Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the first love of my life, Thor. The guy that made me first love heroes. Do you see what he's doing here? That bloody wreck under his feet? Take that Superman... the man of steel, the invincible. Ha!

Thor (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Below is Beta Ray Bill... Thor in another galaxy. A Thor by any other name is still as sweet. This Beta Ray Bill cover is one of the best covers of all time, according to

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Check him out here:

Beta Ray Bill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We had no girls in my neighborhood near my age. Only boys. I played with cars and trucks, played actual hardball baseball... took two batted hard balls to the middle of my forehead in one day-- now you know why Ananda girl is the way she is... played army and the Man From Uncle... and naturally read tons of comic books. (The only time I acted like a girl was when we played pioneers and I got to be Becky Boon.)

When I heard that there was going to be aFree Comic Book Day, I got excited and wanted to share the word.

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Here is a store locator for Free Comic Book Day

Otherwise not much of a post today. Its been a long weird one. But ended well for me.

My hope for everyone today is that they will always have heroes to believe in. I hope too that those heroes will always provide the comfort and protection you need. Thor has never failed me.

So who is your hero? Comic book or otherwise?


  1. Great one!

    The Beta Ray Bill Thor's were so excellent. I had scores of them at one time (including many copies of Thor 337). That is, until last summer.

    My favorite Marvel character is Iron Man, and my favorite DC character is Green Lantern. I liked it when they combined the two at one point into an amalgam character named "Iron Lantern".

    You might want to see this old post, one of my several Iron Man related posts.

  2. I love comic books, so I already knew about this. Our local store participates. I'm really excited about it.

    Favorite comic book hero is probably Wolverine. I like all the X-Men. I also like The Hulk.

  3. dmarks-- I too loved Green Lantern and was into the Green Hornet as well. Bruce Lee was perfect on the TV show wasn't he? Iron man was cool, but later the song Iron Man used to make me jump up to run across my room to turn it off. Scared me silly. So did They're Coming to Take Me Away...hee hee, ha ha...
    I will go look, thank you as always for the links. Fun stuff!

    Churlita-- They are great too. We are looking forward to the new Wolverine movie coming out. Bet you are too.

    I wondered if anyone else was still into comic books out there besides me and a bazillion twenty-somethings. In my head, I am no older than I was in college, it's just my stupid body that can't get it right. ha.

  4. dmarks-- You are too funny! That Iron Man post has me going now... talk about earworms!
    I enjoyed the reference to Kurt too. Big smile.

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  6. billy-- I went to see what all the excitement was and sure enough, got all excited! I'm putting my bet on "Linbald the Explorer"... any turtle that can carry a name that big has got to be a winner!

    Everyone else... go visit billy pilgrim and see what the deal is all about. Very cool beans!

    Still adoring those turtles, billy!

  7. Yay! Someone else loves comics. I posted about the Free Comic Day in 2006 and got two comments, both by me. Although roundly ignored, it didn't deter me from posting about comics throughout the years...

    Don't hate me, but Superman has to be my favorite cause he can beat all other super heroes to a pulp.

    Spiderman runs second, but only because of the whole alienation and not fitting in problem which I might associate with, but would never admit in real life. Superman could still kick Spidey's butt.

  8. Cube-- I was especially pleased when you and Churlita both showed up in favor of comics. Sometimes I think I'm the only female into them.

    I like Superman too actually, but don't tell Thor, he'd be crushed 'cause I am his greatest fan ever... and you know it's faith that keeps those gods alive.

    Spidey is my brother's favorite. You're right, you gotta give him points for being human and a super hero.

    Big smile.

  9. I'm always pleased to find a kindred geek girl.

  10. Cube-- Yep, I'm about as big a geekie gal as you can be. Though I am not science smart like you. I like it, just don't know all that much. Not science trained. Amateur. Sigh. I rely on folk like you to enlighten me... which is why I like your blog so much. You toss me good bones!

  11. Another geek girl? Geek girls UNITE.

    My favorite superhero is Rogue, though not how she's been written lately. I could kick some writer butt...

    My second favorite, he's more of an anti hero, is the Punisher. He's really psychologically complex.

  12. Randi-- Hey welcome! The more the merry-o. Rogue is great and we are big Punisher fans here at house-in-a-box.

    Glad you dropped in.