetic, I tell you!)

After a bit it occurred to us that our numbers were increasing rapidly and we did not know the faces. So I said to the strangers "We're not waiting for the shuttle. We're waiting on family." They thanked me and moved to the other end of us where they began to stand. I waked down and said "Are you waiting for the shuttle, because the line for that is down there..." and pointed to a lower parking lot with a huge line and porta-potties. They went "Oh!" and moved on. It happened several times. I guess there were so many of us that we looked like a line. Eventually we decided to go elsewhere.

This is the birthday boy! Doesn't he look handsome with his new big boy hair cut? He had a great time and wore himself out. This guy and grandma are very close.

This is my Sookie, who looks exactly like Auntie Bear did at this age. I am the first person in the world besides the doctor who delivered her to hold this baby of ours. The doctor needed to do something, whipped around and plopped her in my arms. I must have looked like I was willing. :-)
She is with Chuckie Cheese... which is where we ended up. If you do not know what Chuckie Cheese is, it's the most obnoxious place on earth and kids love it there. It is full of noisy, flashing games, a merry-go-round, a child-sized hamster habitat, a stage of animatronic silly animals that "pretend" to be in a band, a disco ball, and assorted tortures for adults to chase their kids around. I must have given a bottle worth of Tylenol out to the adults in our group. Took some myself. They boast "Where a kid can be a kid!"Chuckie Cheese, if you can't guess is a giant rat take off of Mickey Mouse. How can robots "pretend"?

Sookie has lost some teeth. She wanted to show off the holes.

The next photo is of Sookie with her brother, Robert. He's not mine by blood, but I don't care. He's still my grandson. Has been since he was six months old.
It was a lovely day until we got home and I took the kids back to their mom... who was not there and nowhere to be found. She and my son have split. This was very upsetting. You don't make kids wait and worry about where you are. I waited over an hour and had to take them to Auntie Bear's to continue waiting until mom can be found. (I had to get home to pick up the grumpy old coot.) They live in the town to the left. I hope there was a good excuse there. I've left it up to their dad to handle.

Well, today was a glorious day filled with sunshine and family. Always great for me.
I hope your day was full of something that made you feel great too... especially people who love and appreciate you. Nothing is worth more.


  1. At least you had a great day. Although I can't imagine being late to pick up my kids and not calling to let anyone know why and when I'd be there.

  2. Churlita-- Yes, it was a great day for me... Until it was time to drop off my kids and found no mom. I too cannot imagine not at least leaving a note and she could easily have called their dad or Auntie Bear's to leave a message even if she did not have my cell number. I am trying not to be too critical, but having some trouble with it. They were worried that something had happened to her. Not okay.

  3. I had one of those McDonalds a block from my house. I watched as they tore it down and replaced it with one of the brown ones with light-ribs on the roof that were so common for many years.

  4. dmarks-- How sad! I think this looks so cool. : )

  5. i remember my first trip to macdonalds. it looked just like the picture. somehow they managed to convince people that their french fries were real good.

    yer lucky, one day i hope to get lucky and have some grandchildren.

  6. billy pilgrim-- Yes, I am lucky, but I'm sure that you will also get lucky and have them too someday since you have that darling of yours, Shane. So you've got that going for you too... to quote a great guy!

    I still love their fries as long as they are hot and fresh. Once they cool off, they suck toads.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day. Try to remember the good moments and let go of the not-so-good.

    Grandkids are great, but I can wait a while. My girls are 15 and 18, so I will bide my time.

    I never had McDonalds until I came to Florida on vacation in the '60s. The Florida family took us to Clearwater Beach and on the way home we stopped at a McDonalds that I think looked very much like that. Imagine me being ravenous from a day at the beach and tasting a McD cheeseburger and fries for the very first time. My dad had to go back and get me a couple more 'cause I inhaled the first one. That was a wonderful day for me.

  8. Cube--Wait as long as you can.

    We used to go to the drive-in movies and pick up Mc D's on the way. My brother and I would sit on the "fins" of our Buick station wagon and pretend to be part of the western. I always associate Mc D's with fun.