Monday, April 20, 2009


Bear and I found this sign at our local motel on Sunday and it "quacked" us up! (I love a bad pun... you may groan now.)

This will be a random events post. Sorry, it's been a long day... my Mondays are always full of stuff that take great gobs of time. No time to research or collect fun things to pass on... tomorrow, I promise. :-)

Sunday was fun. Bear and I took Mikey, now 2, to P'land to shop. G'ma needed new shoes. Out with the "cruel shoes" and in with the heavenly
"God shoes" that have blessed me with "happy feet".( Steve Martin, Happy Feet and steve martin cruel shoes ) It is amazing what a decent pair of shoes can do for your feet.

After shopping, which Mikey had zero interest in doing and did some strange acrobatics while shrieking, motivating us to rethink our plan to continue. Babies are babies only one time... enjoy it, shopping can wait.

So we brought our little hero home to my town and took him to the school playground to play.
G'ma put him on the swing for the first time. You never know with little guys if they will be scared or happy. G'ma was in the swing next to him... yep, I'm a swinger of the chain link and rubber butt strap type. He seemed to think it was funny that G'ma could swing.

I swing as often as I can. It's good exercise and it's fun. I still like to lean way back once I'm going good and high and close my eyes to feel the sensation of air rushing around me and not knowing where I'm going... or caring. I grin like an idiot and enjoy the flight. A few weeks back I did it on my lunch break when I was feeling anxious. Eyes closed, tilted way back, feet out straight ahead of me... and opened my eyes to the kindergarten and first grade shouting "Hip-hip hooray!" for me. We are good like that where I work. A thousand smiles a day.

But I digress... again. Mikey enjoyed the playground. He gave us a good laugh when he went down the small slide and exclaimed "Totally hot!" But you should know that he meant the temperature of the slide, which was in the sun, not that it was fun. He would not go back on it after that ride. Sadly I said good bye to my sweeties and they went home.

Monday came early. It was manic... I often have manic Mondays. I wake up extra early and can't go back to sleep, so I get up and do something to make the time pass. Today I had way too much time because I did not go to work in the morning. I had an appointment with the podiatrist. This all began when I was walking up the steps and managed to fall up them. Yes, I can fall up as well as down. I am talented like that. This led to a painful knee that combined with cruel shoes and sore feet.

I liked her immediately when I heard her talking to herself. To me that is a sign of sanity and an organized mind. (Okay, I admit it, I talk to myself all the time.) I have something called Plantar Fasciitis. In short, it means that I have a pain in the bottom of my foot under the heel. (Squeaky calls it planter fishies... and says I have "flaming fishies". It's inflamed fasci. Not to be confused with flaming feces, which is what Squeaky first called it.)

I should have gone to a foot doctor long ago... it feels really good. She tested my feet for nerve damage from diabetes, which tickled and then felt all around them, which was close to a massage.
She even trimmed my toe nails before she wrapped my feet in tape. Yes, she taped my feet. I will keep the tape on for 5 days. Until then, I must put them in a baggie with a hand towel tightly bound around the ankle in order to shower. I expect teasing.

I may not walk without shoes, even in the middle of the night if I have to go to the loo. I may only wear my new walking Asics gels. Puff! I am not allowed to do my precious walk for another week. I must go back in a month to get injections into the bottom of my heels... yikes! I have to do stretches morning and night. But I do not mind. My feet and even my knee feel better already. Foot pain is right up there with back pain to make you wish you could croak... or get good drugs to knock it out. I am allergic to all drugs that would help, so this feeling better is heaven to me.

I managed to get back to work in time to have my full lunch. I spent it answering a very welcome long email. I love those. The rest of my afternoon went by in a flash. Then it was off to the town on the left for my usual night of sitting in the car reading while the ex does his meetings. But this time, no second meeting. I left my car at Les Schwab Tires to have a nail removed and the hole plugged while we walked to my favorite Mexican food restaurant for great food and margaritas. Yeah, I'm smiling. Big smile. Happy feet.


  1. Yes, but did the motel also have super-clean coffee?

    Sounds like a good day!

  2. dmarks-- Hahahahaha. I was just about to get myself a cup of super clean coffee too! Thanks for sharing this funny.

    Yes, it was a wonderful day and a beautiful day. It's supposed to be 80 today! Wahoooo!

  3. All-- You can thank dmarks for the Steve Martin comedy phrases. In a recent past post, he came up with them and jogged my memory. They were funny bits. I couldn't resist. :-)

  4. I love to swing, too. I really do. If I'm playing ball at a field near a playground, I'm always tempted to go over and have a ride for a few minutes. One of life's simple pleasures, indeed, just going back and forth and back and forth.

  5. Suldog-- Absolutely! And I really do grin like an idiot the entire time. Few things are that sublime.

  6. Thanks for sharing the billboard. Traveling
    chickens gotta roost somewhere ;-)

    Swinging appeals to the inner child in all of us because it is a wonderful sensation. My girls love to sing Spongebob songs while they swing in the backyard.

    I'm glad your feet are happy. I am a big fan of comfy shoes and practically live in sneakers.

  7. I like the picture that puts in my head... sweet kids singing Sponge Bob Songs while swinging. Makes me smile.

    I keep my inner child amused.

  8. I have the same foot thing. I bought 300 dollar inserts that help a lot and I roll my foot on a golf ball which helps a lot too. I'm still able to run and that's all that really matters.

  9. Churlita-- Oh my gosh... it doesn't go away? Yikes. Well, the new shoes help. She did not prescribe inserts yet. I'll try the golf ball thing. Thank you. I'm glad to see we can still get out there with it. Phew! I was starting to panic. I have to move or I go nuts.

  10. Someone named Mimi Umidon sells Walkfit things on TV, but I hear they are worthless (like many things sold in informercials)

  11. dmarks-- She's got quite a name! Do you suppose its a stage name. Sounds almost like a dinosaur... a "mimiumidon". lol

    Informercials and the people on them tend to creep me out as much as horror movies. That Sham Wow guy haunts my nightmares and Billy Mays is trying to make me deaf.

    But thanks for the tip. giggle

  12. reflexology!

    i give my feet a reflexology massage most mornings. it takes about 10 minutes and gets the old blood flowing. my old feet need all the help they can get. it's good exercise for the fingers too.

  13. I haven't outgrown swingsets yet. Glad your feet are getting better.

  14. billy--Great idea. I can give that a whirl. Thanks. :)

    Citizen-- Swings are just the best. I'm so glad that someone else is enjoying swinging too. Thank you for the foot sympathy. Feet are way more important that I thought. Ha. Oh the things we take for granted.

  15. ah, glad you could enjoy fun with the wee one, you're right, they are only little once.

    i had plantar fascitis once, rolling a golf ball under the arch of my foot felt really good and was actually recommended by the doc as a way to stretch the foot and relieve some pain. thought i'd pass that on to you. best wishes.

  16. oh, and i am a great fan of the swings too :D

  17. Lime-- Hello! Yeah, all things pale next to that boy's smile. I am smitten!

    Now I need to find a golf ball.

    Wouldn't it be great if there were adult sized playgrounds where all the equipment fit us? I'd love to teeter-totter but it's kind of like riding a trike... I can't squat that low anymore. Ha.