Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny came last night And left this little scoop. Because you weren't too good this year, You're getting Bunny Poop!

Hope you all have a trippy Easter!

As you can see, we have a hippy bunny. I found him on top of a card rack in a gift shop. Could not resist. My kind of guy.

It's not really Easter yet. That's tomorrow, but it will take me that long to finish this post. I'm mentally constipated. So I'll just ramble on and tell you about my day. Try not to yawn... but if you do, I have no room to complain.

Got up and walked. I need new shoes badly. So my dogs are barking and will until pay day. I refuse to stop walking. Where else can I get legal endorphins to make me giggle? That's my favorite part of walking... ah, the high.

This photo was taken outside my library in my window box that is in dire need of weeding and new paint. Some repair wouldn't hurt. All the rest of the photos are taken there. We had an egg hunt for our K-4th yesterday. They had a blast. I love to hear kids laughing.

The kindergarten and first grade planted my window box, which is huge. I liked the colors in these photos and the contrast with the concrete where it has shed it's paint. Some of the paint has been faded by the sun. I also liked the odd angles of them. I am a completely accidental photographer. I take a lot of shots and the ones that don't get trashed are okay. I have zero talent. But am okay with that.

The first tulip opened up. I love the color. Once I found a wallet with about $375.00 in it and a pound of plastic. I found the man's number in the phone book and told him I had it. He came in and thanked me and thanked me. When he tried to give me a reward, I refused. The next day he sent me a dozen roses this color. The tulips remind me of him, how nice he was and how good it feels to do the right thing.

After walking, the boy's dad needed some help, so I went there... even though I had 3 emails I wanted to open and read. They had to wait. After I helped him out, he paid for breakfast. That was nice. But the mocha he got me afterward was way better. I require caffeine. I have not had enough today. Is there enough?

Last night Squeaky was using the bottom of his shoe like a puppet to tell us he needed new ones.
The dad came up with some money to get the boy shoes. So I rushed home after dropping the dad off, opened my email at last and then took the boy to the town to the left for shoes. It was a quick trip. I was ready to write. I even had a few ideas that no longer exist.

When I got here, a friend dropped by. Normally I do not have friends here. I live in your basic house in a box mobile home. It is old. I am a bit of a hermit, even though I love people and talking. This is my sanctuary and I don't like others in it. Weird huh?

So this friend has problems. He's young, about 30. He developed an infection in his brain and they had to remove parts of it. He has trouble with speech. Simple conversation is difficult for him. It may take 3- 5 minutes for him to come up with a word and it's all I can do to keep from shouting out words in a panic to help him find his word. Today I shamefully fell asleep while he was talking to me. I feel really bad about it.

I didn't sleep well last night. That is a problem I have. I have lots of little problems. But on the scale of life, I must say, it weighs heavier on the happy side. It has not always been that way. I have things to be thankful for and I know plenty of folk who have it much worse off than I do. Troubles come but they also go. All it takes is time.

Today my hope for everyone is that we can all see our troubles for their true size, and keep them in perspective. Chances are no matter how large our troubles seem to us, there is someone out there with a trouble that can top it. So enjoy your holiday, if you celebrate it or not and as always, share it with people you love.

Here is a blog I found that I thought was a hoot!
Super-Duper Amazingly Fantastic Friday, All Sins Forgiven Or Your Money Back Take a good sense of humor with you. If you don't like religious irreverence, forget it. The opening "free" poem comes from here: Credit where it's due.

In the posts below a strange thing began... it is not intended to offend anyone and I sincerely hope it does not offend followers of the Pope. It's all in fun. : )


  1. I've noticed that the stores seem to have more chocolate rabbit-type items than they ever did.

    I've seen huge stacks of "diva" bunny and the male equilalent: a chocolate rabbit bedecked with yellow candy bling.

    Since everyone loves to bite off the rabbit ears, I've seen chocolate bunnies that are 3/4 ear.

    And this is weird: I've seen a lot of chocolate crucifixes to eat. There's just not something right about that.

  2. america has black friday to stimulate revenue, the vatican has easter. i'd like to stick an easter egg up the pope's arse.

    happy feckin easter.

  3. dmarks-- My sister used to keep her chocolate bunny forever untouched in her underwear drawer. So I would eat out the back of it and put the seemingly intact front back in the box and re-hide it. It might be August before she figured it out.

    Yeah, I agree about the crucifixes.

    I also do not like white chocolate. It's but a pale imitation of chocolate.

    billy pilgrim-- I wonder if he would be willing to give you an audience for that? You'll have to be quick and sure of your aim. He's got that long dress and that big hook-stick thingie, so it is a real challenge. He's gonna fight you. Can I come along and watch? lol!

  4. Not sure I would watch. But I might pay to see the Pope fight the Dalai Lama.

    The Lama might win with just a smile.

    Somewhere I have a photo I took of the Pope. I'd better dig for it. I have no photos of the Dalai Lama, though.

  5. dmarks-- Now there's an interesting match. Who would you pit against Pat Roberson?

  6. dmarks-- Hey, does that mean that in the match between billy pligrim and the pope, that you're putting your money on the the pope? 'Casue I'm thinking that billy might win through sheer surprise.

    billy-- You got to watch out for those Swiss guards who protect him. On the positive side, an egg will get through a metal detector. So "you got that going for you!"

  7. I think it might come down to who has the bigger hat. You can hide all kinds of gadgets and secret weapons in a hat. It is hard for me to think of anyone who has a bigger hat than the Pope. So my money is still on him.

  8. dmarks-- You have a point there. lol! He's also got that crook or whatever you call the pope's stick.
    But you know, billy has got to be quicker. I don't think billy is as old as dirt yet. He can pretend to kneel and that puts him in position. Billy's already been in a war,a camp and met aliens. He's got experience. Billy gets my bid.

  9. Pat Robertson doesn't wear a hat, so I don't think he'll even come close in this.

    Still, don't count the Pope out. He's got a Popemobile, after all. If he has a Popemobile, he might have a Pope-plane, a Pope-cycle (not to be confused with a popsickle), a Pope-cave, and a utility belt festooned with Pope-a-rangs.

  10. Also, the Pope has his own little country at his disposal. In this matter, Dr Doom of Latveria is his peer. This adds even more resources.

  11. dmarks-- billy's got aliens! Man, when you've got aliens on your side...that's heavy duty. He can jump through time! Course if I can stop laughing long enough to get past the pope-a-rangs I may be able to make sense again. For right now I'll just have to say I'm a rocking billy fan and that pope is going down!

  12. You may be right, if Billy's got aliens. The only way the Pope can pull his papal bull out of this fire is if he has predators. Who wins an aliens vs predators battle is anyone's guess.

  13. dmarks-- ut-oh, you may have me there... I am a firm believer in the Predator! When it comes to aliens, they're the ultimate fighter and have my blood-thirsty heart. If the Pope's got one, it may be over for billy. (dramatic hand wringing)

    But I can't pull my bet yet... I've got to see that Predator to believe he's in the ring. billy's got Pogue-power. That's got to count for something. (I'm sure thankful he's shared it.)

    Kurt Vonnegut-- Where ever you are, I miss you... you old farting, irreverent bastard! I hope you're in heaven so I can see you when I go and ask you about a few things.

  14. i'm counting on the mossad to help me insert the egg up the royal german papal arse.

    it'll be an even swap. we'll give the pope a few of our eggs and relieve him all the faberge eggs in his basement.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Alright, Billy. When we get into the Vatican vault, you go for the Faberge eggs. I go for Thor's Hammer, the One Ring, Jimmy Hoffa's skeleton, and that set of car-keys I lost back in 1992.

  17. billy--Oooooh the mossad! Them's big guns! They could make chocolate out of the Swiss guard. I knew I was right to put my bet on you! But somehow you didn't seem the Fabrege egg type.

    dmarks-- They have Thor's Hammer! Can you see if they have his winged hat? I'd love to have that. I'd like the hammer too. Any chance we can make a deal?

  18. Marie Reed-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch! Thank you for stopping in. I hope you'll come back often. The more the merry-o!

  19. I love the color of that tulip too. It's still a little cool here for them, but by mid-May we should be lousy with tulips. I can't wait.

  20. Churlita-- I know that feeling. Spring feels so wonderful. Today I have sunshine and tulips. My spirit is flying all over the place. I hope your tulips hurry.

  21. dmarks-- she did not post, but I have a new follower. Perhaps I have made a mistake, it has been known to happen. Her icon is there, so I assumed, which I do all too often and get wrong. Maybe it was another icon that was new. Oops.

  22. Bunny Poop? I thought that was chocolate?!?!?!

  23. Barry0! Hey and hello! Welcome to Ooodls of Funch. I had not expected to see you here, but glad you dropped in... sir, ah Mr. President.
    Please tell me you didn't bring Humppy too.

  24. As they say, Humpy and I are attatched at the hips. or at least his hips...