Wednesday, April 29, 2009


No, it's not a test. I really don't know who he is but he looked so familiar and it seems he must be someone I should recognise. Doesn't it bug you when you know something is hidden in your brain and refuses to come out? This will worry at my brain for days if I let it. Please put me out of my misery if you know. I'm sure he's a muscian. I think I recall seeing this photo in a poster shop. You probably have to be "old" to recall him. Ha.

I know what this is a picture of... another nice shot of Big Sur. It's here because it's so lovely. No other reason. No comment required. I just like it and it's my blog.
So what is my Wednesday whine? Well, this week I'm a bit pissed at Embarque. My Internet has been screwed up for days and they can't seem to get it together to get on it and get it back up. Everyday they tell me by 7:00 P.M. and that time rolls around and zip. So I call back in the morning and they apologise and send the guy back... which is hard where I live in the middle of nowhere. The guy does not like to come here much. Only every other day or so. The time of 7:00 P.M. is a trick, I'm sure it's to allow them to slip out the office door before I can call back to complain... again.
It is rare that I get rude on the phone to service people. I know they aren't getting paid squat to take my call. Especially that guy who's accent is so heavy that I can't figure out half of what he says and no doubt visa versa. The result of polite seems to be "prolonged" anxiety. Squeaky is out of his gourd over the lack of Internet at home.
But being him, he has his ways of getting it by standing here or there to snag a random Internet current. I am unwilling to do this. We're talking of standing in the middle of the inner street of the mobile home park. People would want to come out and talk to me. When I go home, I am done talking with people for the day. Only family.
Besides, the people in my park are a bit on the odd to creepy side. OH... two of our elderly ladies got into a big fight over who's trailer the dumpster should be next to... you have never heard such sailor like cursing in your life! One of them keeps and feeds like 20 cats and the other traps and takes cats to the pound. They call the police on each other constantly. It is quite the busy place. I really do not want to talk to these ladies. All they want to talk about is how much they hate each other and who's side are you on... which leads to trouble no matter how carefully you arrange your answer. Give me a lovely meth head that only wants to hide in his house and leave you alone any day.
Well, this is a short and fairly useless post. Please feel free to take a moment to rant on any subject that is bugging the piss out of you. Or say whatever you feel like saying. Today is your day to choose.


  1. sorry, i am not help on the picture. my rant? really? i can rant here? well, i really was very unhappy about the fit my son threw when i asked him what lunch he had for school. the screaming, the shouting, the borderline cuss he tossed out, the throwing of a piece of bread across the room. oh and his rant? he didn't like that i "wasn't showing i trusted him" by requiring him to show me what he had packed for lunch. lo and behold it was because he hadn't packed anything...imagine that...i don't trust you because you lie, which part of that is surprising to you? gah! oh, and for the record, i don't pack his lunch anymore because last year i found 10, count em TEN uneaten lunches in his backpack. it's his job now.

    as for your rant, i don't blame you a bit for not wanting to be caught in the cross fire of your lunatic neighbors.

  2. The picture is too small. I can barely see the guy much less identify him. Sorry.

    As far as rants go, my daughter got into a fender bender on Friday (her first ever of course she's only been driving one year). Anyway, she downloaded the accident pictures to her laptop, not the family computer. Well, she pitched a fit when I told her to send the pics to our insurance company. "That's your job." she said. "I put the pictures on my computer to show my friends, not to do what you're supposed to do."

    I was ready to throttle her.

    Your neighbors sound like real pieces of work. You're right to stay out of their bickering.

  3. Lime-- Oh I am so glad that other moms have these issues. They are sooo transparent, these boys and so stubborn! Do not blame you about not making lunches... good choice!

    Cube-- Squeaky feels that nearly everything is my job, not his. I often feel what a shame it is that shaking him wouldn't do any damage at his age.

  4. My first thought was Gurdjieff. Then I think of Abbie Hoffman, Rasputin, or other shaggy historic figures of ill repute. If it is a guy. It could be Hairy Rosanna again. It is hard to tell with the picture being so small.

  5. Oy. Your neighbors frighten me.


    I have daughters and had no idea boys exhibited that same behavior. I thought that was a teenage girl thing. I guess none of us are safe from it.

  6. dmarks and Cube-- It is too small! I can't get it to be bigger. Oh well, it's just going to have to eat my brain.

    dmarks-- Hairy Rosanna? Must follow that link!

    Churlita-- My neighbors frighten me too. Seriously, I'd rather have the Sham Wow guy than these old ladies!

  7. dmarks-- Hairy is really something isn't she? Ha. Good one.

  8. i'm all out of rants.

    i'd even kiss joan rivers today. that's how mellow i am. must be the post turtle race meltdown.

  9. billy-- that's quiet a picture in my head... you and Joan Rivers! You must be mellow. Good for you! Enjoy. Big smiles your way.